Police: Political appointments case against Olmert solid
Eli Senyor
Published: 20.07.09, 18:14
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1. The pettiness, stupidity of Attorney - General and police
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.20.09)
What other country has these endless investigations of political figures over every minor move they make even when they are out of office? This man was the Prime Minister of Israel. A little common sense, a little respect for the office and for the situation of the State would help these endless prosecutors seeking always another offense anywhere and everywhere they can find it.
2. Olmert?
alan ,   Texas   (07.20.09)
This man caused great damage to Israel by becoming a lacky of G.W. Bush. Throw the book at him.
3. police and olmert.....
dana rothschild ,   jerusalem, israel   (07.20.09)
cremieux out, political appointments in.... our police likes to win... revange is a bad adviser....
4. Whats the matter with the police?
Are the playing a game of musical chairs? Why is this idiot still not in Jail?
5. Is this a joke?
Brod ,   USA   (07.20.09)
When will the Police ever do their work of proctecting the people from Islamist-Jihadist terrorism and the Iran nuke threat? They can't continue harassing their political leaders. It is like sabotaging your own country. The fact is the PM can appoint anyone he wants.
6. police recommend indictment
alexi   (07.21.09)
Police have to do their job. The problem is that you have an academic with little courtrroom experience mazuz who is unsure of himself and afraid to make a mistake. So he wastes time pondering indicting olmert and then closes the cremieux file and others. Even the talansky case will not be proved beyond a resonable doubt as talansky is not entirely credible. Olmert is in big trouble on the tours case and could go to jail for it. Yet his biggest ace in the deck is mazuz and his insecurity. So Ehud may be walk free and barna verter and marucs are salivating plotting olmert's return.This would cause israel's downfall if ehud regains the reins of power as he is weak, shwach, a coward of chamberlain proportions.
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