Mazuz closes Cremieux case against Olmert
Aviad Glickman
Published: 20.07.09, 11:47
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1. when they want
When they want to, they can investigate until they find enough evidence, like with Deri. But when they don't want, suddenly they can't find evidence like Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert. Justice, Israel style.
2. Po' "Abe Vigoda" look alike, no acknowledegement4his "deeds"
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (07.20.09)
Manny sees what he want's like broken limbs, smashed skulls, girls more than physically abused in order to destroy the lives of Yehudim in the land of their own name by the unelected Olmert who was not an elected MK when he assumed power as DPM after the PM Sharon retained the power of the putsch PMO without the benefit of being the chief of a party (Kadima) that wasn't even in an election not to mention winning it. Yes incumbency has its benifits, but benefiting from a putsch should not be one of them. The fraud, disenfranchisement of the electorate is ironic given that Olmert was part of a fraud squad, made his first headlines as being above corruption in the mid-60's. So Manny sees no evidence. Perhaps a check-up with ophthalmologist Dr. Bashar al-Assad is in order. Might Manny wish to look into the profits from Aliza's $150,000 art sales/bribes? Ohh! That's right. That's what they're worth, the influence is free.
3. Apartment?
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.20.09)
Why does the media refer this property as an apartment, it is in fact one of the largeest properties in the area, with two non-apartment building structures on it? Each building can only be defined as a single-family residential structure, not an apartment by any definition..
4. The Left Wing Dictatorship takes care of its own!
Sam Wise   (07.20.09)
BTW: Its a huge piece of real estate, not some small 2 bedroom apartment.
5. there's a joke that lawyers are replacing...
oferdesade ,   israel   (07.20.09)
... lab rats. reasons three (of course): 1. less chance researchers will grow personally attached to lawyers. 2. there are so many more lawyers than rats. 3. there are some things even a rat wouldn't do..
Shlomo   (07.20.09)
7. guilty until proven innocent.
David ,   USA, exile   (07.20.09)
It seems all talkbackers want to hang Olmert regardless of guilt or innocence. It is true he was a terrible PM but that doesn't make him guilty of crimes. Can't we wait until all legal proceedings are complete before hanging the man? Can't we put a little trust in the system, made up of persons elected by the people? If not, why not run for the positions yourselves. Get your degrees, prepare your resumes, run for office or apply for position of prosecutors and judges. Don't want to? Then shut up and let the system you have work.
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