Olmert's attorneys say won't attend hearing
Efrat Weiss
Published: 06.08.09, 20:59
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1. olmert excels in non security matters
marcel   (08.07.09)
Give olmert a task in economics, politics, legal matters, he pulls out all stops and loves it. Give him any security matter, a rocket attack,a tractor attack, negotiations with putin and erdogan, a war with hezbollah, he fades and flinches as blood, death, amputations overwhelm him. His training in philosophy and psychology do not allow him to draw a straight line from A to B. That is why he hemmed and hawed in hezbollah war and gaza war. He admitted while he was mayor of Jerusalem that he couldn't take the sight of blood,e ven one drol. The prime minister of israel has to be able withstand blood and amputations. Lets see if Mazuz who is alleged to be gutless indicts olmert now that his lawyers have waived a preindictment hearing. I doubt mazuz will indict because when he looks in the mirror he is afraid of hebrew university's law department and what they may say of him.
2. ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (08.07.09)
he is family and attorneys and joe in america all belong behind bars. the sooner the better. they are all liars, corrupt, cheaters, dishonest. who pays his bills in the USA??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
3. Mazuz BIASED? Nooooo. Of course he is and that is why
no lawyer in the Labor Party should ever be Attorney General again.
4. Olmert doen't even need to attend. Just convict the son of a
bitch already will ,   you?   (08.07.09)
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