Barak considers suing Swedish reporter
Roni Sofer
Published: 20.08.09, 17:30
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1. Its worth the time and money to sue them in Sweden.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.20.09)
This garbage goes on because Israel doesn't take strong action to defend itself.
2. Good, Israel must increase pressure. End Eurabian racism!
David ,   Boston, USA   (08.20.09)
End this double standard against Jews. Use all legal means. Put them out of business. We must start boycotting those who support these racists also. Any who advertise in this so called paper and anyone representing the Swedish goverment if they dont censure the paper. Increase the heat! Make these racist pay! Lets see if we can get these Eurabian intellectuals to actual do something constructive. Get their support or show them for the frauds they are. Get the support of the local Muslim groups. Show who is a liar and who isnt when it comes to human rights and racism. Stop accepting double standards against Jews and Israel.
3. Freedom of press
simulev ,   Sweden   (08.20.09)
...means the right to to incite, slander, demonize, the jewish democracy in any way. All according to the orweillian kafka world of "neutral" Sweden (who funds terrrorist of Fatah, Hamas PA etc).
4. This is exactly what they wanted...
Anna ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (08.20.09)
It seems to me the whole story began when this probably obscure newspaper wanted to get some publicity. And they got it, plenty of it. Sure, they hurt the image of the Swedish press and perhaps even Sweden as well, but hey, as long as they got fame and money... :(
5. and while you are at it, israel
i hope you demand millions of dollars in damages and much so that you'll eventually and hopefully bankrupt and shut this vile piece of newspaper down...if indeed it can even be called a newspaper. not much news there except slander and libel. this is not news. it is libelous witch hunting. let the editor produce facts on the ground with pictures, bodies, etc.... hanz, sweeden
6. Yes, sue the SOB out of business...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.20.09)
... we shouldn't leave the legal arena open for rape by pompous and arrogant Islamo-Leftist racists who expect everybody to respect THEIR freedom of speech but are intolerant of anybody else's! The legal arena should not be left as a harrassement tool to be used by primitive and bloodthirsty Islamo-Leftist hooligans. Let them see that this sword has TWO cutting edges, and that the victimized and terrorized can also use it to defend themselves! They should find out that they can and will be held responsible for libel, dissemination of racism and racial hatred, and of lies and criminal bias. I say - GO FOR IT decisively and with determination. Failure is not an option!
7. I believe that reporter. ask your self this
ny blue ,   ny   (08.20.09)
did you ever think NJ rabbis would be selling human organs if I told you that without it being on the news & FBI arrests?? I rest my case
8. Swedish editor uses anti-Semitic trope to defend
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.20.09)
How curious that Aftonbladet's editor refers to "such a strong propaganda machine" [obviously run by Jews] to defend his blood libel. And what makes this lie "an obviously topical issue"? Truly a sick man.
9. Sex Fiends and Idiots
steve39 ,   EILAT, ISRAEL   (08.20.09)
If stupid accusations can be voiced by a dumb Swedish reporter whose sexual inclinations are unknown, we Israelis can feel totally comfortable in writing that all Swedes are stupid sexual perverts. Do we need evidence? Do we need proof? Do we need anything? Well some American who visited Sweden in 1958 told me that, so I guess it is true. Or at leas he said that some Swedish girls were loose. Actually he said that he thought that one girl winked at him, What is true is the the Swedish Foreign Ministry has a disgusting anti-Israel attitude and I am delighted I sold my last Volvo forever today.
10. Please publish the article so we can see for ourselves.
vered ,   israel   (08.20.09)
11. Yes, 100% - this was libel and not protected by free speech!
redbourn ,   tel aviv - Israel   (08.20.09)
12. Obviously the accusation...
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (08.20.09)
... of "taking organs" comes out of the dark chambers of "classical antisemitism" – which was always eager to combine the accusation of a "hidden Jewish conspiracy" with phantasies of "poisoning of water sources", raping and "sexual seducing of children", "ritualized murder" – and now "taking organs". In my opinion the Israeli embassy in Stockholm should sue the journalist and – if necessary – the newspaper. Trying to foster antisemitic desires (antisemitism is an AFFECT or emotional desire) has nothing to do with "freedom of the press". Let the journalist bring EVIDENCE for his accusations... or sue him for, let's say, $ 2.000.000... – and then give the money to charity organizations in Sweden... The political appeal to the government of Sweden, on the other side, is ridiculous. Either they get it on their own – or not at all...
13. No, #3, Freedom of press does not include slanderous libel
Truthteller   (08.20.09)
Not in Sweden, not in the United States and not in any other western country. No newspaper has the write to make the outrageous claims the recent Swedish story made and I sincerely hope the IDF sues the pants off that paper AND the writer. Ariel Sharon did it and won. Now the IDF needs to do the same! It was a truly horrible slander.
14. At Yad Vashem, the displays are full of these libels
truthteller   (08.20.09)
and the first halls are designed to show visitors the slanderous language against the Jewish people all across Europe's NEWSPAPERS! This is designed to demonstrate how the holocaust did not creep in but was welcomed with open arms by the same people who read those papers and did not protest their blood libel claims. Now here were are seventy years later with the same thing happening. THEY SHOULD BE SUED!!!!!!!!!
MEA   (08.20.09)
Maybe everyone in New Jersey is secretly selling organs--according to the thread of your logic. It was not plural, and it was not selling organs but something much less. This is what will come out in court. The claim against the IDF is beyond slanderous, beyond libel. It is a very serious step up in the propoganda against Israel and Sweden, a country over run by Arab immigrants, is now allowing a major newspaper to make claims akin to what the Nazis put out in 1933. It is disgusting and serious and cannot be allowed to go un answered.
16. ny blue
jo moor   (08.20.09)
Hey blue boy! you had better check that the organisms sitting in your nose do not have a similar dna profile to to the swede editor colon organisms - coz thats where you have sucked right up to. Go blow your nose and rid your mind of all the sh*t in your brain!
17. BEFORE suing
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.20.09)
shut the embassy down. Use the cost savings to finance the suit!
18. Borat ...
dapperdanman ,   Karlovy Vary, CZ   (08.20.09)
... wasn't really about the Kazachs. Everybody understands now, whom was Sacha talking about. Israel, we are with you. And everybody is, who's got a brain. Even those with a half one don't believe it.
19. no different to all the other slanders against Israel
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (08.20.09)
e.g that Zionists are Nazis the Gaza strip is a concentration camp .or that is Israel is a rascist fascist apartheid state Warsaw Ghetto
Jew   (08.20.09)
Unless you attack the source of these defamations, they will never stop. There has to be a deterrent to defamation at the source.
21. @ 12
Janet ,   baltimore   (08.20.09)
Sue them an help Israel Charities instead. Sweden is a BAD European Country. Swedes are bad europeans. Sweden suppoprts the idea of Eurabia. What do you expect to come from Sweden?? Europe is going under just look at UK and France. You make your bed, you sleep in it.
22. the proof that acquits the IDF
observer   (08.20.09)
the IDF killed a thousand Gazan civilians, but didn't even snatch a single kidney.
23. There Is Freedom Of Speech to Consider
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.20.09)
Were Palestinian organs ever harvested by Israelis? That is an honest enough question. The paper is reporting a story. There is no libel if no injury was intended. If the story is true it is not anti-semitic. Until the facts are known please refrain with the "Jew as eternal victim" whining. I can't tell you how old it is getting.
24. NPR (National Public Radio)
David ,   USA   (08.20.09)
Just the other day our taxpayer funded radio (NPR) said that "Israel conquered and annexed east Jerusalem in 1967". I guess that's one way of putting it.
25. 13 truthteller
David ,   New England   (08.20.09)
I think you need to read that over a few more times.
26. How about a fatwa on the reporter
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.20.09)
and owner of the paper?
27. Suit Likely to Fail, Backfire, Legitimize Article
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (08.20.09)
Sweden is a Western country and culture, with ideals of freedom of the press. I haven't read the article, but it seems likely a lawsuit would fail. The result could be to give undeserved standing to the allegations in the article. This would be a terrible thing and the opposite of what Israel wants. (One thinks of the way Oscar Wilde's unwise libel suit against the Marquis of Queensbury backfired.) That an Israeli leader suggests such a thing calls into question his own competence and also his understanding of the way the Western world works. Maybe some of Netanyahu's troubles with Obama are the result of similarly not understanding the way the West works (even though Netanyahu spent extensive time in the US and has a good US accent when he speaks English). Has all the Western culture rubbed off since he's been back in Israel?
28. No. 23 World Citizen
NYC Girl   (08.20.09)
It's not getting nearly as old as your tedious Palestinian ass-kissing and accusations of whining when it's the Palestinians whose victimhood narrative has tried the patience of anybody who knows the real history of the conflict. And this delusional fairy tale is merely the latest in a long line of racist Palestinian fantasies gaining traction thanks to Eurotrash like the author of that article.
29. 22 Observer - some more statistics
David ,   New England   (08.20.09)
There were 618 Palestinian Arabs violently killed by each other in 2007 - 41 women, 44 children. 254 Palestinian Arabs violently killed by each other in 2008 - 12 women, 29 children. 167 Palestinian Arabs violently killed by each other in 2009 - 9 women, 18 children. Have you seen the teddy bear, Nassur, on palestinian children's tv, that says "I have come today to the Gaza Strip. Saraa, Allah willing, I will be one of the mujahideen, one of the fighters, I will join the ranks of the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades,' and I will wage jihad among them and carry a gun." ?
30. 23 WC
David ,   Rhode Island   (08.20.09)
Where's the whining? Where does it say "Jew as eternal victim"? Despite what your name says, how would you like it if your country was accused of that?
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