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Matisyahu: My music is for everyone
Yoav Friedman
Published: 12.08.09, 14:12
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1. building bridges between seculars and religious
Avi ,   israel   (08.12.09)
he played with Sting here in Israel a few years and i was very impressed, musically he was brilliant . What impressed me most was the way in which he builds bridges between secular people and religious people , it seems that is something greatly needed in this country with the current hate culture.
2. Nu, Matisyahu?!? Still waiting for u to play hockey here!
Paul ,   Efrat   (08.12.09)
Matisyahu has an open invitation to join us for some haimishe ice hockey at the Canada Centre in Metulla. For you - we'll even provide you skates and equipment. Games are Thursday evenings, followed by jacuzzi/pool and maariv.
3. de player not workin, mon!
Mob Barley   (08.12.09)
4. Piracy?
Josh   (08.12.09)
"Once it leaves me and goes into the world it is no longer mine to choose who and what and how." Does that mean that he condones piracy?
5. to #1 oooo someone here got a crush...
ghostq   (08.12.09)
better find out where they sell his posters who knows, he might convert you. gees just because you got a crush you don't see how banalic this is. Chritian ragge or Chritian rock exist more than 30 years this is just fasion copy cat thing. man. religious music to the masses.
6. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
ghostq   (08.12.09)
been there doen that old thing and he is a cliche, I will stick to the lion zion Bob Marley and not to copy cat. baaaaaaa this style is not original.
7. To ghostq
Mark ,   NYC, USA   (08.13.09)
You're what we call a "hater". Matisyahu is one of the most original artists around. If he wasn't a religious jew he would be even bigger than he is. I went to his show last yr in NYC, its was amazing. I had never heard his stuff before but i was really amazed. I'm jewish but the friend who took me is Muslim (Persian), he's been listening to him for yrs. I agree w/ Avi, he is bringing people together!!
8. #5 ghostey chill
Avi ,   Israel   (08.13.09)
Oh come on Ghostey chill babe, a crush? what a fantasy world you live in, just said i liked his performance and thought it was unique how religious and secular people can come together through music, no dont worry i wont be wearing a kippah or or joining the God Squad just yet, hell would freeze over before that would ever happen - heee heeee
9. jesusalen
jesusalen ,   jesusalen   (08.13.09)
jesusalen is the revelation of the lord jesus christ (apocalypse 21)
10. music
mustafa ,   .....   (08.13.09)
to the others listen ..but to the musician is to do for himselfe ... i think bethoven did the best while he was deaf .. he did it from inside but the listener from out side ..
11. to #8 you sound like show bis mannager.
ghostq   (08.13.09)
mmm... yep show biz mannager.
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