Swedish daily: IDF killed Palestinians for organs
Roni Sofer
Published: 18.08.09, 22:31
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1. Well...
To those Jewish idiots in New Jersey who stole organs, you have started a new conspiracy theory. Greed has no bounds. At the same time though is there any proof that when these bodies are returned that the organs are missing??
2. More blood libels. What do you expect from Barbarians?
Jake   (08.18.09)
3. Sue their A**!!!
David ,   Boston, USA   (08.18.09)
and boycott anyone associated with the paper. Make sure all politicians, stars, anyone boycotts them. Dont give them a single interview and sue them for slander, incitement and overall racism! Ban Aftonbladet!!
4. What's next?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.18.09)
We used their blood for Matzos? Heck maybe they will publish the Protocols of the Elders of Zion too. Still supporting fascists I see.
5. Who would have thought and its not even Passover yet
dmgold ,   Pardes Channa Israel   (08.18.09)
6. Israel also caused the Indonesia tsunami, HIV, space lasers
Korem ,   New York, USA   (08.18.09)
Don't you remember when Israel was accused of causing the tsunami in 2004 via underwater nuclear weapons tests, shipping melons filled with HIV to Saudi Arabia (nevermind the virus can't live without a host during the shipping process), and using radiation laser machines in space to give Palestinians cancer? Bostrom has no proof other than hearsay from random Palestinians and UN employees, the same ones who don't stop Hezbollah smuggling or do anything other than slam Israel even if Arab gunmen kill their own. These sources are infamous for not being reliable just look at the whole Mohammed al-Dura fiasco, where witnesses claimed Israel killed a young teenager when it turned out he was shot in the back from Hamas bullets in a crossfire. If it's real then a serious investigation, clean-up, and change in policy needs to take place. If it's not (and probably isn't), just another conspiracy theory to toss into the trash from another scumbag European Jew-hater.
7. sound like another myth builder designed
Galut ,   Selah   (08.18.09)
for certain ears ...
8. Say not to IKEA...
9. salami method
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.18.09)
This is an example of the plan of stages. The enemies of Israel used to demand that Judea and Samaria be ethnically cleansed of Jews. Now that even former Zionists like Netanyahu have accepted this principle, the enemies are proceeding to the next stage. They are spreading a blood libel to delegitimize Israel in preparation for the physical extermination of the Jews.
10. Utter Rubbish.
John ,   England   (08.18.09)
The Jewish State would never every do such a thing. Jews are not that type of race.
11. What is wrong with the Swedish press?
David ,   Germany   (08.18.09)
I saw a German news report that presented similar claims from Palestinians. Big difference compared to this one: The reporter immediately clarified that no one in his right mind would believe such stories. She even said that objective journalists should not even talk to Palestinians who are so obviously making things up. Aftonbladet, you're a disgrace to journalism.
12. Palestinian witnesses.... lol... we all know what that means
13. Bye Bye IKEA
Punisher   (08.18.09)
14. Swedish Brains Used as Hallucinogens
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, Tx USA   (08.19.09)
I think what happened was that some Swedish journalists had their brains removed (nobody would notice that anyway) and these organs were dried, ground up and fed to the Arab Street to facilitate fantasizing. Then weeks-old reports of the New Jersey gang entered one of the empty Swedish brains.
15. Please PLEASE sue the paper for libel
William ,   Israel   (08.19.09)
Enough of this crap where any stupid accusation gets traction because it is music to anti-Israel ears. Force them to produce the people and information in court, then counter-sue to destroy the paper. In addition, grill the UN "informants" as a way to undercover the blatant anti-semitism in the UN which is the real reason for their anti-Israel attacks, not justice.
16. "Palestinians said their kids killed by soldiers for organs"
William ,   Israel   (08.19.09)
So what if Pals said this. They speak half from ignorance and the other half from their ingrained belief in conspiracy theories. Ask any Pal who perpetrated 9/11 and the Tsunamis...they'll tell you Israel. Ask any Pal about their history, they will tell you (most with absolute belief) that Israel stole technology and resources before Pals had chance to advance medically, technologically, democratically. Pals believe that IDF dropped poisoned pencils from helicopters in Gaza for school children. They believe Jews created AIDS, they believe that Jews rape and slice the stomachs of pregnant Arabs. Are these really the people one can credibly quote?
17. This is not just a lie; it's a viciously anti-Semitic lie
Zvi   (08.19.09)
I am not one to call just anything anti-Semitic, but it's clear that this particular lie was created specifically to inflame hatred of Jews in general. The paper that published it should be boycotted together with anyone who advertises in it or funds it in any way.
18. Israel needs to sue Swedish newspaper for libel ....
rachel ,   usa   (08.19.09)
this needs to be stopped or its going to accumulate into another holocaust .
19. what really happened
Barney ,   USA   (08.19.09)
is someone stole Donald Bodstrom's common sense and the legitmacy of the Aftonbladet publication. Perhaps it was taken and sold to the UN
20. This is horrible,I'm scared and angry!
Mustafa ,   Kazan~RUSSIA   (08.19.09)
21.  What else do you expect from Anti Semites
David ,   USA   (08.19.09)
And my grocer sell pals brains. You can buy them fresh, or vacum packed.
22. Come on!!!!
Lou ,   Deal, USA   (08.19.09)
I spent 3 years in the IDF in a combat unit, and things like that just do not happen. Come on, I risked my life several times to save Palestinian children who were in danger of being killed by other Palestinians throwing rocks and bottles. The IDF is a moral army and although there are minimal incidents where a few soldiers may do something wrong, it is not the norm and these soldiers are certainly punished. The IDF is a top fighting force with morality as a driver...
23. body part trading
Josh ,   Atlanta   (08.19.09)
You mean, you guys aren't trading princesses for the foreskins of enemy warriors anymore?...i guess i better cancel my flight to tel aviv. now what am i supposed to do with these trash bags full of..... just kidding....what else would you expect from Sweden? I bet my talkback doesn't get posted, it's got to up there among the nastiest...but c'mon it's a sunday/sabbath school reference.
24. Remember this the next time you shop for volvos and saabs
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (08.19.09)
25. Details?
Mike ,   Portland, Oregon, US   (08.19.09)
War often leads to war crimes, but certainly not always. Is there any specific evidence that is cited, from reliable sources? Is there exculpatory evidence (proof of innocence) that was left out of the story? The soldiers are innocent until proven guilty. I am curious as to whether this story is based on any facts or is mere inflammatory sensationalism. Unlike the other posters, I cannot say that I know the answer. It will be interesting to see what facts unfold. Is the Swedish paper guilty of libel? Once a paper goes out on a limb this far, it had better be open to answering some questions.
26. Soldiers snatched Palestinian youths
Basil ,   Spring Lake Park-USA   (08.19.09)
Are we sure it wasn't Pal soldiers doing the organ snatching and trying to lay the blame elsewhere??
27. The Palestinians should consider what the Lord thinks of
Rivkah   (08.19.09)
slander, libel, and perjury: it is the murder of a person's reputation. If the person is a saint of the Lord, it is an unforgivable offense against the Holy Spirit, (Ruach, Menachem Mendel), too. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven by God. In the Book of Job in the Bible, Job was slandered by his friends who also mispoke about the Lord. Job was accepted by God (saved eternally and went to heaven). God told Job that if Job did not pray for his friends who slandered Job, God would not accept them. That meant they would not go to heaven. The Palestinian false accusers have now put themselves into the position of being shut out of heaven unless the people they slandered, libeled and perjured pray for them. Job was called the most righteous man on earth in his time, so he prayed for the slanderers. I am not so generous and it would take a million dollars a person to get me to pray for anyone who slanders, libels, or perjures me. I prefer for people who hate me to go to hell since they would not enjoy my company anymore in heaven than they did on earth.
28. Ordered and paid for by Marco, Nour, Observer, Brod, etc...
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (08.19.09)
29. Idiots, it wasn't for body parts.
leo ,   usa   (08.19.09)
I just needed some blood to make matzo.
30. Sick, demented, evil and satanic article by swedish paper
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (08.19.09)
This really show how absolutely sick the leftwingers have become in Sweden. Swedish leftwingers are among the most satanic people you will find on this earth. It should be apparent to tell from the "news article" in question. Just for the record, Afonbladet is a tabloid paper. It is typically not read by educated people. It's content is mainly shocking stories, and the actual news content is hard to find.
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