Obama sees progress on Israeli settlements issue
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Published: 18.08.09, 20:47
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1. If Bibi has caved in he has shown he is unfit to be PM
zionist forever   (08.18.09)
If its true Bibi has agreed to accept Obamas demands then he has not only shown he is all talk no action and Obama will take him to the cleaners and tell him exactly what he demands and he knows Bibi is all talk and will do as he is told in the end. Bluffing and then not following it through leaves you in a worse position than playing along from the start. Right now Obamas popularity ratings are plummeting & he is loosing his political credibility at home over healthcare & other policies. The Democrats have elections coming up in March 2010 so Obama doesn't want to risk loosing anymore popularity over something as trivial as settlements. Now is the time for Bibi to be going on the offensive and start building on a large scale especially now we have Huckabee in Israel supporting the right to build. Put Obama on the defensive don't say ok boss I will do as I am told.
2. Not As Much "Cave" As Obama Demands
Zionist ,   USA   (08.18.09)
I believe Obama, and other leftists, are trying to inflate this and make it sound like an all-out freeze; it is not. It's what has been taking place for several months (with the exception of Jerusalem) so why start screaming "freeze" now? Because it's politically convenient for some. Even in E. Jerusalem there has been a "wait" on construction, a diplomatic gesture if you will, for a while now. Netanyahu is probably straddling the line and wisely not committing to a complete freeze while allowing Israel an exit. At least that's what we hope... Let's hope Israeli media will start using more integrity in its reporting and stop the spin.
3. "movement in the right direction"?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.18.09)
Exactly as many of us warned, Obama is pocketing this concession and asking for more. It would have been wiser to have just said no.
4. A PM should not be a coward
5. Netanyahu will never be reelected again
Yaakov Hillel ,   Kibbutz Lavi   (08.18.09)
This is not the reason that netanyahu was put in office.It will be the reason that he will not reattain office. He is trying to prove that his tongue is just as long as Sharons. He should beware that he does not have a similar end.
6. The far right will take down bibi and put livni in power
seth ,   Sderot israel   (08.19.09)
The far right already took down bibi and lead to barak leaving lebanon and lead to sharon leaving gaza. Now the far right will take down bibi and lead to livni giving up jerusalem. It will be the far right's trifecta. The far right's absolutism caused them to take down bibi which lead to olmert and peretz losing our first war ever in lebanon.
7. To bad obaama hasn't seen any progress on his stupid health
care refor.He is a ,   meddler in chief.   (08.19.09)
8. Shyster in the White House is a disgrace
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (08.19.09)
9. Pressure
daat y ,   jerusalem   (08.19.09)
Netanyahu and Attias do not understand that the more they yield to Obama's pressure THE MORE PRESSURE THERE WILL CONTINUE TO BE.
10. Jewish Land by Divine decree
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.19.09)
No part of the Land of Israel must ever be given away. The entire Land belongs to the Jewish People. No Israeli government has the right to give it away. The Land was given to the Jewish people by divine decree.
11. construction freeze
Paul Winter ,   Sydney   (08.19.09)
Bibi is doing no-one a service by freezing construction. By halting building activity he is giving air to Obama's moribund and ignorant policy. He is also signaling that the Arabs have a right to dictate policy to Israel's democratically elected government. He is also reinforcing the jihadis' contention that only force yields results. Bibi stupid if he thinks that a six month halt will not lead to demands for a permanent freeze. The only thing that could preserve Israel's right to build to meet its social and security needs is Arab intransigence and that is what Bibi might be playing on.
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