Israel wants nuclear power plant
Amir Ben-David
Published: 31.07.09, 10:30
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1. Wouldn't it be better to fill the negev with solar plants?
Zvi   (07.31.09)
I mean, putting up one big nuclear plant that makes a nice central target for Syria or Iran to attack, and which if bombed would spread nuclear waste all over Israel, seems like a stupid idea. Instead, Israel should try to distribute its generation assets as widely as possible, making it extremely difficult to obliterate them with bombs and using silicon rather than uranium. Natural gas can be used at night; Israel DID just discover a large new supply.
2. #1 Yes, you are of course right, but...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.31.09)
... how do you propose to deal with the fact that panels which have been installed there by several Kibbuzim were STOLEN. I don't want to open an ethnic Pandora box here and certainly do not want to generalize, but let's say that the thieves, which were caught by the way, do not belong to that part of Israeli society who live in houses, if you know what I mean. For as long as law and order does not deal with the thefts perpetrated by some members of this specific community in an decisive and relentless manner, solar panels and other similarly beneficial but exposed to theft and vanadalism projects, cannot happen in the Negev dessert.
3. #! the problem with solar panels
Chaim   (07.31.09)
is that solar power is damn expensive.
4. Seek experts from Iran!
Indigenous ,   Nablus, Palestine   (07.31.09)
5. #4- Indigenous from Arabia living in Schechem
Uzziel   (07.31.09)
Actually Israeli experts will shut down Iranian nuke program.
6. duh
ari   (07.31.09)
just build it.
7. No Way!
Israel should never have a nuclear power plant, until it signs an NP agreement. #1, the gas field you speak of is in Palestinian waters, and belongs to Palestine. Hands off!!
zionist forever   (07.31.09)
As long as Israel has nukes there is no way any US administration will sell Israel a nuclear power plant especially Obama who i on a anti Israel, anti nuclear crusade ( except Irans nukes ). Selling nuclear power plants to Israel these days is to politically sensetive an issue and nobody especially the US right now is going to sell Israel. Also as a result of not being a signitory of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty there is only limited nuclear technology that the west is allowed to sell to Israel. The best people to be turning to would be Russia, China because for them money talkes loudest. It may be possible to get something from India if they have they technology and failing that if possible go it alone but the US is a waste of time.
9. 7
zionist forever   (07.31.09)
The natural gas reserves Israel has are 1) A field off Gaza controlled by Israel. 2) A very big gas field off the coast of Haifa worth around $15 billion which Lebanon is trying to but will fail to get their hands on. 3) A smaller gas field off the coast of Haifa Palestine is in Jordan and non of those areas belong to Jordan.
10. WE DONĀ“T !
Noa ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (07.31.09)
Stop filling the South with toxic stuff! Think of a green solution!!!!
11. #4Actually,the experts came from Russia.The govt. there is
too damn stupid to ,   build a bird cage.   (07.31.09)
12. #8This actually is a brilliant move by Israel,if the US
Rueben ,   Iaeael   (07.31.09)
won't assist us, someone else will step up to the plate.Then, the US cannot do one damn thing about it.It was given the chance, but refused.Hey, everybody else in the ME. is requesting to have nuke plants, why not us?
13. Wind mills?
Rickie ,   Porto Alegre, Brazil   (07.31.09)
What about use the wind to produce energy?
14. Why let Israel have one
US   (07.31.09)
when they have been whining over Iran trying to get one. you people are hypocrits and the USA is sick of you.
15. Catch 22 for Israel
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, USA   (07.31.09)
If Israel does get another nuclear plant without signing Non-Proliferation Treaty then other in the middle east with try to do the same and reject NPTs. Israel and India both have not signed and both have nukes. Iran is believed to have afew soviet made nukes, Iran cann't currently make nukes(which I not sure since many poor Russia and Pakistans know how) but is build up resoures to build alot of nukes when or if they decide to do so. Bombing Iran will only slow them down at best.
16. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (08.01.09)
Because Iran's claim of wanting nuclear reactors for "peaceful purposes" doesn't quite jive with the rhetoric coming out of Tehran trumpeting it's intent to wipe the "Zionist entity" (i.e., State of Israel) off the map and to exterminate the Jewish people. Neither does Iran's claim jive with their desperate scramble to acquire centrifuges (centrifuges, you see, are needed only to enrich spent uranium rods to plutonium, or other weapons-grade uranium). Israel has Dimona. Dimona handles our military weapons-grade needs (and does so quite well, I might add). Israel is looking for a nuclear power plant for peaceful purposes, to defray the high cost of energy -- the OPEC states will not sell Israel oil; neither will Nigeria or Venezuela. It is far too expensive to import from the North Sea producers (England and Norway). Israel is not looking for centrifuges or heavy water or anything else that would imply weapons-making purposes. By the way -- go back to school. Your spelling is atrocious and your grammar and syntax worse yet. You are, frankly, too stupid for words. I am glad you are "sick" of Israel. Fortunately, no one pays you much attention, do they? 'Course not. Certainly not in the United States -- not that it would make a whit of difference to Israel, anyway. You cannot compete with Israel, and you know it. Go get another Aryan Brotherhood tattoo, okay?
17. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (08.01.09)
Yeah, right. As if Israel would even accept Russian help (aren't they, after all, the architects of Chernobyl?) For that matter, dear, I'm not sure Israel could really use U.S. help. The U.S. is, after all, the architects of Three Mile Island. We can do it better. We always have. Bloodyscot, do yourself a favor and look up who INVENTED nuclear capacity. Look up who GAVE THE UNITED STATES THE BOMB. Lotta Jewish names, there. Take it from there, sweetie, and figure out the rest. We don't need you to give us nuclear capacity. Jews, after all, GAVE IT TO YOU. Be a little grateful, can't you? Or are you so stupid as to believe that we would give you something without giving it to ourselves as well. I'm a'thinking .... should we take back pacemakers? CAT scans? MRIs? The polio vaccine? Lipstick? Jeans? Go ahead, darlin'. The Arabs haven't given the world ANYTHING since algebra, and .... hey .... THANKS A LOT FOR THAT ONE!
18. to 14
a guy from kfar saba ,   kfar saba   (08.08.09)
israel unlike iran isnt supporting terrirists and unlike iran its a democratic with free press.
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