Op-ed hints Mossad snatched Russian ship
Yael Branovsky
Published: 23.08.09, 12:45
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1. Ship was transporting Elvis; Michael Jackson the Mossad Agen
Joe Sittizen ,   Jerusalem   (08.23.09)
After staging his own death, Michael Jackson was secretly flown to Israel to check in with his Mossad controllers, then sent to intercept the ship in international waters. There are no cruises missiles on the ship, just a '67 Chevy cruiser with a 350 engine and a guy in a white leather fringed jacket and thick sunglasses behind the wheel, singing the ode to the Volga Boatmen in a 4-4 rock 'n roll beat. The Russians simply wanted to blame the Jews again to cover up that they were trying to sell Elvis to the Iranians. Jackson and Elvis are now both in the secure underground Mossad bunker located 100 stories below ground near Israel's nuclear arsenal. That's why the Americans are developing a new bunker buster bomb to try and match the Israeli bunker technology, that they're afraid the Israelis will sell to the Indians in their war against the Pakistanis. It's all very clear once you know who the players are.
2. Trustme-If Israel took over ship,it wud hav dun better job
Alan ,   SA   (08.23.09)
3. Mossad hijacking?
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (08.23.09)
If the Russians want to get missiles to Iran, what's stopping them from shipping them by sub through the Caspian Sea, slipping past Azerbaijan? hmm..HiTech maybe....? IF there were missiles involved in this mystery then I have a word for you, Mossad..Bravo!
4. The Russian response...
eras ,   Jlem, Israel   (08.23.09)
...alone is enough to question the official version concering the cargo. They sent 3 warships and a submarine to recover wood and sawdust? Yeah, sure... The speculations about russian nuke-capable long range cruise missiles onboard (type x55 destined for Iran) seem to be much more plausible.
5. More Questions
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.23.09)
(From Marjatta) The former commander of Estonian Defence forces, EU-observer and an expert of piratism, Tarmo Kouts, doesn't believe in Russian's official explanation and advanced an opinion that Arctic Sea was carrying 4 cruise missiles from Kalingrad ment to Iran. Also the editor-in-chief Mihail Voitenko, of the Sovfraht-newsletter specialiced to seafaring askes some questions: - Why it took so long before the first news from kidnapping came to publicity? - Why they started so large searcing which expences surpassed clearly the value of the ship and the cargo.? - Why Nato is silent from details connected to its cooperation with Russia during the searching.?
6. Mossad snatched Russian Ship
Ben ,   Greenville USA   (08.23.09)
Israel does not have the guts or organization to seize this ship or for that matter to strike Iran. Ben
7. Essential action needed
Brod ,   USA   (08.23.09)
Why would Islamist-Jihadist countries want to buy missiles? There is only one reason and that is to feed their appetite for aggression, namely, their goal to attack the only Western Democracy in the region-Israel. Ergo, Israel should defend itself by sinking any ship that carries such offensive weaponry against the Jewish State.
8. Sawdust? Yeah sure!
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (08.23.09)
this will be the first time in history when a non-commodity with zero value such as sawdust is transported across the ocean for thousands of miles
9. Russian Armada rescuing a ship full of sawdust!
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (08.23.09)
10. REALLY....??
E. Freedman ,   SomeWhere, Israel   (08.23.09)
To # 6...From someone in the "Know"..You have no idea of what we are capable of...BELIEVE YOU ME... Ill leave it at that...:-)
11. Offensive weaponry
Brod ,   USA   (08.23.09)
Israel should not tolerate any offensive weaponry that would be aimed at her. Those armed suppliers should stop selling such weapons to the belligerent Islamist-Jihadist countries in the region. There are other products that Russia can sell such as oil to make money and not offensive weaponry to continually fuel the Middle East conflict. Now, the wolves and tigers are arming themselves with missiles. Once they get their nukes, the world will blow up into pieces. To avert this, Israel must defend herself without any qualms. Preemption is surgical and essential in averting Armageddon. The latter would mean the End of the World that would be worst than the Holocaust for humanity.
12. Sawdust???
ME ,   LA, CA, USA   (08.23.09)
Sawdust... right. This has all the makings of a Get Smart television show from the 1960s with a bit of Man From UNCLE thrown in... But, what are the Russians thinking? Seriously. This can only end badly. Look, Israel isn't the only target. There's the US forces stationed in the region, the Sunnai countries in the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey and parts of Europe, and Russia, India and China. Is Russia so hard up for cash that they are willing to open the gates of hell? President Obama... time to open your eyes. There are some dangerous people out there who aren't interested in your ideals. Enough.
13. Mossad would have sunk it!
Wise Saba ,   Israel   (08.23.09)
14. anyone look at a map lete;
bra sein ,   atl   (08.23.09)
15. Of course it was Israel
David Masada ,   Orlando, USA   (08.23.09)
They did not sink it because it was a message to Russia. The Russkies know that Israel can destroy Russia and therefore will never openly attack Israel because of mutual self destruction fear. Nevertheless, the Russkies will do everything in a sneaky way, like sending missiles to the Iranians nazis. Let's hope Lieberman becomes Prime Minister and sends the Pals where their true homeland is: Jordan...
16. #5How come you never speak of Putin being the lapdog of ajad
or how their road ,   map won't work??????   (08.23.09)
17. #6 And yet it put together a plan to get 4 US captives free
from Columbia before ,   anyone could stop it   (08.23.09)
18. Trust me,if Mossad did this, NO ONE would be left alive.The
ship would be dead ,   in the water.   (08.23.09)
19. I don't get it. How did Latynina conclude it was Mossad?
William ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
Because the Russians didn't use usual channels for vessel search and rescue and the media didn't report it missing for days. Neither of these two points convinces me of who took the ship. Infact, it convinces me that it was an internal setup - maybe Russian weapons dealers staging a fake hijacking and taking the goods to sell them to rebels or terrorists, while making Russia look like a victim. "Peres met with Russian president at the same time (as the hijacking) to convince him not to transfer missiles to Iran" - this happens every single time Israeli leaders meet with Russian leaders. Latynina is just pulling straws to convince her readers of the far-fetched conclusion. Will she now accuse the Mossad of orchestrating the Urqumi uprising in China because Peres spoke to Chinese president around the same time? It looks like shoddy journalism isn't only for the Swedes.
20. #4, #8, #12 - Iran had a huge vomit accident
William ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
Only emergency sawdust would have helped the situation. I think it was caused by the Mullahs and Ah-ma-dinner-jacket, when they noticed the strong opposition leading up to elections and the beating they'd take if they didn't come up with a plan to screw the voters.
21. #6 - Benny - One word: Karine-A
William ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
22. Nonsense
flux ,   moscow   (08.24.09)
"Russia was quick in sending military boats ... without activating the usual channels for searching for missing vessels."..... Wow! "Russia was quick" meaning more than 2 weeks after the alleged hijack. "Without activating the usual channels" - I wonder what these "usual" channels in the given nautical circumstances might be?
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