Report: Romanian fertility clinic grossed 20 million euro
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 21.07.09, 20:59
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1. I was right all along...
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.21.09)
This is all about greed and exploitation of women. These idiots should rot in Jail. Would they have done this if it were for free! God, these people are giving us a bad reputation and are emphasizing the stereotype of Jews as money worshippers!
2. It was reported in the London based...
Moshe ,   Israel   (07.21.09)
al Sharq al Awsat that the Romanian authorities acted on a tip by a Hezbollah operative based in Bucharest.
3. #1 Sarah is spot-on!
PunditRich ,   Wisconsin, USA   (07.21.09)
4. Money charged for procedure?
Sarah   (07.21.09)
What proof does the journalist have of these amounts apparantly charged for an egg donation procedure? I had one recently there and paid only $4,000, which would amount to around $6,000 Euro Dollars. Seems the amount quoted is too darn high. Suspicious reporting.
5. What do you really know about anything?
Grateful Father   (07.21.09)
The more opinions you write the more a convincing fool you become!
6. #4 reply
George   (07.22.09)
Interesting comment, but you calculated wrong.$4000 US dollars is more like $2500 Euros Go figure then.
7. #1
Katherine   (07.22.09)
What a naive and hateful statement. Maybe someone would donate eggs for free-to give to a needy couple or person, but highly doubtful. It is woman who want and need money that donate eggs--worldwide. Loads of website ads in the US trying to recruit egg donors and it aint woman who don't need income that donate for the most part--it is those in dire need. So check your facts and stop condeming these doctors.
8. Something wrong with this picture
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.22.09)
This clinic has been operating in Romania for ten years without incident. Testimonials from Israeli patients suggest the treatment was professional and successful. Fertility treatment is expensive. Within a week of being recognized by Romania's Transplant Agency, a swat team suddenly closes the clinic and arrests the staff while there is no evidence of wrong doing. Very suspicious. I suspect there's a Romanian fertility clinic with government connections trying to eliminate the Israeli competition.
9. Can I have Dr. Miron's number pleae?
Rachel   (07.22.09)
what a great looking guy
10. All right #8
Mel   (07.22.09)
Finally someone answers this issue with wit and good sense
11. Exploiting poor women in Romania?
Amber ,   USA   (07.22.09)
There have been suggestions of “exploitation of Romanian young, poor woman.” Well then I have to ask, why are these woman becoming egg donors; what is the Romanian government doing to help their poor and needy citizens? Very little it would seem. Of course, another option for them is to become call girls (prostitutes,) which runs ramped in Romania. At least in Bucharest (where the clinic in mention is located) all one has to do is look up and see the many billboards advertising call girls, which pictures young woman. It is obvious these woman are in dire need of money, i.e., poor. Is that not exploitation, not to mention being a prostitute puts someone at high risk health wise.
12. stupid journalism you fogot to mention
ghostq   (07.22.09)
that the romanian gov gave legal liscense for that clinic with notary signature, the only reason the police was send to beat up the docs witch one of them was after heart attack, was because that clinic owners had jealous Israely colleagues who didn't like to see the success and thos Israelies green eyes in Israel r the one who informed the Romanian athorities. congra ynet you helped ruined the chanses for some women to have babies that was their last chanse, and I suggesey ou check your facts before publishing scope like that, now people can sue you for slander. you got extra milions of green cash I reckon.
13. #9 Rachel
Judie ,   Israel   (07.22.09)
You must be desperate Rachel. Get a life will you!
14. #9 Rachel
Marco ,   Spain   (07.22.09)
Rachel is it the good looking Dr. that you are after or the good looking 20 million euros?
15. ilegal activities
neluroman ,   Baia-Mare   (02.20.13)
Trafficking organs is illegal in my country,and I don't think it an exception. Most of the female "donors" were students. And of course, students are in need of money all around the world.
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