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Journalist: Haredi public used as punching bag
Published: 04.08.09, 15:44
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1. Glasner is so right
Ezra ,   Canada   (08.04.09)
You just have to read articles and talkbacks published on this website to be horrified by the level of hate many Israelis have for the Haredim.
2. They're unwillingly beginning to see
yl   (08.04.09)
that it may have been one of their own community. The murderer/ess must have cased the joint many times(neighbours should jog their memories) knew which night to choose, knew his/her way round the nachmani street club. Doesn't sound like a 'let's throw a dirty diaper' type of guy. They'll have the mother in the abuse case, from today. And the other side will have the radical left wing murderer of his own child. Lo chaser tairutzim my friend. If only everyone would tell themselves and their own community what to do instead of finding flaws in 'yenem' all the time. We all have homework, we just don't do it.
3. Look at the evidence
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (08.04.09)
According to that "ultra-Orthodox" media source, Haaretz, the police are investigating this murder spree as a personal grudge, not a random hate crime. The shooter was familiar with the layout of the club, and was savvy enough to smuggle a weapon past security and plan an escape route. This suggests a professional hit job. Several years ago there was a huge uproar when a Masorti synagogue was firebombed, and everyone was eager to lynch the Haredim. Then the actual perps turned out to be some secular hoodlums. There were no apologies from the media.
4. No Evidence Heredim Were Involved
Josh R. ,   London, England   (08.04.09)
What hard evidence is there that they were involved?
5. Kyle , in LA
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.04.09)
As nothing may be published regarding this murder , nobody can say anything serious about this case . A professional killer ? maybe , everyone very interested can find and hire one . A professional will also find out how the place looks , if there is security , and so on . As i said it already more than once , before pointing a finger in any direction , let's wait to see what the police will , i hope so , find .
6. Oh Josh, how naive you are!
observer   (08.04.09)
Since when was evidence required to slag off haredim in Israel?
7. It's a real life Jonathan Kellerman novel
Alec Delaware ,   LA   (08.04.09)
Send gay detective Milo Sturgis and Inspector Daniel Sharavi to solve this mystery
8. oh i see suddenly they are the victims
Avi ,   Israel   (08.04.09)
What total BS! The Shas party have been conducting a viscious hate campaign towards the gay community for years, inciting hatred and violence on a scale i can only compare to Nazi propaganda. Blaiming gay people from everything from causing earth quakes to swine flu, calling us animals , filth perverts, mentally sick, deviants and so on. In any other democratic country that would not be tollerated and they would be prosecuted under the law, this is not freedom of speach this is clealy incitement, yet here in Israel its the national sport.Not only to the gay community but directed to arabs and also ethiopians. Of course there is the possibility that this was a secular homophobe but Shas is guilty of incitement to violence and hatred, they even blaimed the gay community for jailiing MK Benizri, the fact that he embezzeled money and accepted bribes while in a position of trust never even got a mention, so do me a favor and cut the BS !
9. maybe your little club
to the little club   (08.05.09)
could blame the chareidim for the rape and sodomy at the scouts camp of, wait for it.... the group from ramat aviv. Maybe they could blame Chabad? Gee, wouldnt that be just dandy...Horrible incident, those poor kids, ruined for life, by their scouts madrichim .Apparently rotten goings on there are well known, and that they sweep it under the carpet. Oh, I shouldnt judge them all because of one (yeh, right) incident? Gee I wander who I learnt that from? Chabad are probably the ones who could help the most , oo. now Ive got you angry. RA parents, these good people will and can help you, turn to them, if you haven't already managed to chuck them out, that is, for their 'evil' influence,....the mind boggles the real evil that was staring them in the face all the time. Shocking.
10. kangaroo court
eddie ,   london UK   (08.05.09)
Unfortunately the gay-left axis will popint the finger at Shas and the entire Orthodox world. The only group who havent been blamed yet are the settlers. This loked like a professional underworld shooting - and contrast that to haredi riots, where all they can do is burn garbage cans and throw stones. And why is the gay community being given so much publicity? When the Yeshiva in Jerusalem was atatcked, the virulent left wing such ad Gideon Levy were blaming the vicitms for their own nationalism. So, the extreme left are very sick and immoral people.
11. No one hates more and incites more than the Haredim.
Reb L. Yell ,   Carmiel, Israel   (08.05.09)
12. look at the picture at the top of the page
jman ,   jerusalem   (08.05.09)
i don't see secular people cleaning the blood, it's charedim. let me guess what the left will say, they're collecting it to bake matzah.
13. Loads of hate coming from one lone 'Rabbi"
good aytzah   (08.05.09)
He should see a Rav to discover his problem with religion and religious people.
14. #12 No, the usual boring secs will tell ya
imi   (08.05.09)
'they gotta do something, they don't do the army' which is also one of their many lies born of hatred. We could all sign the talbacks in their names by now.
15. Inside Job
A B ,   Modiin, israel   (08.05.09)
#8: Somehow you seem to be bent on "not getting" that the point here is that this was an INSIDE JOB!!!!! One of your own was the murderer!!! It has NOTHING to do with ANY incitement against homos, haredi, secular or other! The police have an interest in keeping this a secret for as long as possible so as to give YOU enough time to incite against haredis and boost your image and sympathy...
16. JM , 12 . It's a mitzwah for them , not for seculars
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.05.09)
and "to bake matza" , you are as stupid as the antisemites , they told the same story , not the "leftists"
17. #11 Go and enjoy the dancing
rockette   (08.05.09)
It'll help you chill out.
18. Wait until the investigation is completed.
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (08.05.09)
Yes, we all jump to conclusions and accuse without proof. However, while this horrible attack was probably not an act by an Ultra-Orthodox religious fanatic, we have to accept that the leaders of the Ultra-Orthodox communities, particularly Minister Eli Yishai and MK Nissim Ze'ev, are certainly guilty of incitement and hatred against Gays and Lesbians and, for that matter, anyone who does not conform to their fanatic and extremist views. The one thing that we do know is that two Jewish lives have been lost due to hatred, this Jews against Jews! One can only express sorrow and sympathy to the families and hope that a little more tolerance will result from this tragedy.
19. David , Karmiel . a little contradiction
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.05.09)
.......and accuse without proof , you wrote , and that's 100 % right . Then you write : probably not an act by an ultra orthodox fanatic . Why not ? Saying not , even probably , is also without any proof . The "no proof" works in both directions . For the rest , i fully agree with you .
20. Silence
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (08.05.09)
Edah Haredit decided against any demo this year against the Pride Parade in Jerusalem and Hamodia daily Haredi newspaper has avoided any mention of anything to do with homosexuality. Where is the incitement? Perhaps from Shas, but I don't believe any Haredi believes he has the right to murder anyone for attending a gay youth centre. It could be a matter of a personal grudge or an opportunist terror attack.
21. The case is clear as day.
Vladimir ,   Jerusalem   (08.05.09)
The culprit is still at large. The police chief in Tel Aviv said that the gays were too quick with their accusations of a "hate crime". It's quite possible that the murder was committed by one of their own people. But the charedi-bashers continue their incitement. Avi (#8), you blame SHAS of a "viscious hatred campaign", while your post (as all the other posts) are filled with venom. Besides, the very fact that your accusations (baseless, of cause) are directed against the Sephardi religious community, smacks of pure racism. And again Charles is here. He comments on every article. It seems that he has a lot of time, just sits all day long at the computer and accuses all the Charedim of parasitism. Dear Charles, all your attempts to refute the obvious are very naive and feeble. Switch of the computer and go to work.
22. The picture at the head of the article.
George ,   Atlanta   (08.05.09)
Look at this picture. Evidently, the people with black caps on their heads are removing the blood traces of their crime. Catch them!
23. re:no.16
shachar ,   jerusalem   (08.05.09)
its a mitzva for alllllllll jews 'seculars' included, born a jew always a jew- comes with the birthright!! its just that some jews accept their role in this world and others dont!!
24. 22 and 16 way to go!
25. vladimir , AKA miss K..., Not everyone needs to work
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.06.09)
Yes , hidden name , Shas deserves to be bashed . Their hatefull declarations can have influenced a weak person or an extreme religious fanatic . Other charidim were also hatefull , have you seen their faces ? I have time to write , but what are you doing ? exactly the same . Why should'nt you work ?
26. Shachar 23
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.06.09)
Religious people believe in the "olam Habah" and that their actions here will be rewarded there . Seculars don't believe in this , and play their "role" in another way . But , tell me why , only a section of the religious perform this , sad to say needed , Mitzwa ?
27. charles, charles
jman ,   jerusalem   (08.06.09)
you tend to see what you want to see. The point of my first talkback was that you can bash all you want, but you need to see the good in what they do. eventhough they are charedi, and they hold that gay is bad, they still clean up knowing that differences apart, they are still getting a proper jewish burial. you mention about olam habah. do you know that they also get punished for their actions. charediim might talk out against gays but they will never say to kill them. murder is also a sin by the charediim. i guess you live for the moment because there are no consequences to your actions.
28. Vladi(bei)mir
vladimir fan club   (08.06.09)
Bei mir bis du shayn please let me explain bei mir bis du shayn means that you're grand Well known old fashioned yiddish style song. 'For he's a jolly good fellow and so say all of (decent) us'
29. Charles , i'm sorry
vladimir ,   jerusalem   (08.06.09)
I was again wrong , did'nt know you have'nt to work .
30. jman , Yeroushalaim , you don't know me
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.06.09)
You probably did'nt read my other tb's regarding Zaka . In An answer to Sagi : even that for them it's a Mitzwa , they do it , not you , nor me . It's they who are ready to serve 24 h a day ; 365 days a year . in another reaction to someone bashing all the charidim : i hope for you that you will never need Yad Sarah , Ezer Mitsyion or worse , Zaka . All of them founded and , for Zaka , manned by Charidim . Ok ?
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