Arab group republishes Shoah cartoon on website
Hagar Mizrachi
Published: 21.08.09, 21:50
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stude ham   (08.21.09)
because the Holocaust defamists are not sane to begin with.
2. #1 - Because the Arab-European Leage is filthy.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.21.09)
3. go republish that pedophile cartoons from Denmark
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (08.21.09)
Muslims are wide opening the door for republication
4. Let me get this straight...
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (08.21.09)
They don't get their way so they print a cartoon about the Jews? What genius thought one has ANYTHING to do with the other? Now this is FUNNY!!!!!
5. Publish, and publish some more! Show pediophile Mohammed
Jae ,   Lynn US   (08.21.09)
marrying his 8 yr old bride and calling her, his "favorite". That is after he beheaded a jewish man and raped his wife taking her for his own. Can it get more dark for Islam and its founder?
6. In 5 years
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.21.09)
They will be able to remove the word "european" and just leave the "Arab League which is Europe"
7. Ynet stop with political correctness and call a spade a spade
ygalg ,   israel   (08.21.09)
say it as it is. it is the 'islamic' group and not an 'arab' group
8. There's so much racism in the Arab world
William ,   Israel   (08.22.09)
My G-d, Arabs today are just as they were 90 years ago and 1000 years ago. What racist, suck-ass people they are. The Editor-in-Chief of Al-Quds al-Arabi remarked right after the election of Obama that the Arabs need their own "Obama" to help advance them past their culture of hate and massive racism, which extends to everyone who is non-Arab, including Middle class white Westerners (nevermind the African and Indian Muslims). This was a Dutch problem, why do they reach out and attack Jews when they're upset? It's exactly what they did in the 1950s when Israel kicked their asses in a war - they punished all Jews who weren't even involved or supportive of Israel. WAKE UP and see the RACIST ARABS!!!
9. Yes, we are insulted
John ,   Boise, Idaho USA   (08.22.09)
Looks like it's time to republish the mohammed cartoon with the bomb shaped brain that has so "insulted" everyone in the muslim world, as a protest against their protest..and by the way...they need to apologize to the world for their terrorism.
10. Arab-European League
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (08.22.09)
If the truth be told, there is not a single European country that would not willingly accept an increase in taxes if the money were spent to move their Arab "citizens" right back where they came from. That is how welcome the Arabs are in Holland, Britain, Scandinavia, Belgium, France, Italy and every other country they have moved to in large numbers.
11. Free speech is ok as long as it's not critical of you ?
Alan ,   Vancouver   (08.22.09)
Martha Vineyard ,   Island Towne   (08.22.09)
13. Arab impertinence...
Bernd ,   Germany   (08.22.09)
...knows no bounds also in Europe. And European stupidity let them go away with this. These guys are absolutely disgusting. It is about time to put them in their place. We should actually kick those out that are only here to fight our culture, values and religions.
14. is it Dutch arabs,or arab's Dutch?
bill   (08.21.09)
Why should we get upset at their "nausea " cartoons ?.Print another of their sacred pedophile's adventures ?, another family show "stoning a live girl ?. It's all old hat.. To reply to their garbage, will put us on their level....THE GUTTER !, their relished environment.
15. Wilders is wielding his "Durandal"
bill   (08.22.09)
PS: I think that Ynet erred in the statement, that Wilders made an anti-islamic movie. It should be corrected to : Wilders made a great islamic movie, in all it's "splendor" with original players. No rif-raf here, for the glory of islam.
16. How fast will I get arrested for wearing Muhammed T-shirt?
The Punisher ,   Israel   (08.22.09)
If I print one of the cartoons on a T-shirt and walk the streets, I'm pretty sure that I'll get arrested. Or maybe the police will wait till I get stabbed first?
17. Europe is not yet defeated.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (08.22.09)
Voices in the UK and in the Nederland are getting everyday louder. With hope coming back in the heart of the population, the west will overcome the invasion of Islam as explained at :
18. Correction:What is the fuss about,Wilders movie is pro-Islam
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (08.22.09)
It accurately makes quotes from Quran, Imam sermons and video clips Muslims themselves show on websites Why are Muslims not happy about this and instead are up and arms
19. I Sent An Email TO Arab Europe League
Martin ,   Seattke US   (08.22.09)
It was pretty easy to figure out. I don't speak German but this is the format. Name Email Subject COmment Send I really let them know how sad they are and why the world hates them for their treatment not only to the Jewish People but to their Women. I did throw in a pig this and that but pretty much tried to tear them down and asked them why they were teaming up with the modern day nazis who hate them and their Islam. Send Letters to them. Flood their website. Tell them Malcom X was a friend of many Jews and So was Martin Luther King, Gadi
20. Wilders
moi ,   TA   (08.22.09)
Im not a great fan of Mr Wilders, but he made a point with his movie,nothing new in this movie, sometimes the truth hurts,what is the Moslom community trying to prove with this anti-semite cartoon? It has no connection to Fitna, the movie of Wilders....
21. Puny attempt
withheld ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (08.22.09)
It is not funny, it is a rough charichature of Henry Kissenger and Auschwitz is misspelled.
22. Selective Thinking
David ,   Melbourne, Australia   (08.22.09)
So a Dutch guy, who is not Jewish, does a film that people say is anti Islamic, and doesn't get indicted, and the Dutch AEL respond by mocking the Holocaust. Have the AEL forgotton about Holland's involvement in the Srebinica massacre, where Dutch troops under the control of the UN, stood by while around 10,000 Muslims were murdered by Bosnian Serbs? Or do the Muslims cut down in Bosnia by the Serbs don't count, because they're white Muslims, not Arabs, and Israel weren't involved? I have to say, I wouldn't condone that kind of response, but if there's a Dutch guy with anti Islamic feelings, wouldn't it make more sense to respond with that topic? Or as I said, do those Muslims don't count?
23. Europe become Islam
Eurabia soon   (08.22.09)
I know the birthrates of Europe and especially Germany. 50 percent of all births are turks and arabs. There are schools with 100% imigrants. This will rise and continue in the future. It is unstoppable that our kids have to deal with the islam. The so called "Christian Caritas" supports clipping of Islamists. In 2050 in Germany will be 40 Mio Turks and 40 million Germans. At this time they are recruting 1500 foreigner for german police. Germany will get the same history like the jewish community. Im sure Holocaust 2 is comming.
24. Free speech is ok but "Holocaust"
Ann   (08.22.09)
25. Typical Muslim racism: "beat the Jew"...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.22.09)
They could have easily picked cartoons about Jesus or the Pope, but no, they just HAD to demonize the Jews again. It looks to me that the only way to end the Islamist racism and barbarity is to fight them to the ground - decisively and with determination. Never stop fighting! NEVER SUBMIT TO ISLAM! NEVER EMBRACE THIS BRUTAL AND MURDEROUS CULT!
26. #18 Because Muslims hate when they are EXPOSED in public!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.22.09)
They HATE it when their true face and the true face of Islam is exposed for everyone to see. Just as with their own corrupt and tyrannical dictators, they like to "beautify" their crimes and their obviously murderous religion. So besides actively FIGHTING ISLAM wherever we meet it, we can also EXPOSE IT for all to see and ponder on which is better: become a member of a decadent, racist and murderous cult, or REJECT Islam and fight and protect the civilized world heritage, culture and HUMANITY against this barbaric cancer? What about a WESTERN JIHAD against these non-believers' Moon God cult? I go for the second option. I'v e joined the WESTERN JIHAD! What about you?
27. Good For Holland ..
Christy ,   Boston, US   (08.22.09)
For standing up for free speech/expression. It's horrid the riots that were sparked by something people found religiously offensive. I'm glad that Wilders was not charged. (He has also mocked Christianity, btw.) Free Speech needs to be responded to by other Free Speech. It's a slippery slope when Free Speech for X is allowed, but not for Y. I've seen many cartoons, articles, TV Shows released in Islamic Countries that defame Jews ... has been so for decades!! Why is it OK to make fun of Jews and NOT OK to make fun of Islam? (I don't like making fun of either myself.) If you dish it out -- you gotta take it when it's dished back. Personally, I find all cartoons, TV Shows, Articles, etc. that makes fun of ANY religion -or- peoples not to my liking. But >>> Grow Up and grow a thicker skin. The world won't come to an end if your religion is made fun of. My religion (Christianity) is made fun of lots of times. I would condemn all Christians who were to riot because someone makes fun of Christianity. For people who are upset or seething over Wilder's verdit, make a film and poke fun back at him. -OR- Do the mature thing and realize there are always people in this world to poke fun at what others hold sacred. Ignore them, if possible. Respond back if needs be.
28. Europe's "Art nouveau "or the depravation of Islam
Jim   (08.22.09)
To John, # 9, Maybe we should print their most Glorious and Revered " event "; Muhammad's in a " tender embrace" with his 7-9 year old little Favorite. It's their god, the one and only they wish to emulate, the one they dream about. Just one word of caution. Continue bashing Europe; when Islam becomes it's master, they will remember you with " new cartoons"
29. #5
cfs ,   fr and dz   (08.22.09)
for me you come from dark and hate side by telling lies and by not knowing the context. Your behaviour is grave and people who voted for you dont have a more good behaviour than you.
30. to #11, no alan, that is not the issue here
normal ,   b   (08.22.09)
one may critic us, but the problem in this issue is that Wilders is Cristian, not a Jew. if he was Jew, then one could understand that. the logical response to his movie was to publish a Cristian offensive cartoon, but no, the went with the Jew offensive cartoon, that way of thinking is immature, childish, fear of Christianity and shows nothing but hatred. after a comment like that, how can they expected to be taken seriously? if you want to keep thinking like that, you can, but remember, Jews have the same privileges to live like you and any other human being on this planet.
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