Report: Arafat's widow forced to deny assassination plot
Ali Waked
Published: 26.07.09, 17:42
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1. how much is she getting from the PA every month?
Gedalyah ,   ISrael   (07.26.09)
2. If Abas killed Arafat ....
that would be the most sensible thing he's ever done to help the Palestinian people.
stude ham   (07.26.09)
arab children starve while she feeds gluttously off their aid monies. the plot does make a lot of sense.
4. suha's pension
alexander tel-aviv   (07.26.09)
Euro 20,000 a month? Or I heard Euro 200,000? In any case, she has it so good... she's an embodiment of Palestinians in a real light, not the image they're trying to sell to the world - opressed, down-trodden... She bathes in luxury ( Malta is a lovely place to be).
5. Arafat was not poisoned
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (07.26.09)
Looking like a Smurf when he stepped off the plane in France, the CIA, Mossad, KGB, MI-6 and the DGSE all knew that Arafat's predilection for sex with young boys had resulted in Arafat contracting AIDS. The CIA and Mossad knew when Arafat was going to travel as he always had a homosexual party with a large number of boys just before his trip. No one poisoned Arafat. It was his own perversions that killed him...Allahu Akbar.
6. Palestinian taxpayers have to support this freeloader!
Adamush   (07.26.09)
7. Tears of delight?
Shalom   (07.26.09)
If she was in Paris, how could he have shown her the minutes?
8. I am crying ...hahahaahahahahahahah
rachel ,   usa   (07.26.09)
9. Striking resemblanse - Miss Piggy!!!
Marco ,   Spain   (07.26.09)
10. i doubt they have been paying her lately..
jerusalem   (07.26.09)
otherwise she would have stayed quiet and without the fake tears for her dead hubby
11. No secret Arafat despised Abbas and Dahlan
William ,   Israel   (07.26.09)
Not because of this concocted threat on his life but because they were gaining power, and Arafat usually destroyed those who could potentially be his rivals. He was a control-freak and played the Palestinians like a well-orchestrated puppeteer. How did Suha know it was really official minutes of this meeting and not just a forgery for a larger conspiracy led by Arafat? It must have been on "official" PLO letterhead...that makes everything legit.
12. these are all dirty rumours
rashid ,   palistinian   (07.26.09)
believe me there was nothing going on between us even though i spent lots of time with el rais when i was a little boy
13. #9 Grow up will you!
Marco ,   Spain   (07.26.09)
14. What happened to Suha's remarriage to a wealthy Tunisian?
Keren ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.26.09)
15. nothing new here...
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (07.26.09)
even if Israel were taken out of the picture .... the "in"- fighting and debachery will continue to infect any goverment set up in palistine...Hate and suspecion is groomed into the fabric of the palistinian society.... rashid no matter how you try to paint the picture will always turn out the same ...
16. I can understand why suha is crying in the picture
zionist forever   (07.26.09)
Arafat is now dead which means he cant steal anymore international aid money while the donors turn a blind eye and she pockets a huge chunk of it. Poor Suha now all she gets is the millions of dollars she gets annually from the PA ( financed by international aid ), the millions she has hidden in various swiss banks and what Gaddafi is now giving her since he decided he wanted ti take care of her financial needs. I imagine its alsio upsetting knowing your husband is bisexual and he prefers to be licked in his compound with his good looking young bodygaurds instead of his wife and and ended up dying of AIDS. I hope if the arabs ever decide to stop executing homosexuals however unlikely and allow them to hold gay pride parades then they will have men dressing up as the the arab worlds most famouse bisexual.
17. Suhu and the millions.
Mark ,   London   (07.26.09)
It is a know fact that Arafat died of Aids and Suhu run away with millions of Fatahs money.
18. # 16
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.26.09)
Zionist, Suha is crying in the pic cos she is at her hubby's funeral.DUH !!
19. #18 - because she was missing sale on...
William ,   Israel   (07.26.09)
the Champs-Elysse - everyone knows that.
20. 14 Keren: The Swiss bank accounts were confiscated by the
PLO and Suha was put on an allowance that was not sufficient to provide for her and her child. So the President of Libya, Muyamar Ghaddafi bought a home for her to live in on Malta at his expense and provided security for her at his expense, too. That was after she was thrown out of Tunisia because the head of that nation did not want her to be the third or fourth wife of a relative of his which is what she became to survive since the PLO did not provide adequately for her. She fared better than the Afgan widows under the Taliban that did not want to support them, either. They were beaten up in public arenas and executed.
21. #13 Calm down and stop stealing my name, will you!
Marco ,   Spain   (07.26.09)
22. 14 Where is Arafat millions she was to have collected
lydia ,   Brisbane   (07.27.09)
from his Swiss Bank Account. We have been hearing how wealthy Arafat left her. If that is true why wouldn't she have enough money to tell Abbas were go instead of allowing him to black mail her with a measly monthly stipend?.
23. Arafat's doctor said he died with HIV
Joe ,   Canada   (07.27.09)
According to this interview French hospital doctors treating Arafat told his personal MD that he had HIV. Since he had previously been reported to be a homosexual using some of his body guards it may be possible that AIDS was the main cause of his death.
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (07.27.09)
The poison vessel from the pessel not the chalace from the palace holds the brew that is true..
25. To Ali Waked: Stupidity or intentional
Observer   (07.27.09)
disinformation ???? "" Kaddoumi asserted that Arafat had shown him documentation proving that Abbas and Hamas leaders met with top American and Israeli officials on the issue. "" HAMAS LEADERS !!!!!!!!!!?????? The meeting was between: Abbas, Dahlan, Sharon and an American .... Unless Dahlan is now a Hamas leader .... Send the IAF and blow the B......d to hell
26. "Professional Woman?"
Roy ,   USA   (07.27.09)
This makes Arafat's widow a "Professional woman?" If true, since money is involved, yes. Reminds one of the comedian W. C. Fields' comment.... "Money can't buy love.... it can only rent it!"
27. 22 Lydia: The Swiss bank accounts were confiscated by PLO.
28. lydia, ask me, I am only 1000 miles away, you 10000 miles
Marco ,   Spain   (07.27.09)
and because of that I know everything that is going on in the Mediterranean pond Suha is a lovely caring lady and donated her millions to charity fir her high society friends children in Paris to receive a modest education in a boarding school in Switzerland Also her daughter who is almost an adult has many humble needs such as getting her wardrobe made at Dior, wearing true diamond jewelry, driving an economy mid-size Ferrari and so on It is all understandable this is what you don't know being so far away and the need for her to receive this meager handout from people who themselves starve, per your frequent statements but I am a generous descendant of imperialists who stole the gold of half the world, therefore I forgive your ignorance on the subject
29. Nobody confiscates Swiss bank accounts
rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.27.09)
Either you know the codes or you dont. He who knows has... Didnt the international courts support the wift not the PLO?
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