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Belz Hasidim limit wedding spending
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 24.07.09, 16:34
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1. Ynet ALWAYS insult with an unsuitable foto
plus ca change   (07.24.09)
specially in dealing with the religious community. Sometimes ugly sometimes ludicrous but always always in bad taste. Deliberate ? Probably.
2. You changed the pic, now check your spelling.
meme chose   (07.25.09)
3. diamonDs guys
4. Wedding rings
Benjamin Reiser ,   Moreshet Israel   (07.26.09)
The article claims that the wedding ring must be adorned with a fake, rather than a genuine diamond. Any stone on a wedding ring invalidates it. Agian ynet show the ignorance of its writers on Jewish matters.
5. The Adventists who have a Saturday Sabbath feel
Rivkah   (07.27.09)
that jewelry is taboo and many do not even wear a wedding ring. Rabbi Yeshua said to let your faith be known by good works, not the outward adorning of gold and silver and precious gems and costly garments. Adventists are so extreme in that view that when I visit an Adventist girlfriend, she covers the eyes of her grandchildren she is raising so they won't see the rings and necklace I wear. She takes them to an Adventist school and protects them from being around people who are not Adventists so they don't pick up bad habits. That is a little extreme to me; but other Adventists feel that way, too. I wear a little jewelry to illustrate why I cannot join that church because I am not going to give up a little adornment since Sarah and Ruth and Esther and others in the Bible wore a little jewelry. The problem with fake diamonds is that they cannot be sold or hocked in troublous times like the real stuff. During the Great Depression of the 1930's, one of my grandmothers sold her jewelry, one diamond at a time, to survive with seven children and a husband whose college employer could only pay its professors three meals a day for them and their families and free tuition for their children to to go college. No salary. He accepted those terms. So, to pay a mortgage monthly and buy clothes and necessities, the jewelry my grandmother had was sold slowly. In India, women wear their dowries which is silver and gold and precious gems for a rainy day, too.
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