'Starving mom' case: Haredi flyers incite against Hadassah hospital
Ronen Medzini
Published: 20.07.09, 18:35
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1. Fools
Charles ,   London   (07.20.09)
The charedi world claim that the more they learn, the wiser they are. Years of Talmud and Holy book studies sharpen the mind and allow clarity. A mother starving her child.. until it weighs 7KG at 3 years old!!! is a crime.. After this situation recurred about 7 times over a 3 year period, the police finally wised up and planted cameras... in the home. A bit like when G-d is watching you.. only here with more immediate consequences. Nutty mother was caught red handed...actions on film. Slam dunk. Charedi riot. As if you say.... leave this nutjob alone and let her kill her baby. Thank G-d the zionist know how to look after the abuse in the charedi communities. If it wasnt for the intervention, the funeral of this sad baby would have caused more protest.. why didnt the hospitals do enough.. Protesters on this particular topic make me sick. Hadassah is a world renound medical institution and have the highest medical care...The haredim in this case are fools.. blind following the blind. Its amazing how the rioters run to the hadassah hospital when they need treatment..
2. You have got to be kidding me
J K ,   NYC, USA   (07.20.09)
Who wrote this retarded pashkevil? Retarded alarmist nonsense meant to appeal to an uneducated public. They should all be torn down and the writers fined. Of course that would set off even more riots. Why should the guilty pay for their crimes in Haredi-land? Better to keep it hush hush so the goyim don't think we are human beings just like them. Being super religious does not insulate you from man's failings.
3. Small group need to be delt with.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.20.09)
This is a small group of radicals, and if their Rabbis cant control them or sort out the problem, then the seculars have to. Please Rabbis, do your job fast before these fringe radicals cause more harm. They are isolating not just your small community but the whole Haradi group.
4. Not all haredi are the same.
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (07.20.09)
We are talking about a small bunch of idiots who are causing all the trouble & giving the whole haredi community a bad name. These trouble makers must be made to feel the full force of the law & charged & punished. BTW I'm not haredi!
5. Ultra Haredim and nazis
Jacques Heller ,   Modiin   (07.20.09)
I am terribly shocked to read that in Medinat Israel people can compare Jews to nazis. I am a Holocaust child survivor and I made Alya 12 years ago from Europe. I never knew what a Grand-Parent is as practically all my relatives from Warsaw were burnt in Auschwitz. If I ever hear a Jew -or worse a MK - insult anybody here comparing other Jews to the nazis, I think that I could not control myself, even if I am a kippa sruga myself . Do they know what they talk about ?! It should be legally forbiden. In Belgium where I come from, you go to jail if you insult the King publicly!! Imagine... Let the Minister of Justice and the police put them to trial and condemn them to heavy sentences. No pity. Never again!
6. They are quite mad, and no different to Islamic fanatics!
Jane ,   London, UK   (07.20.09)
The first thing that needs to be done is to send all the foreign students that attack police and damage property back to their own countries. They are not Israelis, but here on study visas which they are abusing. Deport them now! Without this violent group, the few old crazies will soon go back into their holes. Jane
7. Just a sad reminder...
During the three weeks it pains to write the following, but it is important to remember that it was riots held, posters posted and words yelled during the summer of 1995 which lead to the national wound dated 4 November 1995 (for those who do not remember I am referring to the murder of Mr. Rabin). These people who put up these posters are placing inflamatory "thought reasoning" into the minds of people who are looking to be inflamed...let us then hope that those fires do not spread to Hadassah hospital!
8. Jane in London
Jane, not in London   (07.20.09)
Some extreme behavior notwithstanding, our "fanatics" are NOTHING like Islamic fanatics. When did you hear of Jews severing head or hand? When did you hear of Jewish "honor killings"? Fair is fair and your comment is not.
9. we cannot but tremble
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (07.20.09)
What these monsters think, say and do must not go without immediate and sharp reply. Inasmuch as we suffer a government of spineless blowhards and shallow, selfish egos, if its agencies fail to severely punish these decrepit people it loses every right to assume representation of the Jewish people and itself becomes an indelible stain on Jewish history. We cannot but tremble in shame in the face of such subhuman mindsets.
10. sue them
Ilana   (07.20.09)
for slander, and property vandalism and destruction. Teach them a lesson.
11. Ease up, columnist
Naftush ,   Israel   (07.21.09)
Who's got the authority to put up a pashkvil? Anyone with NIS 200 and a pot of glue.
12. the truth maybe that
shalom ,   bnei brak   (07.21.09)
There are Chareidi people who are criminals and there are Chareidi people who have mental illnesses. However, by the same token there are hospitals that cover up information and accuse people of Muckhausen syndrome improperly. It is well documented that many hospitals in the United States have had a history of doing such things. To see just a few of these cases, see the work of Dr. Helen Hayward-Brown (
13. VIN news investigates
sruli ,   bnei brak   (07.21.09)
VIN News, however, was able to uncover new information that could perhaps shed light on the current situation. The source in contact with VIN News has been following the child’s progress throughout his stay on the fifth floor in the hospital. The child’s stay on the fifth floor began in room one of the fifth floor. The child later transferred to room three but remained there for only a short while. The camera was set up by the hospital in room five. This source has informed us that the child was always fed throughout the night and that the woman was, in fact, tampering with the food intake during the daytime and did so in front of at least two others. The mother did this, according to the source, because she could not stand to see the sight of her son vomiting. While this may not be legal, it does not necessarily reflect MBPS.
14. Libelous remarks are only permitted about haredim
observer   (07.21.09)
15. #12 if she doesn't have Muckhausen then why did she starve
Jane ,   London, UK   (07.21.09)
her child? At least she could be understood, if she has Muckhausen or some similar mental problem. The alternative is that she simply starved one child and beat all of her children because it seemed OK to do so. Which scenario would you prefer? Jane
16. #8 - there have been death threats agains hospital staff.
Jane ,   London, UK   (07.21.09)
If you want to draw lines between one group of sick people and another, then I accept that. Of course there are wonderful Harideem and wonderful Muslims too, but religious people of any ilk that defend a mother who starves a child are sick. And people that attack the police and damage property must be imprisoned, and if they're not citizens, then deported. Jane
17. Jews are lying.
Brad ,   USA   (07.21.09)
And in this case, it is evident - I just don't know which ones. :)
18. Watching too many Sky Movies
towhom itmay concern ,   in London UK   (07.21.09)
and too many 'Doctor' series affect the brain. Wish you better, dearie.
19. jane not in jane
dan ,   london   (07.21.09)
Islamists ... well not quite yet... but they would if they could! Remember only last month the haredim were shouting about segragating busses!!! And once the busses are segregated they can not assure the haredi going public that equal amounts of busses will be put on for men and women!! I hope you've got your walking boots on! Moreover the recent decision to retroactivly annul 1000's of conversions is a little MULLAH LIKE.. Given the chance they would love to be like the mujahadin. We need to stop giving them money and make them work for a living ike everyone else. They will soon pipe down!
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