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Lod: Rabbis' pictures put end to public urination
Yaffa Nevo
Published: 21.08.09, 08:46
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1. great idea
Lisa ,   (08.21.09)
what a super idea- it obviously is working- and question: Are there no public facilities? This is absolutely gross and indecent to have men urinate in public.
2. Your just asking for a joke. But I will refrain.
Josh   (08.21.09)
3. That has striking resemblence...
John ,   Europe   (08.21.09)
One middle age historian wrote that in order to stop people urinating on various buildings, government of Genova introduced small shrines of various saints all over the city. And it worked. Hmmm... Oh, yes, please, do not put any pictures of recent rabbis and politicians: as far as I read comments here, that building would collapse under the moisture.
4. Separdic Cardic Judaism at its best! this would never work
in an ashkenazi ,   neighborhood!   (08.21.09)
5. If no public restrooms, what else would one expect? duh
Yosi ,   Tel Aviv   (08.21.09)
Same goes for Tel Aviv and the rest of the country.
6. #5 question answered
Lisa   (08.21.09)
I guess this answers my question about public washrooms- and why are there none? What do the women do? Can they use the the local council's washrooms? I am assuming the employees have to go to the washroom every once in a while?
7. Maby they could do that at the Tachana Merkazit TA
Josh   (08.21.09)
Since the public bathrooms charge the empty hallways are being used as urinals. They can put up the Rabbis pictures but maybe during the Christian Holidays that might not do the trick. Guess there is a reason why some places smell like urine.
8. just don't put the photo of Bibi
dd ,   dd   (08.21.09)
it attracts urinators
9. there is a reason---
Lisa   (08.21.09)
#7 Josh: the public washrooms charge, so everybody just uses public property- how charming... one spits one urinates throwing garbage in the streets? it smells-- I bet it does...
10. Absence of clean restrooms is bad news all around
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.21.09)
First, I agree with #4. Even self-described secular Sephardim still have enough of the Jewish spark that it doesn't take much to bring it out. (I've seen it.) Ashkenazim are a tougher bunch because they think they're "too sophisticated" for such stuff. Second, as an occasional visitor to Israel (and one-time student there), I have to say Israelis don't appreciate how the paucity of public restrooms and the condition of those one encounters, don't do Israel's image any good. A similar situation existed in South Korea some years ago. But they took the criticisms seriously, as a matter of national honor, and worked to remedy the situation, even holding competitions for best public restroom. It's made a big difference there, but they take national pride more seriously.
11. similarly, removing all ashtrays completely forbids smoking
observer   (08.21.09)
12. what about women
a qual ,   ...   (08.22.09)
it means only men were urinated there and only men respect the photoes .but i have a story about women .... it is the mother was mixing milk with water .her daughter said --mamy it is sheating -- mother said the ruler do not see us .. daughter said but god do .. i think women are more religouse nowadays than the photoes of religouse men please put the women photoes may it give better results .....hahaha iam joking
13. ah yes but
Avi ,   Israel   (08.22.09)
Try putting a picture of His royal Holliness Ovadia Yosef in Tel aviv , somehow i dont think that will have the same results ! When nature calls ..
14. Yosi TA # 5
Charles ,   Petachj Tikva   (08.22.09)
There are enough places where you can do it , free restrooms . I'm often in TA , and never had any problem . Otherwise , drink a coffee , most cafes have restrooms . No reason to urinate where it's not allowed
15. It may work in Lod but not Jerusalem
meir elazar   (08.22.09)
If you put up photos of Netura Kartei or Haredi rabbis in Jerusalem, you could charge to urinate and solve all govt financial deficits.
16. to 7 , there are free restrooms there too
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.22.09)
I know where .
17. Cleric Respect
Dr Ronald Shultz ,   Terrell, USA   (08.22.09)
I am glad that there is some place left where this is true. Here, it is an unblaanced viewpoint. We either exalt them on a pedestal so that they can dizzy and we wonder why they fall or we treat them as disposable dish towels that are broought in to wipe up the mess and then toss them. Shalom!
18. inviting more urination
observer   (08.22.09)
two and three dimensional images (pictures "likeness" & sculptures) were considered as idols and banned in Judaism, "You shall not make a sculptured image nor any likeness" (Exodus 20:4) is the commandment.
19. inviting more urination
observer   (08.23.09)
two and three dimensional images (pictures "likeness" & sculptures) were considered as idols and banned in Judaism, "You shall not make a sculptured image nor any likeness" (Exodus 20:4) is the commandment.
20. #1 Like the NEVER urinate in public in the US??Grow up lady.
Shlomo ,   Israel   (08.23.09)
21. I suppose one could say that those pictures 'scared the piss
out of 'em"!!   (08.23.09)
22. 16-Truth comes out
23. Put pictures of hitler or ham-ass leaders or fatah leaders
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.24.09)
where you want them to urinate, that will draw them to the proper area and you needn't put up pictures of rabbis that might offend secular Jews in the area.
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