Fatah member released from jail, running for office
Ali Waked
Published: 09.08.09, 17:24
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1. release and lieberman
alexi   (08.09.09)
Fatah released and you get fatah demanding west jerusalem as well. Livni says gaza is manageable and things are okay and she implies she would repeat it on the west bank. Her mistake is that PLO wants all of israel period. And haaretz wants lieberman to resign. I suffered for 3 years, long years as haaretz's man olmert was sustained in power by their articles and mazuz's timidity. I hope it takes haaretz suffers that long before a decision is taken on lieberman. They shoiuld suffer for what they did to israel with dankner's buddy olmert, who whitewashed an article on him in maariv that he explained how he botched his idf service.Haaretz is living in dreamland.
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