Egg scandal: Doctor uses son's adoption as line of defense
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 27.07.09, 14:08
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1. So I guess...
Auditor General ,   Romania   (07.27.09)
the 20 million euros that the clinic grossed, went to charity????
2. the ones who will benefit from this....
wil be typical anti-semites and anti-Israelis who look for excuses to blame all Jews for anything. Madoff, New Jresey organ mafia rabbis and mafia doctors...these are harming us all.
3. Line of Defense
Nili ,   Jerusalem   (07.27.09)
So if he was so moved by his own experience why didn't he donate some of the millions to help all the women who can't afford the expensive treatment? That putz just contributes to the fodder that anti-semites feed on.
4. He wasnt driven by greed...
Marco ,   Spain   (07.27.09)
And my Grand mother was mother Teresa! Who does this idiot think he is fooling?
5. My husband is unfertile, can his good looking son donat his?
Yanika   (07.28.09)
sperm? Free of charge of course.
6. #4
some people are driven by greed. some driven by absolute hate, murderous wishes, depression, joblessness, unemployment, sadness, maddness, etc... you are talking about yourself here marco. you are a very sad sad person. very sad. you give us muslims a bad reputation. please do dont stand up for us. we can take care of our issues without a hateful person like you mixing it up. you are the last person we need on our side. it is because of people like you in fateh and hamas and the arab league that we palestinians still do not have a state and have hate, wars and violence in our society. so, please go away and leave us alone. you do not speak for us. mansour hamoudi ramallah palestine
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