Supreme Court convicts yeshiva student in hit and run
Aviad Glickman
Published: 23.07.09, 14:17
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1.  In civilized countries,
Jane ,   Czech Republic   (07.23.09)
it would be classified like "attempted murder". Because, if you run on somebody by car, you are trying to kill him, not to talk with him about weather. But, a victim was black, of course, so penalty is very moderate... If it has been victim a Palestinian, that criminal couldnĀ“t be tried, but celebrated like hero.
2. #1 Jane
Oren ,   Or Yehuda   (07.23.09)
You are not exactly correct, it was not because the victim was black but because the criminal was a member of the Haredi cult who believe they are above the law. In any other country and also for a true Jew, he would not only be tried for attempted murder as you said, but also for theft. He had ran away without paying.
3. Jane, in civilized countries such as Israel...
Israeli ,   Israel   (07.23.09)
cases are brought before judges who make legal determinations. When the judeges err (or when one of the parties to the case believes the judge has erred) there is an appeal process. Here in Israel the appeal process works and therefore despite your comments from the very civilized Czech Republic (let's look to the history of the Czech republic including under communism and test that very civilized Czech Republic) it is clear that you lack basic civil and legal knowledge and therefore your position is shall we say just plain ignorant! Wishing you a lovely day!
4. Yeshiva Student Convicted
Bruria ,   Haifa   (07.23.09)
There are just so many things wrong with this story. Thankfully this putz will never be a rabbinical court judge (what a frightening thought!) In other countries I believe he would have received jail-time. As for the judge saying that Biton had shown remorse for his actions--all criminals are remorseful when caught, but worse that Zoraish had actually benefited from the case. That is just disgusting. Should everyone get hit by a car in order to be integrated into society? I wonder what other pearls of wisdom have come from this judge? Zoraish should sue both Biton and the judge.
5. #3 Israeli
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.23.09)
In a civilized country, a judge like Drori would have been dismissed from the Bench
6. The hit-and-runner's family has complaints?!
Reb Lyell ,   Carmiel, Israel   (07.23.09)
They are trying to portray themselves as victims of discrimination from the "Left" whoever that is. What about discrimination against Ethiopians which is the basis of the first shameful verdict acquiting this criminal?
7. what do you know orthodox who tries to steal
ghostq   (07.23.09)
here is a shocker, put him behind bars for attempted murder, thos r the people pro palis consider as saints.
8. Good news - Mazal Tov Noga
liz   (07.23.09)
This is good news - finally justice is done. I hope that Noga will now be able to get on with her life, and forget all about the Bitons of this world, and the other products of the Shas Education System. Good luck Noga
9. Ignore the Jew-baiter at no 1
sean ,   london, uk   (07.23.09)
Thank God there's some justice at long last here. The arrogance and mafia-like behaviour of the Haredim in Israel is outrageous. And Noga is a real babe!!!
10. He's totally unfit to be a judge!!
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (07.23.09)
11. 2 things
gabriela ben ari ,   jersualem   (07.23.09)
1) The punishment is not enough!!!! ALL mafia SHAS should be jailed, H-O-W could Eli Ishai defend this ultimate bastard, defies my understanding of judaism Attemp for murder is attempt for murder end of discussion Baruch shePatarnu mi"Dayan haze 2) Good for you Noga! We all love you, be strong.
12. Michael...
#3 Israeli   (07.23.09)
you right! Let's get to work on it! (BTW there are judges like Drori serving in civilized countries all over the world!)
13. 4
Rosie ,   Israel   (07.23.09)
Absolutely right! This kind of judge MUST NOT serve as judge! He MUST be fired, let alone being candidate for Supreme Court position. Judge aquitting a hit-and-run thief?! A hit-and-run thief candidate for Rabbinical Court?! Where are we living? On which dark planet? These are our judges?! A hit-and-run thief and one that aquitted him?! Can this be real? Or is it just a stupid joke?
14. #5
Gloriya   (07.23.09)
Agree with #3
15. 8 - Good Luck Noga
Rosie ,   Israel   (07.23.09)
Good luck Noga, and sue judge Drori for his shameful verdict, reeking of racism. It's a shame he is still on the bench!
16. Hit-and-run thief
Rosie ,   Israel   (07.23.09)
Hit-and-run thief - ONE YEAR ON PROBATION? Is THIS fair sentence?
17. Hatred
Chaim ,   US   (07.23.09)
Now we see the truth: hatred by the secular elitist against religious Jews. No one is excusing Itamar for what eh did. two yrs ago this was settled with agreement by all parties. If Zoraish didn't like it she could have said no or appealed. - this is pure baseless hatred,
18. Assimilation....
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (07.23.09)
It seems that in order to be integrated into Israeli society, being run over by a Charedi (preferrably from Shas) is a prerequisite. Perhaps that should be added to the Immigratiohn Ministy's list of items, assisting the integration of new immigrants!
19. #1 You are seriously intellectually challenged
Jake   (07.23.09)
20. #1, Anyway, justice was served, was it not?
Jake   (07.23.09)
The case went to the Supreme Court and the verdict of the LOWER court was overturned. the victim is smiling. The criminal got convicted. That's what I call justice in a civilized country. Civilized is not your Israel-slandering, foaming-at-the-mouth post.
21. reporting incomplete & unclear
chava ,   yerushalayim   (07.24.09)
I read elsewhere that the result of the 1st trial was that Biton paid a 10,000nis fine, served 180 hours community service, and was under house arrest for a year. None of this was mentioned in this article. (I have no way of knowing if it's true.) The reporting, both here & in the other article, is incomplete and unclear.
22. Hit & Run, Itamar Biton
Paul Cohen ,   Ma'alot, Israel   (08.07.09)
Your talkback section say's it all. I would add that the attitude of the Rabbi's involved in Bitons defence (not to mention Judge Drori) llustrate at best the general intolerance of the Haredim towards everyone outside their community, and at worst their contempt which not suprisingly provokes dislike and certainly by this Jew.
23. Jewish Justice - with all the Smaltz....!
yosele   (08.12.09)
Somehow, it does not match " Fiddler on the roof ". THE PLAYERS: --- The victim; Noga Zoraih. --- the perpetrator ; Itamar Bilton. --- District court Judge ; Moshe Drori. --- Perpetrator's brother ; Boaz. --- perpetrator's father ; rabbe Shimon Bilton. --- The Bilton's protector ; Shas's Eli Yishai (who else) --- Itamar's lawyer : Boaz Kenig. --- Justice Edmond Levy : Not counting the victim, the only "good guy" listed. Now what the French call a " denouement " or " the outcome " --- The victim sues the perpetrator. --- The District Court Judge says Not guilty. --- Supreme court judge overturns above verdict. --- Govt.'s Protectia is rebuked. --- The poor lawyer lost his case. --- The brother claims that the perpetrator was a "Pawn" ????? --- The father probably contacted "our Govt." for a full pardon. --- The victim is filing a civil law suit against the ' guilty ' party.........About one million $$ is about right. IN conclusion ; Salomon would have been proud for this Wise outcome. At least HE is not turning in his grave. Again as the French say : Tout est bien qui fini bien
24. Supreme Court convicts yeshiva student in hit and run
TT ,   Washington,DC USA   (08.13.09)
"The judge also said that Zoraish had actually benefited from the case, since it helped her become integrated into the Israeli society. " These are words from a judge? He should be removed the bench!! For the life of me, I can not see how this women benefited; had this happend to his sister, daughter and etc. he would not be saying such rubbish.
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