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Organ donation to get halachic approval
Nissan Shtrauchler
Published: 23.08.09, 08:02
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1. Chief "Rabbi" Yona Metzger
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (08.23.09)
B"H Chief "Rabbi" Yona Metzger is a high ranking government official. According to a subversive publication called Sulhan Aruh, circulated amongst Jews by criminal elements called Haredim, government payed rabbis are not rabbis. Sorry, no "halachic seal of approval" from such corrupt sources.
2. 1 You must be one of those rare tzadicks
get treatment   (08.23.09)
that call themselves haredi AND read ynet, not to mention how often you pass judgement on lower than you creatures, be they great rabbis or polititians. You are one of a kind. A kind no one will enjoy his company !!!
3. Judaism religion progress is too slow
Many people want to live by Jewish laws but the religion is suited for 18th century, not nowadays. I mean come on - I want to rest on Shabbat by driving my car and enjoying the sea, why can't I?
4. Great timing - Thanks again Rabbi for harming us once more
Josh   (08.23.09)
As if we don't have enough problems dealing with the false Swiss newspapers publishing lies about prison harvesting of oragans, you pick now to put Jews in the spotlight regarding harvesting organs. Now I am realy realy sure that the radical muslims have a little more fuel for their rumors. They will say "look the Rabbis are even talking about this because they have harvesting activities going on." or "look they don't want to harvest their own so the use prisoners". Are you really that "wise" Rabbi that I should blindly follow you? Where is your head?
6. Correction to #4 Swedish not "Swiss"
Josh   (08.23.09)
Sorry for the mix up Switzerland.
7. Re: # 2
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (08.23.09)
B"H Until reading your name "get treatment", I thought you were simply wrong: I'm not Haredi. I just love them and have respect for them. But then I read your name and realized that you are a Stalinist, one who wouldn't hesitate to send someone with differing views to "get treatment". As if being and acting like a Jew were a mental illness. Well, nothing's new under the sun. Just make sure you don't wish death camps for us, to finally solve the problem. Besides, the reason I post here is not because "I "read ynet", but because I hope to direct some divine light of the Jewish tradition on those are deprived of it for whatever reason. As I myself started and lived life for many decades as an assimilated and secular Jew, believe you me I can see the difference. Maybe, one day, you'll decide to pick up a holy book and will see this difference for yourself. For example, did you know that Hashem, our G-d blessed be He, has a peace plan for the Jews? It's just that we are too arrogant even to consider it. The old story continues: "We know better"
8. josh - #4 and 5 - is hyper-paranoid
9. #8 Well ok then...
Josh   (08.23.09)
Think so? Get connected to Pallywood. The all caps is a nice touch. It shows how relaxed you are Charles.
10. Nonsensical article
SL ,   NY   (08.24.09)
The article is an infomercial and is filled with half truths and lies. The large majority of haredi rabbis, and very many modern orthodox rabbis, do NOT accept 'brain death' as equivalent to death.
11. When I die, no breath will come from my mouth and no pulse
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.24.09)
will beat. See the organ donor info on my driver's license and take anything that can be used, I'm certainly done with it and won't be needing it where I'm going. And, if any of my organs are taken a minute too soon, I think Hashem will not hold me responsible.
12. Take my organs? - Over my dead body you will!
JP   (08.24.09)
13. organ donations lead to murder
tsipora ,   jerusalem   (08.24.09)
I think even the rabbis would agree that murder is forbidden by the Torah. They have lost their compass.
14. 12 , JP . So you certainly will refuse a life saving
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.24.09)
transplantation for yourself if needed ?
15. JOSH is right
Semour ,   CA,USA   (08.24.09)
It seems like a guilty plee, to admit the organ crisis in Israel. Now people will say ' So there IS an organ shortage in Israel. What have they been doing up till now".
16. Premature organ removal = murder
Sam ,   NY   (08.24.09)
In reply to Charles: premature removal of vital organs, such as the heart, is murder when a patient is not yet dead (in the view of the large majority of authorities in Jewish law, 'brain death' alone does not meet the criteria for death). There is a small minority of rabbis who view 'brain death' as a form of death. There are differing views as to whether someone whose rabbi views 'brain death' as insufficient for declaring one dead can become a recipient for an organ taken out of a 'brain dead' person. In the case of Chinese organs, Rav Elyashiv declared it is forbidden for Jews to receive organs taken from Chinese 'prisoners', who MAY have been executed to provide needed organs. These are complicated cases and their adjudication belongs in the hands of sages, not beginners.
17. ADI cards
Mark Leaman ,   Israel   (08.25.09)
I am an orthodox Jew and have been walking around with my ADI card for a number of years. On my form I wrote that I will give any organs from which another person may benefit under the condition that a religious leader chosen by my family approves the donation. Where is this any different from what the Chief Rabbinate wants to issue now. I want to comment to Josh and any one else who feels this may have come at the wrong time due to the accusations in the Swedish press. An ADI card does not state any thing about to which religion your organs will end up in, as in the past Jewish organs have gone to Arabs and Arab organs have gone to Jews but organs only are donated with the permission of the families. Israel would never harvest organs without permission.
18. Sam 19 , brain death = death .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.25.09)
The doctors know it better than the Rabbanim regarding death . If for them brain death means death , it's they who are right , it's their field of knowledge , not this of your "sages" who are beginners regarding medecine .
19. 14 - It is always over a dead body - get it? got it? good.
JP   (08.25.09)
20. JP 12 and 19 , of course
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.25.09)
i realised that you were "joking" when i had posted , too late
21. Mark , 17 .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.25.09)
Organs are donated only with the permission of the families , you wrote . Even if you have an ADI card ?
22. 20 Yeah IC geek - no you didn't of course
JP   (08.29.09)
23. Brain dead is prognosis, not 100% dead
Sam ,   NY   (08.30.09)
The phrase 'brain dead' doe not mean that the brain is 100% brain. It was used originally for the purposes of prognosis. Read EVERY SECOND COUNTS, about the first heart transplants. Doctors cannot determine death. This is a matter of where to draw the line. Parts of the brain such as the hypothalamus often still function in patients declared 'brain dead.' The large majority of orthodox rabbinic authorities do not consider 'brain death' to be death.
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