Israeli missile interceptor tested on US range
Published: 23.07.09, 07:13
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1. means you will spare Haifa neighborhood but lose Tel Aviv
observer   (07.23.09)
2. problems prevented.....
Marco ,   Spain   (07.23.09)
launch of system's interceptor. hahaha means another expensive Jewish toy goes down the drain.
3. Means if you fire rockets onto civilians
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.23.09)
they dissolve midflight on the way while missles bomb you into oblivion according to the data.
4. LOL! So when was Israel going to attack Iran?
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (07.23.09)
Only needs one Iranian rocket to fall on Dimona and Bye Bye (and good ridance to) the Zionist 'dream' .
5. Just 100 missile or so at once
FAJR V   (07.23.09)
6. son of star wars
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.23.09)
20 years after ronald raygun approved the development of the strategic defense initiative, the united states still doesn't have a working missile defense system, and if it weren't for israel, it wouldn't have a hope of developing one, either. star wars was never supposed to provide more than 85% protection (at best), allowing hundreds of soviet warheads through, to devastate the united states. israel cannot afford to bet the lives of its citizens on this offspring of a VERY BAD IDEA - the iranian threat must be neutralized, not intercepted.
7. #1, #2 you are right
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.23.09)
We finally agree. Critics have always said the Arrow is a good development to help the Americans, but is too unreliable to protect Israel. There is no choice but to recognize Israel's current borders and help repatriate the Arab settlers to their homelands in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt
8. Be Patient!
Jewish Refugee ,   East Bank, Jordan   (07.23.09)
This is not a miracle project it is meant to test keyword test and try to improve the mishaps. Give it some time and you will see that it will be fully functional soon. After all this is a military project not a circus for every detail to be made public. For more about the middle east please join my blog at:
9. Arrow "hit or miss " !?
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.23.09)
Partial success!? Good bye Jewish State. Iran needs to have their nuke program taken out now and no more talking and playing for time .
10. Our souls & .. for Jerusalem and Palestine
A.Khan ,   Pakistan   (07.23.09)
11. May be the Arrow is not kosher?
Have you checked whether it is circumcised. lol
12. #9 DT
Patience DT, it will work, give it a few more years. lol
13. 1 & 7
zionist forever   (07.23.09)
Arrow 2 has worked in the majority of tests held in Israel or the US in the past also experts from the Pentagon recently looked at plans for the Arrow 3 and said that its better than anything we got and they thought up things we never did. Arrow certainly isn't even expected to kill 100% of missiles if a number of them are fired but it is expected to kill the majority. I would like to know though what was the problem with this interceptor and will it ever get the full test. Arrow has to preform well in tests if its going to prove to the US its worth further funding at a time when tghe US defense industries need all the contracts they can get. There has been alot of preasure on congress to cancel Arrow funding & instead sell Israel a modified ship protection system SM-3 which also cost $10 million a piece cpmpared to the $1 million for Arrow. I do agree though with you that its time to repatriate arab settlers to their himes in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt where they belong.
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