Israel agrees to freeze settlement construction as gesture to US
Roni Sofer
Published: 18.08.09, 00:52
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1. The weaklings have accepted the enemy is right
Fairuz   (08.18.09)
The weaklings are destroying Israel and bowing down to Pharaoh Hussein. Now some REAL leadership is needed in Israel and it's up to Israelis to depose this useless weakling government and get a proper one.
2. This means more troubles for the USA.....
Jaacov Baumann   (08.18.09)
....because the Almighty has said : ''He who curses Israel, he will be cursed ! '' So, buckle up, USA, the ride will be tough, but its you who has chosen it !
.....DACON9   (08.18.09)
4. wonder if Netanyahu knows the jamican song
.....DACON9   (08.18.09)
5. What else is new?!
Yossi ,   San Diego, USA   (08.18.09)
Shame, shame, shame!!! Another capitulation to a foreign wonder why the Arabs and the world at large don't respect Israel anymore: Israel doesn't stand for principles anymore, we are just the americans whore! I am ashamed to be Israeli!
6. Israel....Obama's 51st state
BJL ,   usa   (08.18.09)
Come on Bibi.....just say NO! We will RE-settle our land and not be the 51st State of the USA. The arabs see this kind of thing and it just makes them think.....see, the Jews dont really belong here.....If this was Jewish land...they would never stop building and never give away land to us.
7. Betrayal
Steven ,   SF/Tel Aviv   (08.18.09)
Netanyahu has: Given lip service to Jewish history while endorsing a Palestinian state, frozen construction against the platform of his party and the majority of voters, kowtowed to an anti-Semitic American president, done nothing to stop a leftist minister from terrorizing fellow citizens of Israel because they are Jewish pioneers, allowed Gulf Arabs to buy huge tracts of land as the result of making ILA lands available for sale. I ask you, what is the basis of the current Israeli government? When will this all end and how will it all end? When will this madness stop? When will Jews once again be proud to live as free people in their own land and when will Israelis elect honest leaders who will protect those rights?
8. Actually it is the Green Line that must not be crossed
Yishai Cohen ,   Israel   (08.18.09)
Arizona is not occupied land that lies outside the borders of the USA, and thus the comparison put forth by Hershkowitz has absolutely no merit. The US is not demanding that we halt construction within Israel, but only upon lands we occupy and whether we like it or not is not recognized as part of Israel by the world community. There is plenty of available land within Israel's recognized borders to build houses to accommodate the growth in our population, so we should not try to fool the Americans or ourselves with the false premise that we alone must have a right to expand our border at will unlike all other nations in the world, for to do so only singles us out for condemnation. We must work with the Palestinian government to negotiate the end of the occupation and define what will be the final borders before any new constsruction should begin, and once our borders are defined, Israel will be free to build within the same territorial constraints as any other nation on the planet, including states like Arizona.
9. This is not an overture.
Morris ,   USA   (08.18.09)
This isn't an overture. It's surrender. Bibi's cowardice towards the muslim king of the US is a curse to all Jews and the land of Israel is weakened forever.
10. UNTILL.......... !
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (08.18.09)
Hate and bitterness is removed from the equation a 2 State solution is a "FOOLS ERRAND"
11. Covards and Idiots.
12. builfing
colin   (08.18.09)
The country must go for immiadate new elections. Bibi was not given permission by the people of Israel to stop building ISRAEL The evictions minister barak now shows his true colours HE HATES JEWS, Stop groveling to the Americans. Obama was born islamic and is doing all what arabs want since 1948. The past generations are all turning in thier graves. KADDISH MUST BE RECITED IN EVERY CORNEWR OF ISRAEL Apologies to the survivers and the builders ,pioneers and older people for this cowardly action.
13. OBAMA just dropped a Spiritual Bunker Buster on America!!!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.18.09)
When any country messes with Israel, and especially JERUSALEM,,, OY VA VOY to them.
14. The right to build in the entirety of the Land of Israel ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (08.18.09)
The right to build in the entirety of the Land of Israel and international law. That Jews have the right to build and live in all areas of their historic homeland It is a pillar of the state, grounded in international law. When government officials don’t apply the law equitably, the authority of the state is undermined. That Israel permits such bias, sanctioned by the Supreme Court, is a national disgrace. As to rights and legitimacy :
15. will of the people
Ellen ,   Netanya/NYC   (08.18.09)
The Israeli people voted for a right wing government and once again ended up with wimps who are all to willing to bow forward and bend backwards to kiss the butts of those who would destroy the country. When Bibi formed his government with Labor AND begged Kadima to join it was all over. He HAD the right wing seats but refused..
16. Netanyahu - the male "Livni"
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.18.09)
Netanyahu proving to be a Livni in trousers -totally untrustworthy.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (08.18.09)
the more they stay the same.That the Israeli voters have a short term memory, they proved by voting in slick willy Bibi. It was Bibi who capitulated Hevron for nothing in return.Bibi is of the same secular Zionist clique that has been ruling this country for the past 61 years and lacks spine and vision. Although the people voted for a more nationalistic government, being the dictatorship it trully is, we are still dealing with the same rifraf, who are the enemies of e benei Yakov. I have written this before, with or without freeze, we continui to build, the state does not represent us in any way and has lost its legal right to do so.
18. Freeze must be forever
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (08.18.09)
You can't make a treaty if the borders are shifting. Peace is impossible if settlements expand.
19. Time to dump Bibi!
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (08.18.09)
We elected Bibi to represent us, the right. It looks like he is pulling a reversal on us & betraying us. If this is so, it is time to dump him for someone with the guts to say no to the muslim Husein Obama.
20. Settlement Freeze
Oskar Prager ,   Petach Tikva   (08.18.09)
So finally Netanyahu has capitulated. What a weakling ! What a coward ! Dont ever ask me, my Likud friends, to ever vote for you again. I would rather vote Communist, Fascist, or Hizbulla rather than Charlatans in the form of Netanyahu or Likud ! I shall now go out and start campaigning to get rid of this party of the government.
21. this is exactly why.......
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.18.09)
....I voted for McCain in the US, and Ichud Leumi here.
22. What do they say about making the same mistake twice?
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.18.09)
Whoever voted for Netanyahu is now suffering the same pain they experienced by Sharon's immoral betrayal. These politician's do not act in Israel's interest but in fear for their political survival, which they imagine is dependent on foreign support. Watch how the world would accept Israel's position if it were absolutely committed to it's International and Biblical rights.
23. "subtle overture"
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.18.09)
No building licences will be issued by the government, but the thieves will carry on building without the licences. Not only subtle, but brilliant. We have proved it time and time again. And as a fringe benefit, Barak will continue removing illegal outposts.
24. No Surprise
Goliath   (08.18.09)
Israeli policies are made in the White House, aren't they?
25. The Recipe for Peace is as follows
Nour ,   Palestine   (08.18.09)
1) Israel Permanently suspends illegal colonization activity, as per UN resolutions. 2) Israel abolishes the colonization enterprise and removes all colonies built after the Oslo accords, as per UN resolutions and signed agreements. 3) Jews in Palestine swear allegiance to Palestine and its laws, in return for citizenship. 4) Israel withdraws its forces and colonizers behind the Green Line, paving way for independent Palestine to be proclaimed on territories controlled by the PA. 5) Israel declares responsibility for the Nakba and negotiates the Right of Return. Also it will be cover part of the compensation bill for those who do not wish to return to their homes (NOT me - for the record). The picture says it all! Any questions boys and girls?
26. "Not a satellite of the US"? Not?
Varda Kempinsky ,   Hadera, Israel   (08.18.09)
Are you willing to get along without three billion dollars per year? Without the flow of US arms to the IDF? Without the US veto in the Security Council? Like it or not, we ARE a satellite of the US, and we better face the fact. When the President of the United States says "frog", we jump. We have no other choice.
27. no choice
Remember people, this is not a surprise. Netanyahu was better than Livni, but everyone knew that Netanyahu was a failure, not a leader. Now is the time to explain to the Likud ministers that they should either join Kadima or be faithful to the Likud voters. Now is the time to explain to Netanyahu that he will be kicked out of the Likud, and he must remember that no one will protect him anymore from the Left-wing hatred.
28. Far Right Jews are laughable
Kyle Heck ,   United States   (08.18.09)
Let me explain something to you Israelis on the far right who think it is your "god given" right to take back land that you consider yours, but that was conquered over 1000 years ago and is not recognized by the international community as part of Israel. First off by this logic any civilization that was defeated and conquered as you were should be able to reclaim their land? Follow that rational to conclusion and what you believe is that Italy should be able to have back the Roman Empire, the Russians should be given back the Soviet Union, or just to drive the point home, you think that Germany should be given back the Third Reich?. No rational person would agree with these three statements yet you think because of your religious beliefs that you are some how different? That is the only difference between you and these other conquered nations, and you think you should be excluded from modern standards because of this? Your country, civilization, whatever you want to call it was conquered long long ago (like many others throughout history), yet you think because of your religious beliefs that you should have claim to everything you controlled 1000s of years ago? We are a secular nation, especially younger Americans, and if you think this kind of argument will hold in defiantly you are sadly mistaken.You can quote all this religious stuff you want but majority of are people will not accept such logic. If you want Israel to survive you will do what the international community (your protectors) say, or you will lose the country you love so much. If you don't believe that then please, I am begging you, cut of relations with the US, see what happens to your country. Secondly, the only reason your modern Israel exists is because of the US and international community. If you want to keep up this kind of hateful, irrational, purely religious arguments it will not be long before the new generation of Americans abandon you.
29. Oh Right - Hershkovitz!
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (08.18.09)
And there are a few red indians left in Arizona who have land the USA wantsa to expropriate and build on?
30. #28: Yes, conquered peo. should be able to reclaim land.
Steve   (08.18.09)
You wrote: "First off by this logic any civilization that was defeated and conquered as you were should be able to reclaim their land? Follow that rational to conclusion and what you believe is that Italy should be able to have back the Roman Empire, the Russians should be given back the Soviet Union, or just to drive the point home, you think that Germany should be given back the Third Reich?." Absolutely. Yes. If these nation-states have the wherewithal and the might to recapture their ancient lands so be it. You ingeniously say, "Germany should be given back the Third Reich?" No they must conquer it. If they can. Israel re-conquered her ancient land through wars of self-defense. This is good, isn't it?
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