IDF to give better warnings before attacks
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 29.07.09, 10:15
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1. What for?
Danny   (07.29.09)
They only people this can possibly benefit are the people who are targets of airstrikes.
2. This will gain Israel no friends
Hen   (07.29.09)
and will only embolden the Arab enemy. Very stupid idea. So stupid, so insane, that it makes you wonder if Israel desires to continue to exist.
3. Warnings before attacks
Goliath   (07.29.09)
Would you say. 'Assalamualaikum, Palestinians. please get out of your house immediately. We are going to destroy it soon."?
4. How about not attacking in the first place
Bruno ,   Haifa   (07.29.09)
Then the IDF could save huge amounts off its phone bills
5. Excuse me?
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (07.29.09)
Better warnings, huh? Wow. Should it be the same quality warning as the Allies gave Dresden before the bombing? Or should it perhaps be the same quality warning that the United States gave before Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hamas -- and each of the other thirty-odd organizations each purporting to be the sole true "representative" of the Palestinian people -- are the implacable enemies of the Jewish State. They do not want to co-exist with us; they want to wipe us off the face of the earth. Israel ignores this to her peril. Better warnings, indeed! What a complete load of crap. We'll need a backhoe to dig our way out of THIS one.
6. Don't tell Hamas and terrorists
Avraham Rottman, M.D ,   Bet Shemesh, Israel   (07.29.09)
In the message to "civilians," the IDF must specify that if you are a terrorist, you must ignore this message and go on as usual. The IDF must also ask the "civilians" to please NOT warn any Hamas or terrorists who may be in the area.
7. IDF to give better warnings before attacks
Yonatan ,   Yerusalem   (07.29.09)
so the terrorist can herd more women and children in the place of attack..great thinking of the intellectual elite
8. IDF warnings to Gazans
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.29.09)
Great Pity -although very commendable to the IDF. It will of course give Hamas more time to hide behind children and Mothers as human shields but the world will still vilify the IDF and Human Blights Watch and Co will remain as evil as they are with their lies and distorted reports while ignoring Hamas and it'sHumans shields
9. PR joke
Mark ,   Dublin   (07.29.09)
Straight out of the PR department. We're coming in 5 minutes to bulldoze your farms, houses and to bomb your schools and a grain factory. If you leave waving a white flag, we'll shoot you anyway because we're 'the most moral army in the world'. Why bomb a grain factory and a tile factory? So, the people have to survive on UN handouts and buy Israeli grain. It's a sick joke and people still swallow this schtick.
10. #9, I know what you mean
AD ,   Toronto   (07.29.09)
Hamas does a much better job warning Israeli civilians before they indiscriminately launch rockets at them.
11. We should exterminate them.
Moshe ,   Israel   (07.29.09)
No warning necessary.
12. to #9 You come from a very moral country
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.29.09)
Big supporters of terrorists and terror movements. How many irish "soldiers" fought in the british "army" and killed and wounded innocent civilians in asia and africa? Any place that was bombed in gaza was a military site alongside or within civilian homes and businesses. What grain does Israel sell? Do we have thousands of square acres and a lot of water to grow grain? We import it,like the gazans.
13. good
Ilana   (07.29.09)
Although it is ridiculous how much we do in order to avoid innocent death, comapred, of course to any other country or group, our IDF is way above all others in morality so it is expected. We do not kill innocents on purpose no matter what anyone blasphemies anywhere, we know the truth and that is all that really counts. Our conscious is ours. Say what you want, we do not care. Eventually truth is always revealed and whoeve ris truly interested will find it.
14. Warnings?
alan ,   Texas   (07.29.09)
So the terrorists leave and they fill the attack sites with children. When will the IDF learn? Give them no warnings and you will kill more terrorists and future terrorists.
15. sounds like an Obama idea
16. Two minds of this, internally good for the IDF, externally..
Jacob Blues ,   New York City, USA   (07.29.09)
The phone call and US$2.50 will get you a ride on the subway. The world doesn't care. Tz'Hal could set up an entire battalion of troops to go personally knock on doors with clipboards getting advance surveys, maps, and timed schedules for attacks with shifts in weekend / weekday, rush-hour & off-peak differences built in, and Israel would still get pilloried by the international community every time it attempts to defend itself. Go do some checking on the other combat operations that took place in 2009, specifically Sri Lanka. You will see neither the level of international condemnation nor the internal hand wringing and community discussions about the military's use of force, quantity and applicability, despite the fact that there were anywhere from 7x to more than 25x the number of civilian casualties (depending on who's body count you use from Cast Lead).
17. Stupid government!
freej ,   Israel   (07.29.09)
They are more worried about world opinion than actually protecting their own citizens!
18. #9 - Better question - why Hamas stores weapons there?
William ,   Israel   (07.30.09)
Why DO the likes of Hamas use civilian homes, farms, mosques to store and launch weapons from?? The answer is easy - because they know the IDF usually will not retaliate if civilians are in the line of fire. Just imagine if all of those missions called off (about 75% of them) did actually go through - many more dead civilians and destroyed infrastructure. So instead of questioning Hamas why do they hide behind civilians and civilian infrastructure if they truly want Pals to be self-sustaining, you ask Israel "why do you defend yourselves and place your civilians above even one Gazan?" Could it be that you have a special place in your heart for terrorists?
19. Great technology idea - missiles that use cellphone network
William ,   Israel   (07.30.09)
"Hello - this is the Cast Lead missile report just letting you know that I'm leaving the aircraft in 2 minutes and will be targeting your home. Your best exit is . Please refrain from using your body as a shield to cover Hamas men and/or rockets stored in your home as you exit. And as always, have a pleasant afternoon. Inshallah"
20. #18, it is a win-win
Danny   (07.30.09)
Either Israel doesn't target them and so they can fight unfettered or Israel does and the world screams war crimes (note however that all the "prosecutions" quietly never get filed or fail)
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