Daughter of doctor detained in Romania: Police were harsh
Daniel Edelson
Published: 21.07.09, 12:43
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1. The treatment of the Romanian police was disgraceful????
This is only a small taste of your own medicine. Now do you get a feeling of what the Palestinians must be going through?
2. Daughter of doctor detained in Romania: Police were harsh
Moshe ,   Israel   (07.21.09)
And you expect us to feel sorry for you? You go to Romania and ruin Israel's reputation by exploiting poor local woman inorder to get filthy rich. Is that what Judaism is all about?
3. Hope they rot in Jail!
4. Exploitation of women?
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.21.09)
These doctors are pathetic. I hope they rot in Jail because exploitation of poor women is a red line they should never have crossed. It gives Jews a bad reputation and strengthens the position of those antisemites that claim that Jews will stop at nothing to make a buck!
5. About that
Davi Moshet ,   Bucharest, Romania   (07.21.09)
Israeli media is lying. How can you say that 30 israeli people are in jail, just 3 doctors who made some "auschwitz research" are in jail now, and i hope they will remain there. You have no ideea about this case, and what they done in bucharest. it`s a shame for me as israelian.
6. Israeli doctors
observer   (07.21.09)
And all this in the wake of the mother accused by israeli doctors. What a coincidence! And the poor doctor was held in prison without being given anything to drink? Well, so was that woman, but then she is only a haredi, and she stands accused by israeli doctors.
7. disgraceful ?
zen ,   E.U.   (07.21.09)
The treatment of the Romanian police might have been disgraceful, however Miss Chen Levitt seems to forget that what her father was doing is illegal by the Romanian law.
8. to #1 wrong
ghostq   (07.21.09)
the only difrrence is these doctors create lives while palis take lives, doctors who help child less women to have babies against palis who send their children to do their dirty job and throw rockes and use explosive belts at infantcy.
9. to #6 that haredi try to kill her own child
ghostq   (07.21.09)
once againe you protect murderers or people who inspire to become murders.
10. Again Ynet had tried and convited before any proof given.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.21.09)
Your reporting is pathetic, as is the response of many of the talk backers.
11. our police your police
Laura ,   RO   (07.21.09)
Let me tell you a little something about the Israeli police. They held for 3 days a innocent Romanian woman on the Bengurion airport, without announcing the embassy, nor the family. No phone, no nothing. Imagine how we felt. So, dear miss Chen, be grateful that you can talk to your father, and he can defend himself.
12. #8 GHOSTQ
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.21.09)
Eploit women more like it. These doctors were a idsgrace to humanity. They were exploiting Romanian women and breaking Romanian law.
13. #11 Laura
Marco ,   Spain   (07.21.09)
Very well said Laura, I never ever thought I would agree with Sarah of New York on anything but for the first time ever, Sarah in her post #4 makes sense.
14. A former patient responds: PART #1
a pleased recepient   (07.21.09)
I am shocked and appalled by how many of the talkback responses before mine. How easy some of you accept verbatim what is written in this article as "true fact." Indeed this whole story is highly questionable and reeks of Anti-Semitism. First and foremost, my husband and I became parents thanks to Dr. Levitt, his clinic in Israel and his joint clinic (with Romanian doctors and medical team.) Not once did we think the entire procedure, over a number of months, was in any way shady or illegal. All done and said was professional, caring, and supportive. Plus to note the cost was minimal compared to other clinics, as in the USA or Britain. It was around 1/5th the cost of such a same procedure in the USA. And believe you me, in the USA, egg donors are paid very minimally vs. the high total cost of such an infertility procedure, egg donation. Would you then say it is also "highway robbery" for these women in the USA who are paid very little even though they willingly partake in donating eggs? Egg donors usually donate eggs because of needed income, in Romania or the USA, perhaps some also donate not just for the payment but also to help out those who so desire to become parents in this manner. This leads me to add that in our experience we were never asked what type of donor traits we were hoping for, such as physical or intellectual. When we asked about how they were planning to best match a donor for us, we were told they would best try to match physical traits of me, the mother to be. Certainly it was never promised that multiple eggs would be fertilized and produce more than one baby, as twins. However, I do about clinics in the US and such questions or topics are highly discussed. And some clinics offer a choice of donors with all their physical, social, intellectual interests and attributes listed so one can pick and choose their donor. I am not judging at this extreme but am only mentioning it to point out the extremes compared to the SABYC approach. Illegal??? Find that hard to believe since our doctor is very reputable, part of a renown hospital here in Israel, and Kupat Cholim (Israeli socialized health plans) reimburse for part of these procedures done outside the country (they are not done in this country--not allowed; no comment on this fact) So if all these respected and high-up entities are providing such healthcare and interconnected in terms of approving or providing for such services, how would they turn-an-eye and allow Israelis to obtain egg donations abroad? Also to note is we obtained a valid receipt from SABYC for the procedure which did read "egg donation" on it. I find that another reason to question any type of illegal action by the clinic, doctors--in Romania, or here in Israel. A paper trail is something to avoid when doing things illegally or in the black-market. It could be as one talkback contributor wrote that the law in Romania recently changed. If so, such police treatment is uncalled for and horrific. I can't imagine how devastating the patients’ ordeal has been after spending months of preparing for their procedure, to have it halted in such a brutal manner. There are other more humane ways to stop a business from continuation. I highly doubt the patients were aware of any possible illegal ramifications and certainly new nothing about their egg donors. Confidentiality for egg donors is the standard for these procedures. Next, as I do have a few more facts to share, egg donation has been around for a number of years, as other infertility treatments and procedures. It is nothing new under the sun. Therefore, to compare these Infertility doctors as Auschwitz doctors who performed the abominable medical experiments is just insane and quite Anti-Semitic as I mentioned in the beginning of my posting. Continuing...
15. A former patient responds: PART #2
A pleased patient   (07.21.09)
Contuining from PART #1: The SABYC clinic has been around for awhile and is not the only infertility clinic in Romania offering egg donations, or at least until recently if the others closed down. Yes, perhaps egg donation has become illegal in Romania, (though I am yet quite skeptical of this claim), however, this medical procedure is commonplace in other countries, big in the US, and has been done on thousands and thousands of woman, in the US alone. So why all the outrage and attack on this clinic and doctors in Romania, especially embedded with the comparisons to Auschwitz doctors (as supposively were to be highly educated, caring for life, and cultured?) who did cruel experimental procedures on innocent, unwilling, helpless and non-consenting people, many of which were children. There is really no comparison in the nature of the procedure or in the fact that the egg donors and recipients are willing participants. I hardly believe the Romanian egg donors are forced into donating eggs, perhaps they are paid very little, but also bear in mind as I wrote above, egg donors everywhere are paid little compared to the cost of a procedure. I hope these egg donors from Romania have not been so harshly treated as suggested in the article--claimed by the Romanian sources. By the way, when in the clinic we did see a Romanian young woman seated in the waiting room (we knew she was Romanian) and she surely looked like what we thought, which is the typical donor, not always, but most commonly, a young college student or young adult woman, well groomed and dressed fine, nothing fancy, but common. It is really a shame that the Israeli medical community is not intervening on the behalf of Drs. Levitt and Chen. I would hope this fact is false and we read more about stern social and political action being taken by our government. My heart goes out to these doctors and their families, and to the patients who are under their care, and all the medical staff employed by them who may be at a standstill while all this is occurring. After all, as I wrote for my name, I was a very please patient, who by the way came to the Drs. office at the recommendation of a Department Head (renowned physician and specialist) at Hadassah Hospital. Again, as such, hard to believe there was anything illegal. Now if you think such an infertility treatment as egg donation is wrong, that is another issue, altogether and not something I am addressing. My reason to write was to give some personal experiences and observations about these claims and shed some light on other possibilities to consider. Thank you for reading my long entry.
16. #14, #15
What are you? A broker for the the clinic? Do are paid commisions or something?
17. #16
Itzhik   (07.21.09)
Oh the whole world is utterly impressed by your reply to the woman #14-#15. As the saying goes: "a person with an experience is never at the mercy or someone with an argument" She shared with us, and very enlightening I must say, her experience. Is that the best you can come up with???
18. #14 & #15 responds to #16
former patient   (07.22.09)
I am shocked by your posting--suggesting that I am a broker of the clinic or paid a fee for my entry? I would not be surprised by someone saying egg donation is wrong (even if a well established medical procedure for a number of years.) Yet to have someone conclude that what I wrote is made up is pathetic. I actually feel sorry for you because your talkback indicates an intense amount of hate, fear and weakness, qualities in often someone who does not think critically or question authority, for example, what was reported in this article. I hope you can read the facts and pay attention to signs which are highly questionable, as in this story. That is to not condemn without more knowledge, to keep someone innocent before truly being proven guilty. Oh rest assured, I am not a paid consultant or PR rep. Perhaps if you read my entries again with a more open and less heated attitude, something may pop out to make you realize my position. Thank you.
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