Soldier who stole credit card during Gaza op jailed
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 11.08.09, 16:29
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1. 7 1/2 month? his hand shuld have been cut off
avi ,   ny   (08.11.09)
make him an example.
2. he's only sorry he got caught
david ,   naharia   (08.11.09)
3. ethical army?
john ,   JERUSALEM   (08.11.09)
member of an elite brigade in "the army with the highest ethics worldwide" gets what he deserves.
4. Harsh but fair
Maks ,   Jerusalem   (08.11.09)
The sentence is quite harsh but proves that despite all problems can uphold some moral standards. I'd be happy if you could say the same about Hamas and their fellows.......
5. Shut up john. IDF made clear this is unethical behavior.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.11.09)
To #3: The army investigated the complaint, confronted the culprit, and the victim has been made whole. The culprit is being punished. What more do you want? Your own bigotry shows you are hardly perfect.
6. No choice to enter the military
pub ,   USA   (08.12.09)
A country in constant war. The things that are done in war makes this look like child's play. Such a sad country.
7. Now here's a case of racism - if he were 'palestinian, he
Rob ,   USA   (08.12.09)
wouldn't have gotten any punishment at all.
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