Palestinian arrested after testifying in Geneva
Ali Waked
Published: 22.07.09, 23:09
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1. democracy in action.
sami ,   son of Palestine   (07.23.09)
every time I hear you were the only democracy in mid east I LOL
2. #1 - Human shield: you chose to go to war democratically
Grigorius   (07.23.09)
What you don't understand is that in democracy EVERY citizen shares the RESPONSIBILITY for his government's actions. So if you choose Hamas and they start a war - you chose to start a war. Don't whine later.
3. I agree Sami
Jessica ,   USA   (07.23.09)
The whole world is laughing at that phrase. It is the biggest joke of all time. The funniest part is that people who keep saying it don't realize how foolish they sound. True democracies value human rights and freedom for all people regardless of religion, ethicities, etc. True democracies don't bulldoze Palestinian homes or shoot at unarmed protesters at the Apartheid wall or arrest people who testify in Geneva.
4. Wow, what a marvellous research they must be doing
Ignacio ,   Madrid, Spain   (07.23.09)
So the witness of 'crimes' knew what he was talking about after all. I would pay any attention to this kangarro court if it were not for the Saudi bribes to these NGO uncoivered by the WSJ.,
5. #2. speaking of "Human Shield"
sami ,   son of Palestine   (07.23.09)
speaking of "Human Shield" weren't your IDF filmed using Palestinian women and children as "- Human Shield". so much for the greatest army in middle east. I think they mean Iran.
6. To: No. 1
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.23.09)
Hey, anyone ever tell you that offering false testimony when under oath to tell the truth is a crime? Well, consider yourself informed. Could have been worse ..... had he been Israeli arrested by the Palestine Authority (as if they even are entitled to police powers!) -- he'd be destined for the hangman's rope. Truth in testimony has never really been a Palestinian Arab strong point ..... sigh.... when WILL you people ever learn?
7. Mohammad Srur
Marcos ,   Massachusetts   (07.23.09)
Will some Israeli please tell us diaspora Jews what law did Mohammad Srur violate?
8. Another Political Prisoner Jailed for Exercising Free Speech
Johan Odin ,   Oslo, Norway   (07.23.09)
This arrest reeks of the Soviet era when people were incarcerated on trumped up charges as a means to intimidate and deny them their freedom of speech. So much for Israel being a democracy.
9. #1 - you are correct - we've seen your way
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (07.23.09)
of interpreting democracy: hamas throwing fatah man off building rooftops in Gaza.. I'll tell you honestly - It was a pleasure to see your democracy in action
10. why is a man from the west band testifies on gaza op?
11. How wise!
Spengler ,   USA   (07.23.09)
Collective punishment is illegal under Int'l law Grigorius, the same used to convict Nazis. Learn it, might do you some good.
12. so quick
Ilana   (07.23.09)
to jump to conclusions? What a bright bunch! If Israel iauthorities arrested him, I believe they had good reason. Other palestinans were NOT arrested. And how many Israelis born in Iraq were arrested upon arriving in the U.S. ? And there sre very many incidents of undemocratic nature just like guatanimo, in all western countries. So cool your feelings of swift criticism whose roots come from...
13. naalin is in the west bank how did
ghostq   (07.23.09)
he know anything that was going on in cast lead? so stuiped, and clear of the biast side of the verdicts, it's like acusing New Zealand residents in bear hunting.
14. Flagrant violation of international law...
Mark Wilson ,   USA   (07.23.09)
A cheap Israeli tactic to prevent the world from knowing the truth. The UN and the free world must act on this issue and sanction this rogue zionist state. Shame on you Sarah.
15. to #1, sami "of palestine"
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.23.09)
obviously you seem to think that you are a citizen of israel, rather than under military occupation. in spite of your propaganda, the occupation must be quite benign if you forget about it so easily, or are you just trying to confuse the gullible foreigners? israel IS a democracy, and judea and samaria are not. in a democracy, gangs of armed thugs don't try to kill you for voting for the wrong party, as they do in the palestinian anarchy. in your sick parody of democracy, so long as the arab palestinians keep voting for terrorist groups, they can enjoy the bitter fruits of their choice - nothing but corruption, violence and death, as set out clear as a bell in the charters of both fatah and hamas.
16. About Democracy
Farouk ,   Jerusalem   (07.23.09)
Democracy was the most effective and peaceful method to overthrow dictators. Democracy became very popular and trendy at the peak of the fall of the Soviet Union. Berlin Wall collapsed and democracy was spreading all over Eastern Europe. Nowadays democracy is a franchise that tries to push its brand to other markets. However if the result does not bring in the gains that the franchisor seeks then it is fought. In other words, if elections put in power groups not aligned to the franchise owner then that group is isolated. Let us look at cases where democracy was a disaster, elections brought FIS to power in Algeria, elections denounced civil war, it brought Right wing radical PM to Austria, closer to home, it brought Hamas, Lieberman, Hezbollah, even Bush to power. So my friends, democracy is over rated, we need to look for a new franchise that the people who vote own it, not the super power brand. Too much of a good thing is not good.
17. Shame on us...
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.23.09)
By commiting this stupid act, the world might think that we have something to hide. Why do we not think before we act? Its becoming more and more difficult to say that you are an Israeli when abroad.
18. "innocent until charged"
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.23.09)
srur has been arrested, but until he is investigated, charged and convicted, he is presumed innocent. but this is no different from any other criminal investigation in any other civilized, western country - this is just another case of the arab "palestinians" playing for media sympathy. in less-civilized countries, like iran, or the palestinian anarchy, he would have been hanged by now. (iran arrested and executed the alleged bombers of a mosque in under 72 hours, just prior to the presidential elections.) he will receive a much fairer hearing in an israeli court than an arab one.
19. he he he he
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (07.23.09)
Oh lala with your democracy.
20. 17 Sarah Mate you've seen the lights
lydia ,   Brisbane   (07.23.09)
at the end of the tunnel, finally, and it's the train coming full speed ahead.
21. #14, by arresting him AFTER he testifies?
Danny   (07.23.09)
assuming he actually was and wasn't simply asked alot of idiotic questions at the airport as is normal for every single Israeli.
22. What a shame!
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.23.09)
I am ashamed to say that I am an Israeli jew now. We should behave in a more civilized manner so as not to alienate ourselves from the civilized world.
23. To: YNET Moderator
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.23.09)
Please remove the post at No. 22. It was not made by me, but rather someone using my name. Check the ISP address for that post and for one made by me at No. 6 -- you will see that they are different. Not the first time it's happened, either.
24. to #23 (cynicle)it's the honorable ways
ghostq   (07.23.09)
of the palis and pro palis they like to play fair, now we all see how they really r, and reality speek for itself, they like to hurt lie and cheat people. they r terrorists after all.
25. To: Lydia at No. 20
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.23.09)
I did not make the post at 17, nor did I make the post at 22. Some unscrupulous cheat is using my name and my identity. Probably a Palestinian sympathizer, judging from the contents .... but I assure you it is not me. Too bad about the Palestinians and that training heading full speed for them. Oh well. Sixty-one years of war and unrelenting terror are enough. It's time the Palestinians moved on -- physically and psychologically. Good riddance.
26. Sarah , 23 . i was sure it was'nt you
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.23.09)
but a fake . Not much to do against it . It only shows that when they have'nt anything serious to say , as it happens always , they resort to such methods .
27. Sarah
Ilana   (07.23.09)
They've done it to me as well. There is an email address you can write to for issues like this to ynetnews. At least all these tb's give our Jewish Israeli news business!!!!!! They support our developing of the arrow and other things in an indirect way!
28. TO sarah and other Israel symp
James ,   USA   (07.23.09)
you all need some serious help, please pick up a bible and read it.
29. To: Charles at No. 26
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.23.09)
Thank you for your kind words. There are websites that will verify ISP addresses. Here's one -- YNet, are you paying attention?
30. To: No. 27
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.23.09)
I, for one, do not understand why there are people who do not feel confident enough in expressing their views and resort to theft of the identity of someone who has a diametrically opposed view. Then again, lack of self-confidence has never really been a problem for me. Do you happen to know the e-mail address at YNet to report such things to?
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