US on the UN: Treatment of Israel unfair
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 13.08.09, 08:29
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1. Send the UN to Europe
David ,   New England   (08.13.09)
I'm in favor of getting rid of the UN in order to save money but the current administration doesn't care how much debt they saddle America with. Send it to arabia, they're always voting pro-arab anti-Israel anyway.
2. US on the UN: Treatment of Israel unfair
Spencer ,   Israel   (08.13.09)
Nice words, now lets see a bit of action. Obama has a lot of lost ground to make up and I don't believe he can do it!
3. o-BUM-a joined the unhrc to stab Israel, just wait and see.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.13.09)
4. She's new
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (08.13.09)
She hasn't gotten around to learning that Israel is one of the most prolific human rights abusers on this planet, and I don't mean what people say. I am talking about what Israelis do.
5. Can you say discrimination?
David Middlemiss ,   Rhode Island   (08.13.09)
Out of one hundred and ninety two countries in the United Nations only one cannot sit on the UN Security Council: Israel.
6. #4's post
David ,   New England   (08.13.09)
Things like this are written based primarily on the basis of emotion and not by objectively comparing the situations of people in all the other countries of the world.
7. Talk is cheap
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.13.09)
And thats all the wolf in sheeps costume who created the UN does when it comes to standing for Israel in this evil body of devils who serve Islam's agenda.
8. Ya think?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.13.09)
The UN automatically votes to condemn Israel for daring to exist. One hundred percent of the General Assembly Resolutions against Israel are illegal under the UN Charter and yet the GA continues to pump them out.
9. What Israelis Do?
Alison ,   New York, USA   (08.13.09)
Hundreds of thousands have been displaced or killed in various African countries, Saudi Arabia stones women for riding in cars with men who are not their husband, Hamas uses citizens as human shields (and the people can't dispute this or Hamas will kill them) and you think Israel is a human rights abuser. Why don't you try living in Afghanistan for a while?
10. Is she Jewish?
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