Stockholm Jewish leader: Israel caused this mess
Yael Levy
Published: 23.08.09, 13:32
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1. lol , i love it
D ,   haifa   (08.23.09)
2. SAD!!!
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (08.23.09)
It's sad, very sad to read this declarations. They talk about fear and love for money, this people believe that to be accepted in Sweden is more important than Israel! It's the duty of every Jew to defend Israel no matter what. Israel is our homeland, we run around the world for 2.000 years and now we see people who like 80% of the Jews in Egypt prefer slavery to living in Israel because of fear and love for money. Shame on the Swedish Jewish community representatives.
3. Maybe Mein Kampf was blown out of proportions too?
4. Sweden
mike ,   canada   (08.23.09)
What a disgusting, leftist, getto jew answer. Where the hell is you backbone. When they murder a few of you then you can blame Israel for stading up for itself. You and the swedes deserve each other. Now you can crawl back in your hole in the ground and stay there
5. Finally some sense.
Lisa Rothschild ,   Stockholm and Tel Av   (08.23.09)
The keywords are tabloid and backpages. I am embarrased to be Jewish with dramas like this. This newspaper is equivalent to a daily version of the The National Enquirer, one could say. How many of you have actually read this paper? it's printed in Swedish by the way. With regard to this newspaper reference that was closed to please 'the muslims' people are saying. It is also worth to say that the website taken down at the time of the Mohammed cartoon fiasco, was a little known unheard of FAR RIGHT WING site, which also had anti semitic links too. It wasnt until the media, such as what we have right now, made such a fuss abut the cartoons that the swedish government seen the website and closed it. Some talk backs are saying a newspaper was closed because of it? NO.. a monthly far right newsletter was made bust. Get it right.
6. Lena is wrong!
Annika ,   Sweden   (08.23.09)
Sweden is full of anti-semitism or how would Lena explain attacks on synagogues, cemetries, threats to Jewish people, vandalisation etc.? Media is very, very bad and is feeding the public with palestinian propaganda 24/7. It was time for some reaction and it's very unfortunate that the Jewish community is to scared of repraisals to support Israel in this. The Israeli government is handling this correctly, it's long time overdue that Israel stand up for its rights. Keep your Israeli spirit going and you will be alright.
7. Lena Posner
Kozol ,   Sweden   (08.23.09)
Lena should go back to sucking on her Kräftor as she has no idea what the hell she is talking about. Yes, in Sweden there is antisemetism; moreso than in France and probably than in Lebanon. The problem with these Swedish Jews is that they have forgoten what it is to be a Jew and are unable to differentiate between good from misanthropy, disdain and lacklustre
8. 6 is right
borisb ,   Brazil   (08.23.09)
Lena, How do you dare forget what happende with jews during WWII! 6 is right. You forgot that Iran´s nuclear program is helped very much by europe. And they know that. It is only the pure anti-semitism, and sweden have a say about closing the door to the jews in europe. That shame they want to clean in their minds. And renew anti-semitism and leave another the holocaust to Iran. The IDF is the ONLY FORCE OF DEMOCRATIC WORLD WITH THE WILL AND FORCE TO NOT ALLOW IRAN DO THIS. We dont forget what happend to our parents and referents. You are good acusing Israel. And israel didnt do anything wrong.
9. Iranian Jews also say
alexander tel-aviv   (08.23.09)
that Iran is a great country and Israel is an evil place.
10. What keeps Jews in Sweden?
Chaim ,   Netanya   (08.23.09)
Is spiritual life so great there? Is there an abundance of Kosher food? No assimilation? Great rabbis? Excellent Jewish education? Is Sweden the place to be? Is it the hot blonde Swedish shiksas? Is it the streets paved with gold? Is it the abundance of food ? The Swedish massages? the Swedish meatballs? Tell me maybe I will leave Israel to go to Sweden
11. Maybe in Sweden the story would have been ignored
S.   (08.23.09)
but the Arabs copied already many times.
12. On the back pages
Raoul ,   Netanya Israel   (08.23.09)
Blood libel cannot and must not be tolerated on whatever page they may appear. Is that so difficult to understand?
13. She should be aware that its overspun angora in bad taste
Ypip ,   Canada   (08.23.09)
that offends a national establishment outside of itself. Not free speech. Hate speech.
14. "New stands now full of articles on freedom of express..."
Steve Klein   (08.23.09)
Right, but only when it comes to spreading libel about the Jews: February 10, 2006 Swedish government shuts down website showing Muhammad cartoons Swedish Eurodhimmis act with an unusual dispatch against an enemy much more formidable than Islamic terrorism: those who insult the Prophet. "Säpo stops Muhammad cartoon site," from The Local, with thanks to Fjordman: The website of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) reopened on Friday morning, after the far-right party removed drawings of the prophet Muhammad. The site had been taken down by its hosting company after requests from Sweden’s foreign ministry and security service, Säpo. The hosting company, Levonline, says its block on the Sweden Democrats’ site and that of its newspaper SD-Kuriren remains in place. The party’s secretary, Björn Söder, says the site has been reopened by moving it to another server, although the pictures of Muhammad have been removed. “We have done this with the safety of Swedish citizens abroad in mind,” Söder said. At the time of writing, however, the site was not loading.
15. Like Iranian Jewish leaders
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (08.23.09)
If we've to excuse the Iranian Jews who are in danger of death, the same is not true in Sweden.. Shame on these "HofJuden" ..
16. Anti-Semitism Is Alive And Well In Sweden
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (08.23.09)
As someone who is married to a Swede and visits the country often on family visits, I can assure you that anti-Semitism is alive and well in Sweden - as is anti-foreigner sentiment. While the affluent and professionally successful Jewish communities keep a very low profile in the face of massive Muslim immigration - immigrants whom the Swedes despise even more than the Jews - Scandinavia's Swiss (the Swedes) - go about their customary role of demonstrating their neutrality, generosity and global moral conscience. Nothing could be further from the truth. You only have to look at Sweden's behavior towards Jews dating to WWII - before and after. The reality is that the Swedes are the ultimate hypocrites and rarely take a meaningful stance on anything as it would entail them getting off the fence which is something this wimpy nation - when compared with the Danes - are historically loathe to do.
17. Don't mention the jews
R.Wall ,   ISRAEL   (08.23.09)
To Lena Posner: Do you realy think that laying low and keeping a low profile will make antisemitism go away? Hasn't history learned us that this excactly the opposit ? You should know better !!
18. a sane voice- finally
Lisa   (08.23.09)
a Jew who is living in the country (Sweden) has, in my opinion a better grasp on the situation , than emotional TBs on Ynet.. Agreed, this article was a dirty innuendo- no proof- the reporter never had it, never will have it.. but would you have been as excited if it had been let's say the French army? the Spanish army? NOT- the reaction would have been " I always knew it.. they are so... and so...serves them right etc." Jews in Israel should start to worry about their own country, their own Jewish citizens and let the Diaspora decide where they want to live. Inviting everybody to move to Israel- don't kid your selves- not a great move for the majority. I notice almost all the TBs are from Israel- how do YOU KNOW what life is like in Sweden? Stop deciding for all the Jews in the Diaspora- what they are doing, thinking, where they should go... Lately all the headlines about Israel in the international press have been: Israel is outraged, furious, fuming, appalled, in a rage, speechless (I wish), it describes a child having a temper tantrum..... what happened to dignified response, calm talk, diplomatic response, ? I happen to be pro Israel, but it is becoming harder and harder taking all the outburst seriously.
19. # 10 you asked the question
Not in Israel   (08.23.09)
So I'll answer you. One of the reason as to why we don't live in Israel is because of humainees, racists, ninkampoops like you <<>>>> Are you an idiot a rabi or both???
20. Do not ignore anti-Semitism in Sweden or elsewhere.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (08.23.09)
Do not ignore the hate of Jews : you know where it starts, you never know how and when it stops as. More at :
21. Posner in Stockholm
Watcher   (08.23.09)
Of course, keep quiet don’t let the Gentiles find out that Jews live amongst them. This behavior is the surest way to the extermination Camps! Be proud to be a Jew – You have lots of reasons to be! I’m sure every decent Person will understand you.
22. Apologists
Ram ,   London   (08.23.09)
How sad to see time and again Jews who act as apologists for those who commit offences against Jews and Israel. When will Jews understand that it is no longer necessary for them to act as subserviant underdogs? When will they adopt an attitude of the expectation of equal rights, pride and political correctness meeted to them as expected by other minorities? Lena's attitude should only expected from the likes of Iranian Jews, where life and death is crossed by a thin line dependent on the whim of the Mullahs.
23. A two-word response
Kate ,   London   (08.23.09)
Shtetl Jew.
24. This Swedish newspaper doesn't matter
Keren   (08.23.09)
leave them alone already. look at what's on the internet, who reads a newspaper anymore, please, do me a favour. these old women, Bibi, Olmert, Barak etc need to get off the stage.
25. Have some Jewish Pride
cas reader   (08.23.09)
Lena must have eaten too many Swedish meatballs that she has completely forgotten her Jewish pride and identity. The day will come when Jews around the world including Sweden will be hunted again by hordes of racists and neo-nazis. Do you really think that the Swedish government is going to protect the local Jews? Only God can protect you and the Israeli government.
26. The Jews are hated everywhere
Maria ,   USA   (08.23.09)
because of jealousy and envious.These fellow Jews should defend Israel and the Jews all over the world.
27. Re:2
Mikael Wallgren ,   Spekeröd, Sweden   (08.23.09)
Ricardo: I guess you do not understand how bad your comment is. You are saying the same thing as the nazis are doing, that jews and the state of Israel is the same. One of the most important things in the battle against anti-semitism in Sweden is to keep that line clear! Lena Posner is a representant of Swedish jews, not of the state of Israel. And, for another reason, I need to say this: I had never heard about "blood libel" story before. The article wasn´t even close to talking about "jews killing babies". It was about that some palestinians think IDF are doing terrible things. I do not say it is good article, I just say it is not racism of any kind. We have a story in sweden we tell small children to learn them not to lye: Peter and the wolf. The context is that if you schout that the "wolf are coming" when it isn´t there, no one will come when the wolf actually is there. Think about it before you schout anti-semitism.
28. #6 Annika
Palestinian propaganda 24/7 such as: Lack of food, Lack of medical care Lack of electricity, water and sewerage; Deprivation of freedom of movement, Blown up schools and university; No schoolbooks, crayons and other educational matarials due to seige; No hair conditioner; less than 100 trucks allowed into Gaza per day for 1.5 million people; Lack of cash allowed into Gaza to pay public servants; Little hope and lots of dispair. I hope that all jews have to suffer this "propaganda" one day very soon Annika, and I hope you are one of them. Free Gaza and stop the seige NOW!
29. I think the reporter of Aftonbladet got just what he wanted
me ,   here   (08.23.09)
attention to himself - and all with the help of the Israeli officials. Some things are truly better handled with dignified calm.
30. Posner-to-Posner
Sarah Posner ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.23.09)
Europeans are racist to the bone, and you are a Quisling to enable them. Hate speech is never "free speech" in civilized countries.
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