HRW, Israel in war of words
Published: 14.08.09, 13:46
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31. #3
Eyal ,   USA   (08.14.09)
You are such a moron. The Palestinians are the biggest liars? They lie about everything PERIOD. They are a bunch of terrorists nomads and don't believe a word they say, cause we catch them lie after lie everyday. The Koran apparently gives them the right to lie to the enemy. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me you are not a liar...HAHAHA
32. I have read this paragraph over and over
J ,   Chicago   (08.14.09)
"The New York-based watchdog insisted its research did not rely only on witness accounts, but also on medical reports, forensic evidence, interviews with military, medical and other officials and, where possible, the perpetrators." How do medical reports/forensic evidence/medical officals tell an investigation that someone is waving a white flag? HOW??? Most likely, all they had were witness accounts. And of course, Hamas never lies to make propaganda. Of course . . .
33. to 5
fayza ,   jerusalem   (08.14.09)
in gaza strip no one saw an opera show but all of the palastinians saw women crying their sons or families or houses ..... if you know the body language you will know the truth in this photo
34. #33
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (08.14.09)
And I have also seen these so called wailing mothers praise to Allah the deeds of their shaheed sons and daughters who have blown themselves up killing Israeli women and children. Not on Israeli TV but on Palestinian TV
35. #32 take a deep breath, the perpetrators are the I.D.F.,
Ken   (08.14.09)
they said they were ordered to shoot in other articals. Hint: Try reading the whole artical instead of reading one paragraph over and over. The witness accounts were I.D.F.
36. #35: The perpetrators are the jihadists & their sympathizers
Steve   (08.14.09)
37. HRW should have gone to YouTube
suzy ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.14.09)
The answer to HRW's report can be found on YouTube, in a video showing a Hamas terrorist hiding among civilians carrying a white flag. Using civilians as shields is a extreme violation of international law, but that doesn't matter to HRW since it's Hamas doing it, and not Zionists.
38. #35, Just had to respond
J ,   Chicago   (08.15.09)
I mean, if someone needs to relax . . . you jumped all over this. So anyways a) You state: "take a deep breath, the perpetrators are the I.D.F. they said they were ordered to shoot in other articals." Assuming that article (not articles) are true, what does that have to do with white flags (the point of THIS ngo's complaint THIS time). The two two points are mutually exclusive. b) Then you state: "The witness accounts were I.D.F." Where the hell are you getting that? Maybe you need to read the articale in the first place before attacking others. A line # or a word # would suffice. All it states is "where possible, the perpetrators." Now, with your you referenced article from point -a-, all of Israel knew this was happening. The army knew that soldiers gave accounts. Yet, somehow, the only people who seem to know that Israeli soldiers participated in this story are the HGW and YOU. c) Still doesn't explain my initial point which you absolutely JUMPED on. You still haven't answered to me how a medical worker would know there was a white-flag? Ah, he must have been there. So in all 11 cases, there JUST HAPPENED to be medical workers there watching? Your answer is not very intelligent. Medical Reports? Forensic Evidence? To me, this is nonesense meant to convey to the simpleton that the evidence was overwhelming. Again, what medical report will support this claim? This is my only point. Your reaction causes me to add to my initial point. But if you are so sensitive to very basic logic, I assume you have issues far greater than what I am hearing. d) So you will say, "But ahh, there were other witnesses." Now for me to cite another article. How about the UN team team that just completed its investigation into Gaza? "Every witness we met with was accompanied by a Hamas operative." If Hamas has nothing to hide, why monitor everything being said?
39. To: No. 29
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (08.15.09)
Don't confuse "animosity" and "vitriol" with "dismissed out of hand as irrelevant."
40. To: Ken at No. 35
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (08.15.09)
Hint: Try learning how to spell. As in "article." Well, now we know more about you than you probably want.
41. Human Rights Watch not credible, that's the problem
Joe Sittizen ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.09)
HRW is just another phony organization that has abandoned the principle of universal human rights. Instead of human rights, HRW promotes political correctness. That's why they didn't produce a report during 8 years of Palestinian rocket fire against Israeli civilians. Only recently did HRW find the issue of note. Same with Palestinian terrorism over the years. Are there dozens of reports condemning suicide bombings, random shootings, random knifings - almost exclusively aimed at Israeli civilians? Of course not. HRW has also ignored the fact that for decades Hamas and other Palestinian groups routinely used ambulances to transport fighters and weapons, based themselves in civilian areas, and committed other crimes against humanity under the nose of HRW (and other supposed "human rights groups"). Just last week, Hamas attacked Palestinian patients being transferred to Israel at the Erez checkpoint - a blatant war crime against their own people. HRW's response has been silence, and maybe they'll mention it next year in their 2009 annual report. HRW lost credibility and it's their own fault.
42. to 34
fayza ,   jerusalem   (08.15.09)
evry one see but evry one do not know or feel or reach the depth of the sad mother .... i read after the death of somebody that he was religouse or genorousebut in fact he was corrupted .. this is becouse people can do nothing infront of death so they starte to say that his life was so good want him to be with god in paradise this is to cover their sadness of loosing the life of a son or father ... but in my openion and culture the shahid will be alive forever .. only god know exactly who is the shaheed but evry mother want to tell that her son was shaheed for the same reason i told above
43. #42
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (08.15.09)
In other words, murder is ok if it is done in the name of your god, or for you god and your god will allow this murder to live eternally - as long as you call him/her a shaheed. Sort of a rationalization/justification for murder of women, children and anyone else who does not fit your idea of what the world should be like. You value death more than life. contrast this to the Jewish tradition that even the the worst days of persecution, the Jew clung to life as precious. They did not go out and blow themselves up in cafe's, buses, in the name of their god. Yes, I feel sorry for you, even pity you for your skewed outlook on what life is. Or isn't. Take your pick.
44. Israel's response
Spencer ,   Israel   (08.17.09)
Responding to a false report based on lies is a 100% legitimate response. A baseless and report can only be responded to in this way.
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