Yishai: If need be, we'll build without US approval
Ronen Medzini
Published: 10.08.09, 14:00
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1. Peace Now Dead Wrong
Rafael ,   Yerushalayim Israel   (08.10.09)
Peace Now, whose agenda is not peace, but the destruction of Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria, solely because they are Jewish, is funded by foreign nations and international organizations, whose interests are inimical to the state and people of Israel. Peace Now's unnatural and oppressive influence in Israel must be erased.
2. Build, build and build
Lioness ,   Israel   (08.10.09)
3. The "Boss" ordered not to build !
sandra   (08.10.09)
This is not Saudia, Syria, Iran where despots rule with an iron fist (with a dagger and pistol)This is the Democratic State of Israel. While Mr. Yishai, Mr. Rivlin, Mr. Kashriel are not working for the US Govt., Mr Obama does not have a seat in the Knesset YET..! The States of Texas, Oregon, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan and the other 44 others, do not ask Washington When, where, how to build,; they seem to be well qualified to make their own decisions. One has only to look at the results. We, in Israel, not being part of the privileged group listed above, feel that we are well qualified to make OUR OWN decisions. One has only to look at not 200, but 60 years only, Force, cohersion, dictat, bring only misery, despair, abject poverty. Just look at the Sand covered States surreding us.
4. I dont see how the Bush administration just less than a year
JJ ,   SA/USA   (08.10.09)
I dont see how the Bush administration just less than a year ago managed to get the parties to agree to talks without the settlements issue but now the Barack Obama administration cant?
5. Impossible to "convince" US, just build and build and build.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.10.09)
When they come whining and moaning and groaning and complaining, just tell them they did nothing to stop iran.
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