El Al gets $32,000 to fly dog business class
Yedioth Ahronoth reporters
Published: 07.08.09, 18:07
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1. When animals become idols
truthteller   (08.07.09)
the world reverts. How tragic this person is so vain she has no embarrassment over how she comes off about this dog. Are we supposed to fawn at her and pretend alongside she is some special upper crust queen and has such a life she can afford to do this? For thos eof us not wishing to play along, she comes off like a self centered gluttonous prig who set this up as a big ego stroke--so the rest of the world is going hungry and you don't care lady? You're an empty shell.
2. So sweet
Andy ,   Dortmund/Germany   (08.07.09)
Such a nice story ;) Makes me smile
CAN YA BELIEVE IT? ,   .....DACON9   (08.07.09)
The Doc (or "Dog"?) ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.07.09)
5. i love my dog
Barney ,   USA   (08.07.09)
I love my dog also but this is a little crazy. I guess it is her money and she can afford it but I can think of a lot better use for that kind of money when so many people are just trying to put food on their table. The dog would have made it just fine in the cargo hold. It is Rivkah who is uptight about the flight not the dog
6. $32.000 ??? OIE GEVALT
Ely Greenhut ,   Tzfat Israel   (08.07.09)
How many poor struggling Israelis who can not afford to put daily simple food on their table could have benefited from this money as Tzedaka. What a shame.
Medor ,   paris   (08.07.09)
I wish I were her dog !!!!!
8. Sick!
9. there are REAL kids in Israel needing food
zoe ,   jerusalem   (08.07.09)
For 32000$ you can probably ensure that an class of little kids does not go hungry the whole year. It's a disgrace someone would spend so much money on a pet when there are little humans who do not get daily basics a few streets from our homes.
10. give me a bucket to throw up...
11. did the dog have chicken or beef for its meal?
zionist forever   (08.07.09)
12. Beats giving money to charity!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.07.09)
13. Where is the "INCOME TAX" people.
AARON ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.07.09)
I ask the Israeli Income Tax to act NOW.
14. Obviously
Sagi   (08.07.09)
a first class nutcase.
15. bits for the pet
asoosy ,   jenin   (08.07.09)
the all business class for her Or and hereself for 32000$. f course this lady didnt think and of course won't think that hundreds of kids are starving and having the ground their mats and they sky their shields. of course it's to private but ..........!
16. I would have cost'er less to hire a private jet.
Inyaki ,   Bilbai   (08.07.09)
17. I just KNEW it!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.07.09)
I just KNEW it that some morons will take this funny and excentric lady as an opportunity to wave their pretentious reighteousness and "feed the world" flag while barking worn slogans about hungry children and 'rich people are all thieves'... Well, you're all missing the point! 1. You don't know if this woman donates obscene amount of money exactly for the 'feed the children' causes! She may actually contribute to 'the cause' more than any of you, two-legged morons! 2. This is HER MONEY and if she feels like it she can burn it, eat it, throw it away or do her dog a favor! Never heard a complaint from the ASPCA! 3. Those who barked 'TAX EVASION' are imbeciles too. First, she may not be an Israeli citizen so the locel IRS can do squat about that. Second, HOW THE HECK do you know she does not pay her taxes? Why do you automatically asume she's a thief? You are a superficial and envious bigot to assume that without checking! So for now, some of the posters just exposed their obscene stupidity, shortsightedness, anal retention and envy - all 'hidden' in plain view behind a false veil of 'humanity', 'charity' and 'desire for justice'. You people make me sick! I prefer 'Orchuck' over any of you any day! WOFF, WOFF!
18. grotesque...disgusting...go back to france
JL ,   israel   (08.07.09)
19. So sad they didn't give the dog a seat next to her and give
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.08.09)
the rest of the money to the poor people. I can't believe Hashem will not note this on her judgement day.
20. to "Doc" in Haifa
truthteller   (08.08.09)
And you too do not know about thsi woman's level of generosity, so going with the evidence at hand and assuming she had the opportunity to make certain people understood she also gives to the poor, I must assume she is a disgusting prig. I hope I am wrong. The bottom line is the story is inapprporpriate and obviously not appreciated at a time when most of the people in the world are worried about finances and many, many ,many!!! are starving and unable to plan a future. How dare you show anger at us for being annoyed with this insensitivity. Can it Buddy.
21. Please Ynet publish this
Paz ,   AKL   (08.08.09)
My brother "i" does not speak to me anymore because I dared to spend my money on a business class airline ticket, Israel - New Zealand for guess what? our Mother. I guess he would have shot himself if I was to fly my dog. weird world.....
22. People making a big deal of nothing
Steve   (08.08.09)
While this is excessive, I don't understand why so many people are going nuts over this. People can spend their money on what they like. If she can afford to do this, she has the right to. Its nobody else's business. Stop making a big deal of a non-issue.
23. Dear Doc (#17) from Haifa:
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (08.08.09)
Regarding your torrents of abuse of previous (to you) Talkbackers, I would rather not argue the points you have made. Indeed, you may be right. I note with interest, however, that your comment is written with an unusual dollop of anger. What is it in your psyche which has been so stimulated by these Talkbackers to cause you to become so fierce in your denunciation of them? I think the question is fair as you, yourself, have made use of a psychological description of the Talkbackers whom you so thoroughly resent. I am, of course, referring to your characterization of them as "anal retentive". I am a (retired) professional psychologist so this description of them really interests me. Can you kindly enlarge upon the aforementioned description for the purposes of elucidation? I ask this because I am sure an (apparently) literate man like you, and certainly an articulate one, would not wish to be caught out throwing around descriptive labels which have little or no resemblance to the truth of the matter, as you see it. So, in summary, kindly explain why these Talkbackers appear to have "gotten" to you and please explicate o your description of them as "anal retentive". Regards.
24. El Al canine flight
Jan ,   Sugar Land   (08.08.09)
I was very moved by this...wish everyone treated their loved ones with as much concern, both four legged, and two legged! We should all be so lucky to be loved like that!
25. #17 She is Israeli, you didn't read the whole article.
Ely Greenhut ,   Tzfat Israel   (08.08.09)
26. As a dedicated animal lover, I understand
Bob ,   Boston, USA   (08.08.09)
Rivkah, it's :OK to do what you did, as I am devoted to animals too, domestic and in the wild. But... one of the Talkbackers did have a good idea: wouldn't it have been much less expensive to charter a small plane? And then you could also give a large contribution to Defenders of Wildlife or the ASPCA, both of which you may already do. Just a thought. I do understand how much you love your boxer Or. I grew up with some great dogs and now share my life with a sweet cat, Katie. A good dog is coming soon, too.
27. #17
ilyse ,   israel   (08.08.09)
i agree with you100%
28. If that is how she wants to spend her money, why not?
Rivkah   (08.08.09)
Dogs and cats are better friends than most people. You feed them and care for them and they appreciate that and are thankful and loyal. I wish I could fly with my cats like that, but they have to stay home since I don't have much in this world except debts.
29. This can buy 8 000 chickens for Palestinians in Gaza!
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NY   (08.08.09)
What a waste
30. The Doc , Haifa . i wanted to write it too
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.08.09)
She can afford this , so why not ? If people who can spend money don't do it , who will hold the economy afloat ? People are jealous , that's all
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