Report: Obama, Mubarak to discuss compensation for refugees
Roee Nahmias
Published: 18.08.09, 09:08
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1. Interesting - what about compensation for Jews?
JPS ,   Efrat   (08.18.09)
What about the 3 million Jewish refugees who were illegally ethnically cleansed from Arab countries?
2. My father and my grandfather say No our home our land
Palestinian   (08.18.09)
3. Absurd, Mubarak is a puppet dictator
Nour ,   Palestine   (08.18.09)
He has absolutely no right to waiver our internationally recognized right of return! Besides, he is not even a direct party in the conflict. Someone care to explain to me why a puppet sell-out dictator like Mubarak is even given attention on this matter? There will never be peace until we return to our homeland! Our beautiful homes are still standing!!!
4. Hold on: I'm refugie also; how about me? I want Jusihad!
Alex ,   From Russia-to-Kasah   (08.18.09)
5. Right of return ?..Make the Arabs pay(end)
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.18.09)
6. Fair enough but what of the other refugees of 1948?
jo   (08.18.09)
If Palestinians are to be compensated then what of the Jewish refugees of the same time, and roughly the same number, if not more. ? Just because Israel absorbed them does not mean it was not easy or traumatic? It was a very difficult time and if added up ,those Jewish refugees lost far more economically and historically than all thePalestinians combined. To be fair to all should be the goal.
7. re: #1
Albert ,   Los Angeles   (08.18.09)
95% of the Jewish refugees fled on their own free will. the other 5% were kicked out as payback. Compensate the 5%, but the other 95% can move back to their countries of birth if they choose to. The majority of the Palestinians were ethnically cleansed.
8. 900,000 Jewish refugees
Yonatan ,   Yerushalayim   (08.18.09)
ethnically cleansed from Arab lands since 1948 in violation of International Law. They and ALL THEIR DESCENDANTS add up to several million. They MUST be part of the compensation deal. 450,000 Arabs ran from Israel in 1948, no ethnic cleansing since plenty stayed and still live in Israel with their descendants. We should also demand an equal amount of money that was paid to all the Arab refugees, the PLO and the PA for the past 61 years by the UN, EU be paid to the Jewish refugees.
9. What about my family who fled from Iraq and lost everything?
S.   (08.18.09)
10. The US is bankrupt and dependent on the Chinese ..
redbourn ,   tel aviv - Israel   (08.18.09)
so how does it intend to pay "Arab" refugees? Mike
11. #7: Albert, Pals were evacuated by other Arabs for anti-Jew
5th generation ,   Israel   (08.18.09)
genocide that was being planned to hit as soon as the deal was signed. Either you're ignorant or hoping we are. Plenty of Jews wanted the Palestinians - the ones who hadn't been terrorizing them since day 1 for the preceding 70 years - to stay, even the ones who had poured in from neighboring states to take advantage of the budding Jewish economy.
13. re #7
Dani ,   Netherlands   (08.18.09)
Where did you get your info from? 95% fled on their free will? So if you have the chance to survive, but should flee to another country, then it is free will? Absurd.
14. #2 & #3
Marco ,   Spain   (08.18.09)
Mubarak is counting on the West's feeling of guilt visa vis Jewish suffering during the holocaust. By selling out Palestinian rights he can be assured that the west will turn a blind eye to appointing his son as the next dictator of Egypt. After all, it seems that the U.S preaches selective democracy. Hamas was democratically elected, yet it is fought relentlessly by the west while Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are the worst kind of dictastorships one can imagine, yet they are immune to criticism.
15. Scowcroft, Baker
Zoli ,   Budapest   (08.18.09)
and Brzezinski have been Israel's biggest enemies in DC for decades, and Obama chose them to draw up a final settlement... It does not bode well.
16. Is anyone else tiring of the naivete/pro-terrorism?
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (08.18.09)
The Palestinians screaming the loudest for "right of return" will be the first to use those funds for weapons. Not food, not construction, not education. Is that what Hussein O-bomb-a wants? Or is he just another airy-fairy who still believes the militant Palestinians have any thought process in common with ours?
17. 7,8 Yonatan and Albert
Loren ,   LA, CA   (08.18.09)
Yonatan, don't lie to yourself. The Israelis did play a role in the eviction of the Palestinian people from their homes in 1948, but Albert, that only accounts for 1/3 of the problem. The other 2/3, as cited by Benny Morris consist of fleeing (wouldnt you?) or leaving because they were told to by their leaders. There was no cleansing whatsoever if you look at the demographics of Israel today. And Albert, you could not be more wrong about your stats about the Jewish refugees. If you will so scathingly belittle the Jewish refugees cleansed from their homelands, please cite your information. And no, they can't return to their homeland if they want to; you live in Los Angeles. Talk to some Persian Jews and you'll see how wrong you are.
18. i will not vote in favor of compenstaing them
ronen ,   israel   (08.18.09)
for not managing to kill us. i hope america wont pay them too. peace for peace only. lets not pretend - THEY are the interested party. we can go on like this for ever.
19. Time for a lesson of what is a Refugee vs "Refugee's"
The Dude   (08.18.09)
This is the general definition and rights that associated to a Refugee (except if you are Palestinian) However, if you are Palestinian you're a 'special' exception The key clause in all of this is... "The descendants of the original Palestine Refugees are also eligible for registration." The fact is that this is a right not afforded to any other group. This is extraordinarily racist, and even defeats the whole UN ideal of treating all peoples equal, as the Palestinians are given special rights. The fact is that this simply makes it null and void. It's obvious the way that a Jewish Family from Algeria has no right to refugee status. Yet the UNRWA definition is so broad, a family that left on it's volition in 1946 (or immigrated in 1946 and then left as commanded by the invading Arab armies) would be given refugee status not only to those who left, but also to there grand and great-grand children who never stepped foot anywhere in this region. Hell they can have an alternate nationality and they still could fall into the UNWRA defintion of a refugee, which under the UNHCR definition would void you of that status. The fact is that Israel must declare loud and clear, only those fitting under the UNHCR definition of a refugee will even be considered for any kind of compensation talks that will include the quarter of a Trillion dollars (yes with a "TR") owed by the Arab world to those Jewish families that were driven out after Israel was created. Because as they said, they're not anti-Semites, just anti-Zionists. These Jews from north Africa and the Gulf will not be forgotten.
20. thank you nour beautiful picture #3
rashid ,   palistinian   (08.18.09)
actually this is my home what my grandfather samir el masri who was egyptian built and then he gave it to my father ali abu rashid believe me and then we left to gaza taking the key with us because we knew we would come back after the egyptian army would finish el yahud like they promised us so really this is my house and i want it back i still have the key
21. #14 Excellent Analysis
Nour ,   Palestine   (08.18.09)
You are spot on. Pharaoh Mubarak, the impotent and corrupt thug who is directly responsible for sinking Egypt into unprecedented poverty and fundamentalism, is desperate to install his son. He seams to think the Palestinian people can be fooled into serving his selfish interests, but he is mistaken. A ta'miyyah eating clown like him is but a nuisance, he will be dealt with in due course. (by his own people!).
22. Albert #7 is factually wrong
JPS ,   Efrat   (08.18.09)
Sorry, Albert, but the Jews were forced out by the Arab governments and their land and assets were seized. It's known factual history. Several countries like Libya even enacted ethnic cleansing laws to officialy seize (aka steal) Jewish assets and ban Jews from hold public office and other racist practices. I don't know who is feeding you the false information, or you're just a pro-Pal propagandist.
23. a pharoah, a penut & arabs dictaitor deciding Israels future
zionist forever   (08.18.09)
The idea has always been to everybody except the palestinians & their supporters that they would get money in exchange for waiving right of return. Clinton offered it to Arafat & Bush offered it to Abbas and both rejected the idea. No palestinian leader could ever accept the idea because it would be seen as an act of betrayal and support for the zionist entity and the next day that leader would be a corpse. Who will pay? The arabs only ever promise money and only deliver a tiny fraction of what they promise. With Obama spending money like there is no tomorrow the US is on the verge of bankruptcy. How many US taxpayers will be happy about the idea of US paying the bulk of the money which covers right of return alone let alone the other huge cost involved to the internationall comunity to creation of an arab entity. European countries in deep recession won't be to happy about laying out to much money considering they are all making cutbacks. Israel can't afford it. The new Fatah leadershipis more hardline & less comprmising thanks to Obamas policies of demonizing Israel every oportunity and letting the arabs get away with just about anything and letting them make demands which the US will the officially support. Marwan Bargouti & Uri Davis the former jew are just 2 of the politicians who want both right of return and compensation. Neither Syria or Lebanon would ever accept a deal like that because they want to offload all their refugee decendents onto Israel. With the palestinians split into so many groups & Fatah split over the issue of a demillitarized state its going to be alot harder to push that one in reality than it will be on paper & how do we know this state won't reverse that agreement once they have independence? Dividing Jerusalem nobody asks Israel how it feels about the idea the new US attitude seems to be us and the arabs think you do and if America or any of its arab allies tell Israel to do something it will be done or else. I personly don't like the idea of the arab world, Jimmy Carter anf the apartheid supporting Obama unilaterally deciding between them Israels future. Israel seems to have had no input in anything since Obama came along he has been working with Egypt & the whabis to decide whats should be done Israel isn't even told about these ideas until the formal plan is unvailed. Somebody please save us from this 21st century pharoah and his tsars.
24. to #3 thos homes r brand new buildings
ghostq   (08.18.09)
with the tiles roofs. only one hous was left and the previous owner build the house without a deed to the land, meaning just bucause it's stand it doesn't means it's legal.
Marlene N. ,   New York   (08.18.09)
who is Obama and Mubarak, or any other person to discuss the right of return of the Palestinian refugees other than the Palestinian refugees. This should not be a decision made collectively on behalf of all Palestinian refugees, but one to be made individually, as guaranteed by countless UN resolutions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The right of return is exactly that and compensation should be mandatory and awarded to every Palestinian refugee for their losses and suffering for the past sixty-one years whether he or she chooses to return or not.
26. re #7
monica ,   israel   (08.18.09)
are you kidding me? the arabs that lived here during the 6 day war left on their own free will thinking that they would be able to return once it was over, that's not ethically cleansed
27. I agree - my lands in Haifa..
Samer ,   Amman, Jordan   (08.18.09)
...Is worth couple of million USD.
28. What about the 'REAL' refugees???
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (08.18.09)
Such self dubbed "Palestinians" (and NONE of them are Palestinians!), are also not refugees! The anti-Israel United (against Israel) Nations, gave them this 'eternal' status . These Arabs love collecting free money, food, medicine, etc. and their objective has never been peace! It is the Islamization of Israel and the world. The Muslims want sharia law. They hate freedom & democracy! They use democracy however to infect free societies of Europe, Canada & the USA, with the goal of destroying us and Islamizing the world! Look at the enormously heightened Muslim demographics everywhere! In 1970 there were 80,000 of them in America.Now there 10,000,000! Our liberal laws for their entry must change NOW! Howevr, it the destruction of France, England and Denmark, sweden are already irreversible. Why didn't the communist, Muslim dictator Obama ever mention Muslim obligations and things which they must give up? Why must Israel ONLY be the country to sacrifice for a 'peace' which is uni-laterally desired by only them? Why is there no mention of the Jewish refugee issue? Jews owned much land and wealth in the Muslim, host nations, unlike the Muslim, so called 'Palestinians'.. Jews were massacred there and all others were forced to leave those nations disenfranchised. Why is there no mention of compensation for the Jews, the 'REAL' bonafide refugees? The Muslims don't even belong to what the Romans referred to as 'Palestine' (in order to de-Judaize the land). They belong to the Hashemite 'Kingdom' of Jordan.
29. Why didn't someone think of this before?!
Adam   (08.18.09)
This would have been great to offer the Palestinians in 2000 or 2008, when negotiations were going. Oh, wait, nevermind. Way to be original, Obama. And Carter, Baker, and Scowcroft? Really? Oh, yeah, that whole daylight thing. What does this moron think is going to be different this time?
30. to #29 transfer with money compensetion exist
ghostq   (08.18.09)
since the 90's only know you hear about it.
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