Protestor shot by Border Guard officer in Bil'in awarded damages
Yael Levy
Published: 29.07.09, 00:07
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1. Protester
frank ,   israel   (07.29.09)
the border guard opened fire because it is simply a nice day and these non-violent people were sitting around singing kumbaya? Is this the same non-violent protests that happen each and every week by the misguided traitorous left. Somehow I am having trouble caring about this brain damaged individual, it seems he was like that before the incident. But my heart does go out to our brave soldiers who are forced to confront and act against these "non-violent peaceful" protesters....
2. What!!!!!
smith   (07.29.09)
He should receive nothing. In fact he should receive the bill for the bullet which hit him . That what I call justice for leftist.
3. I guess you admit guilt by paying 3.25M<end>
alan ,   vancouver   (07.29.09)
4. Harolds deaths...
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.29.09)
andy ,   orlando,fl   (07.29.09)
I am an ardent Zionist who supports Israel 100%.However, it especially upsets me when I see a Jewish guy injured by Israeli border police.Ultimately Limor Goldstein has himself to blame by allying himself with Arabs.
6. "a non-violent rally", yet "a riot broke out"?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.29.09)
Well, which was it? I'm a bit more sympathetic than smith (#2), but not by much. Those who choose to confront and provoke police authority must bear some responsibility for the consequences.
7. Something doesnt add up!
3Jay ,   Israel   (07.29.09)
A Jewish protester aiding the bogus Palestinian Arabs desire to destroy Israel? I think this guy already had brain damage before the protest!
8. non-violent?
robins ,   jerusalem   (07.29.09)
Watching the video, even with the selective editing, one can see that the demonstrators ignore numerous warnings not to march into a closed zone. They then march up en masse and push past the soldiers and one can see (1:48) at least one soldier being surrounded and pushed around by several demonstrators. However, regulations state that rubber bullets should be shot from a minimum of 40 meters and at the legs, and it does seem that the injured protestor was nearer than 40m, although that must be very hard to judge in the heat of the moment.
9. You crazy talkbackers...
Terry ,   Chicago, IL   (07.29.09)
embody the typical Israeli animal.
10. It is impossible to have brain damage if you dont have one
Alex ,   SF   (07.29.09)
11. Good start
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (07.29.09)
Now let's see the next one compensated happen to be named Mohammed or Bassam or Mahmoud. It would be nice to see a token gesture admitting that Palestinians are human.
12. Too bad he was not hit by a metal bullet!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.29.09)
Serves him right for siding with the enemy. No one should receive damages when aiding the enemy. Next thing you know,the courts will award damages to dead and wounded terrorists and their families.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (07.29.09)
While the leaches who control this state, have raised our taxes by 50% in the past 8 years, they dare to piss away our money like this. That Goldstein's mind is not working well, is pretty clear by his perverted conduct. It is our beloved state , its media and court system that are brain damaged. All these false feely touchy Humanists are a stain on our land.
14. Jason White
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.29.09)
You are a very nice decent person
15. closed military zone means just that
ari ,   israel   (07.29.09)
and using force is more than acceptable. traitors to their own country.
16. #9. typical ignorant moron that doesnt know the truth if it
ari   (07.29.09)
hit ihim n the the head with a rubber bullet!
17. #2 according 2 ur logic...
then every single former Jewish resident of Gaza should return every single shekel they have received as compensation. To paraphrase you: In fact they should receive the bill for having caused the State such great expense for their protection and use of the land in Gaza. That is what I call justice for the right wingers!
18. Absurd
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (07.29.09)
This is truly an absurd ruling. It will only open the floodgates, encourage people to "demonstrate" (actually, "riot" is a far better word), and poses the potential for members of Israel's military to wear kid gloves when trying to put down what are quite violent "demonstrations" (again, "riots" is the better word). As we say in the United States, "you pays your money, you takes your chances." People should be responsible for consequences to their bad acts. The security fence is official Israeli policy. If someone wishes to demonstrate against it, that is their privilege ..... but they should not be rewarded for it. This is a bad, bad decision that has every likelihood of coming back to haunt Israel. Watch for a huge turnout at the next "demonstration" (yet again, "riot" is the far better word).
19. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (07.29.09)
Your logic is perverse, to say the least. Truth be told, your comment is idiotic. The Israelis who left Gush Katif left Gaza with nothing. The Gazans inherited working farms, lush greenhouses and the best hydroponic facilities in the world. Schools, hospitals and community centers were left entirely intact. The Gazans turned it all to rubble and trash. I mean -- why use a hydroponic farm when you can bulldoze it and build a terrorist training camp? So, idiot, who owes whom?
20. I would get shot for that amouht of cash
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (07.29.09)
I was stabbed, and shot, and it's not that bad... I would do it for that money. When we are at it, I would tell them to shoot me twice.
21. Who is to blame?
I. Breshinski ,   USA   (07.29.09)
Those who take the risk, break the law, are guilty for the injury that they suffered. Paying the professor terrorist is admission of guilt that should not have happened. How will police act in the future?
22. #Jerrold Cohen - It would be easier to treat them as humans
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.29.09)
If they behaved like humans.
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