Report: Israel planned to strike Iran during riots
Roee Nahmias
Published: 07.08.09, 15:28
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61. obama votes present again
Ellen ,   Nevada, USA   (08.19.09)
Keep in mind, Israel, Obama has bowed deeply to the Saudi King, he was raised as a Muslim. I do not believe he has our country's best interest at heart or yours so do whatever it is that you need to do to survive; I am not sure entirely sure the USA will survive Obama.
62. US treatment of Israel
Sondra Geniesse ,   Blue Ridge, GA   (08.19.09)
I shudder considering how the US is treating a people who are trying to protect themselves from their enemies. I believe we have successfully removed ourselves entirely from God's hand of protection by our treatment of God's people,Israel. Stand by --we are in real trouble like we have never seen before. We will experience what real terror means in the way Israel has for years! I am heartbroken, SG
63. Obama,Islam
KingDaddy ,   Tazewell,USA   (08.22.09)
I think you are right,,Obama for the present is an uncovered muslim,,time will prove me right...Jerry<
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