Youth counselor's murder 2nd tragedy for family
Eli Senyor
Published: 02.08.09, 14:14
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2. RE talkback1
Leon ,   Tel Aviv   (08.02.09)
Your choice to call the homosexual lifestyle 'Deviant' is the same hate that lead to this tragedy
3. Gays and Lesbians
I. Isel ,   USA   (08.02.09)
As a father of a gay son I believe that no parent prays their son to be such. Yet this sexual orientation is somehow a birth-environmental issue. Gays and Lesbian especially in Israel and California are very vocal, advertize and protest. They demand strongly to be recognized, they parade, provoke and frequently act irresponsively. Breaking the law is not a way to advance Gay and Lesbian causes. Neither will it advance their case if they put their thumbs into the eyes of those who oppose it. In California the public acted adversly in refusing to allow gay marriages. The tragic event in Tel Aviv should bring the Gay and Lesbian community and their leadership to take a more responsible course which means no parade, no demonstrations, no provocation and not attempting to convince the public that being Gay or Lesbian is the best way of life. On the other hand, this community of Gays and Lesbians desrves new legislation that will secure for them all the civill rights that they deserve. This means that a homosexual couple who lives together for years will have the same rights as a heterosexual couple. This process may take years.
4. #2
The police haven't caught the attacker and you already know who did it? Please call the police quickly!
5. I am just appalled
appalled ,   Israel   (08.02.09)
I can’t believe people are discussing the merits of one’s lifestyle at a time like this. Deviant or not, this is your own opinion. Children died while others got injured. These are someone’s children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, family and friends. They gathered at a place where they can sort out their thoughts & feelings, be with others that understand them and to feel accepted. As people they deserve the same respect as any victim of any tragedy and not to be belittled for who they are or choices they made. Our society will crumble not from sexual lifestyle differences but from being judgmental, critical and hateful of others when they they’re different from us. I can’t image any homosexual person loving a friend or family member any more or less just because he/she is a homosexual, so how dare we love them any less because of who they are. To the families of those that died, are prayers are with you. To those that survived may you have a quick recovery. As a family member of a shooting victim, my heart goes out to all of you.
6. #1 and #4
Judi Goldfarb ,   Tel Aviv   (08.02.09)
1 - what a terrible thing to say. Deviant? i hope for your sake you never spawn children. 4 - what a wise guy, hate is what led someone with a gun to this place. this is what poster 2 is referring to. ashamed to be jewish when we have such narrow minded idiots with access to ynet sometimes.
7. Religious fanaticism is deviant
Andre ,   London   (08.02.09)
It is one thing to control oneself by believing that rituals were commanded by a creator, but to then kill other human beings due to a rigid interpretation of those rules shows such ways of believing are the danger. This is the danger of all religions - that they can be taken to the extreme and used against civilization.
8. To # 3
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (08.02.09)
You write: " The tragic event in Tel Aviv should bring the Gay and Lesbian community and their leadership to take a more responsible course which means no parade, no demonstrations, no provocation and not attempting to convince the public that being Gay or Lesbian is the best way of life. " Well I do not agree with you. Although I have never experienced gay love I can still understand them very well . What you suggest simply means in other words that homosexuals should remain hiding in shells and not admit what they are avowedly. I oppose this although I would expect such sex minority to experience some kinds of persecution .But if they remain too scared or shy to reveal it then they would continue living in fear and uncertainty. Believing in something should suffice to make such people struggle openly and preferably peacefully in order to check the the society's persecution and frowning so that ultimately those homosexuals would come out of the social prison of fear and shyness ! Perhaps one last remark to point out is that I do advise gays and lesbians to do their best to convince the society(which views them as taboos) that it is their own private lives and they are free to decide what sexual orientation they choose provided, and I say again, provided they succed in assuring everybody that they would not in any way harass or annoy people who make it clear they abhor homosexuality. As long as gays and lesbians do not harass " straight " people then, in my firm opinion, they have the full right to be what they want ! Abdel Karim Salim Sharif Arab from Jerusalem
9. #8
Isel ,   USA   (08.02.09)
Nobody suggests that G&L should stay in their closet. Yet G&L have to consider that Muslims, Jews and Christians have traditionally rejected homosexuality and view it as a sin. Moreover, no parent wants his child to be Gay or Lesbian. Many G&L themselves would have preferred to be "straight". G&L have to show more sensitivity and do whatever but keep a low profile. They will achieve more by being such. Lastly, this crime in Tel-Aviv may not be a hate crime as many rushed to declare, but a "love", passion crime when a desperate gay person takes extreme action.
10. additional thoughts
Anna ,   AZ, USA   (08.03.09)
#8, I noted something you said as of interest and not a criticism. "Straights" have been harassing "Homo's" forever, but it somehow needs to be made clear to "gays and lesbians" to not harass "straights." Many think as you do! That "they are fine as long as they leave me alone." In my opinion, whoever it is that thinks "they are deviants" is simply an idiot. #9, Yes. There is a difference between being "out" and "open" and being obnoxious about it. I am not gay, lesbian, "homo" or Jewish; I offer my condolences to the families and friends of all the victims. May God Bless us All.
11. #2 & #9
Asher ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.03.09)
You say that "nobody suggests that G&L should stay in their closet", yet that is exactly what you are suggesting. Keeping a "low profile" IS staying in the closet. The Civil Rights Movement in the USA did not succeed because black people and their supporters "kept a low profile". It succeeded because they marched, they fought, they made themselves seen and heard, and they were not afraid of people like you telling them to "keep a low profile". If they had taken your approach, they would still be riding in the backs of buses and drinking out of different water fountains. As for your statement "no parent wants his child to be Gay or Lesbian", do not speak for any other parent besides yourself. My parents love me just the way I am. They wouldn't want me any other way. I hope your son never reads the things you wrote about they GLBT community and what we "should do"; if I were him, I would be ashamed to have you as a father.
12. Gays and Lesbians
sunday ,   Australia   (08.14.09)
Isel: How are they supposed to achieve that without demonstrations and raising awareness?
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