PM: Talks with Palestinians to resume by end of September
Roni Sofer
Published: 23.08.09, 17:54
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IF the world has been unable to put out the cruel wars now raging in africa... and to douse the beligerencies still continuing in afghanistan and pakistan after more then 40 years... and to halt the unbridled killings in so may other parts of this world... how are these same diplomats going to stop the murderous hostilities endemic to israel's microscopic part of the world?
2. Peace
Johannes Broos ,   South Africa   (08.23.09)
Peace will only occur when the Messiah from the Bible will bring it. The interference of the world in order to bring peace the Midde East in fact is nothing less than anti-Semitism. Nothing less than that. They all hate Israel and Israel's G-d, the G-d of the Covenant people. Why are the politicians of the world not worried about Davour or Somalia or Zimbabwe or North Korea. You want more?
3. How can they agree to give away our land&then stand shoulder
2shoulder w/us and ,   sing the Ha Tikva???   (08.23.09)
4. Not in a
Sagi   (08.23.09)
5. Matters Arising
Nour ,   Palestine   (08.23.09)
With cynical criminals such as Lieberman appointed as FM in the apartheid entity, and an old snake being prime minister, what chances for hope, let alone peace? Stop this charade - only regime change will bring us closer to peace, be it 2-state solution or the binational solution.
6. No Way!
7. Optimism; at least Abbas doesn't bet, he is Muslim
observer   (08.23.09)
8. September,October. what's the difference.Pals still won't re
cognize Israel.Their ,   problem,not ours.   (08.23.09)
9. Nour
Daniel ,   London   (08.23.09)
There will be no binational state in the land of Israel. Two States for Two People. This is the only workable solution.
10. daniel #9
adam ,   london   (08.23.09)
if a binational solution cannot work, then the jews of europe should go back the jews of india, should go back the jews of morroco, iraq, iran should go back the only jews that can remain are the native palestinian jews just because your jewish it doesnt mean you "own" the holy land... just as a chinese muslim cant claim mecca because there muslim...
11. Talks to resume in September
Yosef ,   Israeli abroad   (08.23.09)
We the Israelis must never accept a divided Land of Israel.
12. arabs like nour foolishly believe that they "own" the land
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.23.09)
G-d gave to the Jews 3000 years ago. If nour was right, then the Romans and the Greeks and all the others that at one time or another conquered cities in the land of Israel would have a claim. Ten or a hundred or a thousand people can take something that belongs to someone else and call it theirs but it still belongs to the original owner. And yes, the American Indian natives still own all of America and they have as much chance of getting it back as the arabs have of killing all the Jews and taking all the land of Israel for themselves. Neither nour nor his children nor his grandchildren nor his great grandchildren to the 100th generation will ever see arabs living peacefully with Israel, the arabs want only to kill the Jews and take their land and HaShem will not permit this.
13. #8 Recognize Palestinians as humans first
Nour ,   Palestine   (08.24.09)
then recognize Palestine and its right to live free of land grabs, checkpoints, body parts piracy, and humiliation. Finally, stop settlement building and dismantle present ones. Only then can talks begin. Capicce?
14. #12 Thanks!
Nour ,   Palestine   (08.24.09)
Thanks for the not-so-accurate analogy between native indians and Palestinians. You admit we're the natives, while you're colonizers (Never ever forget that). Despite your biblical fantasies we're here to stay we do own the land. Just listen to all of the world's governments except the apartheid entity. Do keep in mind that we are NOT like the Iroquois or Cherokee, we are a determined and stubborn bunch! 60 years of occupation attest to this, as our resolve is unshaken. Now beat it.
15. A Palestinian State?
Ron B. ,   Lod   (08.24.09)
You want that? OK. BUT not in Israel. No way. Not now. Not ever. Put this Arab state in Dubai or Kuwait or Saudi Arabia or Libya or Syria. Make it big. Fill it with the Po' Arab "refugees". And with the Arabs of Gaza and Samaria and Judea (AKA West Bank). And treasonous Arabs who have Israeli citizenship. Build a big fence around it. Let them learn to develop the infrastructure of a state. Or let them destroy themselves, if that's what they prefer. If they ever become civilized, then it's time to consider letting them join the human race. About historical facts :
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