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Kurdish magazine urges Jews to return to Iraq
Published: 13.08.09, 20:00
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1. Any Israeli Jew who goes back 2 Arab Country needs head exam
Alan ,   SA   (08.13.09)
2. Most Iraqi Jews don't live in settlements...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (08.14.09)
The premises of this proposal show just how little the Muslim world knows about the facts of our conflict with the Arabs. And I'm not even going to get started on why the Jews left Iraq to begin with...
3. No thanks, one holocaust was enough
Steve from Raleigh   (08.14.09)
Why don't you open the floodgates for the PKK though. I'm sure that would work out.
4. Sorry bro....Im not going back to Hanakin
You can keep the ,   land,we will keep   (08.14.09)
As much as i would love to see where my parents grew up,I have no inclination to revisit the hate and humilliation they suffered while living in Iraq/Kurdistan as Dhimis. Thanks but no thanks.
5. To live again as a minority among those who hate them?
rnathans00 ,   Washington, USA   (08.14.09)
It's not just that Baghestani's history and numbers are wrong. His very premise and motivation are wrong. Despite the many contributions of Iraqi Jews - going back to well before there *was* an Iraq - it was made clear that they were not welcome. And clearly things have gotten worse since then, and not just in Iraq. Just look across the region: the Copts of Egypt, the Christians and black Muslims of Sudan, the Bahais of Iran, the Ahmadiyas and Christians of Iraq itself - all suffer. What makes anyone think the Jews would experience better? Thanks, but no thanks. And, no, the Palestinians won't be returning to "their" territory. But given that many of their families originally came from Iraq ...
6. Here's an idea
JewishDragonfly ,   Torrance, CA, USA   (08.14.09)
Shouldn't he suggest that the Palestinians should come to Iraq? They could live among their Muslim brothers without having to worry about being persecuted or occupied by Israeli's. It's a win-win situations. Unless he doesn't really want to solve the Palestinian Arabs problems.
7. Baghestani makes an important point
Josh ,   San Jose, USA   (08.14.09)
It's a widely held myth that Israeli Jews come from the west. Actually - most of Israel's population is descended from refugees of Arab ethnic cleansing. Had the Arabs simply left their Jewish neighbors alone, Israel would have collapsed in the 50's for lack of a sufficient population. If Baghestani really thinks that moving people from their homes is a solution, why doesn't he extend that invitation to the Palestinian refugees. They are the ones unhappy with their homes. Israeli Jews have no interest in being dhimmis again.
8. Some tried
Raphael ,   Netanya   (08.14.09)
2 year ago, a busload of Jews paid a visit to the jewish cemetery of Tlemcen (W Algeria). There was an immediate hoax among locals telling that they wanted to reclaim their lost homes and stripped assets, this started a riot, and the algerian government had to ptotect the pilgrims with an armored escort.
9. Raphael-Similar react when E Euro Jews visit their old homeh
Alan ,   SA   (08.14.09)
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (08.14.09)
11. Baghestani is at least making an effort
Zvi   (08.15.09)
The approach is mistaken - most Mizrachi Israelis live within Israel proper, and their parents/grandparents fled from Iraq/etc. for very good reasons involving pogroms being carried out against them by hate-filled Arab populations - but he's at least acknowledging some important historical points that most of the Arab/Muslim world deliberately tries to conceal: the effective ethnic cleansing of the Jews from the Arab/Muslim middle east. 40% of Baghdad's population was Jewish earlier in this century. With the homeland restored in Israel, Israelis would never go back to the kind of treatment they received in Muslim lands, and try to start over with nothing after all of their land and assets were stolen when they left. An offer to take the Palestinians, who ARE Muslim, and who are therefore not going to be dhimmis, would be more useful. But at least this guy is trying to solve the problem creatively and making an offer to contribute something; most of the Arab/Muslim world wants everyone ELSE to contribute something, but not them.
12. Baghestani
Gary Glaser ,   Hutchinson, MN, USA   (08.15.09)
Baghestani is on to a great idea for solving the Middle East problem. Unfortunately, I've never heard of any Arabs with anything near this kind of thinking. In a truly democratic area there would be no honor killings, people would not have to fear for their lives if they changed religion, and people could live anywhere regardless of their religion, ethnicity, etc. Unfortunately, the Arabs want the right to live in a Jewish state while advocating the creation of a Palestinian state tthat is 'Judenrein'. Therein lies the crux of the problem.
13. #1 Alan said it best.
Avi   (08.15.09)
There is no reason for Jews to go back to Muslim countries where they could once again face hardship. Especially now since Jews have a country all their own. It's different now. On that note, perhaps the Kurds should follow Israel's example and have a Law of Return of their own applying to Kurds worldwide. At least then, they could all be in one place.
14. baghestani idea
archie ,   anniston, alabama   (08.15.09)
before coming up with this suggestion ,ask the millions of christians who left their home land in arab countries to return back;and they will never ever even think about it. it would be simple honest answer: CHRISTIAN AND ARAB JEWS WERE AND WILL BE PERSECUTED,MURDERED,RAPED AND TORTURED SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THEIR RELIGION . THANKS TO THE MURDEROUS HATEFUL TEACHINGS OF MOHAMED AND HIS MESSAGE OF PEACE AND SURREDERING TO GOD. GIVE US A BREAK!!!
15. American Jews go back to USA
Leah ,   Ramat HaSharon   (08.16.09)
Most of the fantatical settlers thugs are American religious jews, i would suggest sending them back to the Good old USA first .
16. Why would Jews want to return to Iraq?
Steve   (08.16.09)
The days of the wandering Jew are over. We now have our own country, just as the Iraqis have their own country. I would like to ask this man, why in the world would Israeli Jews want to return to Iraq? Why would they want to live in a backward, violent, uncivilized Muslim country when they currently live in a modern and civilized country? Why would Jews want to return to Islamic lands after being persecuted by the Muslims for centuries? Sharia law dictates that the Jews are dhimmis; it considers Jews to be second class citizens, inferior to Muslims. This guy has got to be kidding himself if he thinks there is a chance of Israelis returning to the hellhole known today as Iraq.
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