Swedish daily publishes second article on 'IDF organ harvesting'
Published: 23.08.09, 20:17
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1. Strike 2!!
2. l ies, lies, and more!
OZ   (08.23.09)
iserved in the west bank during the frist intifiada, and this description of trading and stealing organs from dead arabs is nonesense. pure and simple--- didn't happen! i'd sue the reporters ,the newspaper and its publisher for slender and defammation!
3. "condemnation" why? so what happened to freedom of the press
sami ,   son of palestine   (08.23.09)
remember those cartoons? everyone of you was calling it freedom of the press. now the shoe is on the other foot. wear it.
4. the third blow is coming with pace overwhelming condemnation
observer   (08.23.09)
5. let me get it straight after
gsea   (08.23.09)
the family got the body they opened the corps stitches to check when all the organs r inside while clearly they r a family of doctors? I find it unlikely and I know Swedish people love good horror fairy tails.
6. Sucking up to the left ...
Charlie ,   Hurst, TX   (08.23.09)
Suprised at Sweden? Just wait until Obama finishes with Israel. When ... WHEN will the people learn!
7. Shameful
Rachel   (08.23.09)
A person can cry wolf just so many times before no one takes them seriously anymore. This is why what Palestinians say can't be trusted, unless backed up by facts on the ground,which even then from past experience can be manipulated for their own propaganda purposes. Obviously,this family is still bitter and angry over the loss of their son,and will do anything to make Israel look bad in the eyes of the world. What is so sad and disturbing is that there are many wellmeaning,yet very gullible people who will believe what they say.
8. Swedish Daily
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (08.23.09)
This is just more garbage. I have met a lot of Swedish over the years as volunteers on the kibbutz, they weren't all pro Palestinian however a lot were. They believe this type of trash. The govt needs to sue the paper and reporter for this article this isn't freedom of speech,, this is like yelling Fire in a movie house. It's just wrong
9. Can't wait to hear if they found matzos in the bodies.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (08.23.09)
10. #3 Sami,son of Palestine
Jacob ,   Munich   (08.23.09)
there are 2 alternatives: either you don´t understand or you do not want to understand what "freedom of press" really means. It actually means that everybody hase the right to write and say what he wants. However if you write an article about a story that is worth to be written you have the obligation to check the facts with the other side. You would not like an article about you saying you are a homosexual without any proof. If indeed these things happened , they are of coarse worth and NESSECARY to be checked and verified. Culprits must then be brought to court. But again if you only accuse without proof that is wrong. And mark: jews have been victims in the middle ages regarding blood libels and the results were fatal for thousands of jews. So ,let us both stand up for freedom of press while being careful of insulting and accusing without verification.
11. Despite all the kvetching...
Gene G ,   Raleigh, USA   (08.23.09)
Not a single formal denial to the organ harvesting stories...not even an autopsy produced by the IDF. Interesting...
12. to 3
Barney ,   USA   (08.23.09)
Sami-there is no comparison between political cartoons that are meant to show the ugly side of Islam as manifested in suicide bombings, beheadings, wholesale slaughter that are well documented the world over in almost every country in the world with a slanderous article that has no basis in fact. State the facts then publish an article don't publish an article on heresay. The cartoons were to provoke thought and maybe some Muslims would recognize what has become of their religion at the hand of extremists. Instead the actions of the Muslims only reinforced what the cartoons were pointing out.
13. #11 So calling it made-up BS is not "official denial"?
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (08.23.09)
Perhaps on your planet, comrade.
14. Cashing in on organ harvesting
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (08.23.09)
Aftonbladet has decided to ride the wave of negative publicity it has received by publishing another article with basically the same fabricated "facts" in hope to increase their circulation and advertising kronas BTW Bilal is the name of a donkey in the Quran, which fits the whole story
15. Why doesn't Israel release the truth about how all Swedish
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.24.09)
school children are required to lose their virginity during group sex classes in kindergarten?
16. WHat you don
17. What you don't get is Sami believes as do many Muslims
GZLives   (08.24.09)
these absurd stories which if Gene in Raleigh had any brains would know there's no need to deny something that is so stupid it doesn't warrant an answer. Gene .. go and look up what is necessary to harvest human organs. Go and see all the various medical problems that need to be dealt with. You can't just go and kill someone and remove a body part - AND THEN USE IT. It would be as useless as the story is factual ergo no need to feed the hatred and even speak to the voracity of the story. This is example of what Swedish Muslims hear in their Mosques ... and you can see why a Swedish newspaper interested in both bashing Jews and entertaining idiot Muslims would publish this trash. Apparently it appears that many many Muslims are living as if it were the 7th century to sit in a Mosque and swallow the sort of thing that they are being fed ... "In 2006, when Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz discontinued his preliminary investigation regarding anti-Semitism at the great mosque in Stockholm. He wrote that "the lecture at hand contains statements that are strongly degrading to Jews, among other things, they are throughout called brothers of apes and pigs." Furthermore a curse is expressed over the Jews and "Jihad is called for, to kill the Jews, whereby suicide bombers – celebrated as martyrs – are the most effective weapon." Lambertz thought that the "recently mentioned statements in spite of their contents are not to be considered incitement against an ethnic group according to Swedish law." His conclusions were that the preliminary investigation should be discontinued because this incitement against Jews could be said to originate from the Middle East conflict." So there you go Sami son of Palestine - do your people a favor and maybe you can lead them out of this idiotic barbarity that they clearly display when they resort to this sort of behavior. If we are apes and pigs, then what are you cousin ?
18. Recall our ambassador!!!
Amir ,   Ba'Tzafon   (08.24.09)
19. @10 well-said!
20. 2nd article
alexi   (08.24.09)
Harvesting organs-face facts, palestinians which is an artificial term, are full of crap. Uri davis reminds me of others, non idfers, philosophy or psychology majors like olmert, who understand the arab nakba omitting that the united nations awarded israel a piece of land from which 5 arab countries attacked with intent to destroy. So the nakba is the 5 arab states attacking israel. Oz, avener, ginsberg, beilin and ben ami, olmert and livni represent a strain of politics that since Osl has cost israel thousands in dead and maimed.The status quo would have cost less. Lieberman advocates the status quo which is not bad for now. Everyone is pushing at israel's expense.Yaalon says no to america and so do I as Obama's position deserves a no. Sweden preaches freedom of speech but they can yell fire in a crowded theatre. Soon swedes will be eating fly infested shawma as their moslem swedes surpasse the christians in numbers. Good luck and israel will not help you when that happens.
21. CORRECTING's information
Gábor Fränkl ,   Budapest, Hungary   (08.24.09)
Contrary to an earlier report by Ynet on this continuing circus, FM Carl Bildt has NEVER claimed, nor in his private blog nor anywhere else for that matter, that "personally" he is having a bad opinion on the paper's article. Just the evry opposite is true -as I've been confirmed by a Swedish speaking citizen from Sweden on another Israeli newspaper. Ynet what you have writtten is INCORRECT! Please don't censor!
22. WAR, this is a war declaration !!!
avi   (08.24.09)
23. Sovjet
David ,   New York   (08.24.09)
You can take the man out of Moldova, but you can't take Moldova out of the man.
24. History keeps on repeating itself!!
Larry G. ,   Hamilton, Canada   (08.24.09)
In Europe during the middle ages, the major blood libel against the Jews was that Jews killed Christian children and used their blood in the making of matzah. Also every single Jewish blood libel of its time was neatly wrapped up by Martin Luther in his published (1543) anti-Semitic book called 'On the Jews and their lies'. In the late 1890's and early 1900's, the czar's secret police gave the average Russian the reason for their problems, the Jews were the cause of all their problems (including alcoholism)! The Jews had secretly conspired to ruin the world and then they were going to take it over through a global Zionist government. This was all explained by publishing the fabricated minutes of a secret meeting of Jews, this book was called 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion'. And now the latest blood libel circulating around the world is that Jews in Israel are killing Muslims in order to harvest their organs for transplantation! It's absolutely disgusting the depths of depravity anti-Semitism has evolved to and especially in a so-called enlightened country such as Sweden. But you, who would have guessed that Germany could give birth to Nazism which eventually led to The Holocaust! The irony is that the worst anti-Semitic blood libels have been developed and have spun into a virulent industry of Jew bashing in the most so-called cultured societies during that period in history. Sweden now joins that club--congratulations!!!
25. barak obama's role
recently, obama sent a televised message to the arab and muslim world...needless to say, he saw fit to mix the religious message with a political message saying, i believe in a two state solution. what does this have to do with the message for ramadan???? you never should politicise a religious message with politics. however, obama saw fit to put the jews in israel on the firing line again, thinking that if he forces the issue against israel's security, the arabs would love him more. this president has not met a socialist dictator he didn't like or embrace. now... it would have been quite nice for this scum of a president to send another message to the arab and the antisemetic propagandist lying world and those newpapers that earn their money through double slander and vile propaganda and lies and libels. he should have taken the opportunity for rosh hashanna to send a very very clear message to the arab world, the palestinians and the antisemites in sweden, that this libelous disgusting article, the deefamation of an entire army and the connection this article made of what happened in new jersey's jewish syrian community has a direct link to israeli idf harvesting organs of palestinians...based on one single lying palestinian. SHODDY JOURNALISM AND SENSATIONAL PROPAGANDA AT BEST. shameful! barak obama should have taken this vile story as an opportunity to speak against antisemitism, against incitement to hatered of jews and israel, against vile racist rummers being past off as truth in this vile swedish press rag tag of a newspaper. he should have stood against such articles as he stook against islamophobia in both the usa and europe. shame on president barak obama. hameed aboughaze, iranian now, let's all witness obama hugging khadafi after the celebration he gave at the arrival of the mass murderer and terrorist from the british jail. i guess amerocan lives, all 200 of them, that were incinerated in the sky by this islamist beast, doesn't mean anything to obama...the hugs to arabs will go on as the oil deals are consumated and agreed upon. it's oil baby and nothing, not even the 200 american innocents lives mean anything to this empty suit islamic president. and please, obama, do not ever say again that islam shares all the values of christianity and judaism because this is simply fantasy, as evidenced by islamic terror and wars all over the world. you, sir, do not represent the merican feelings towards this kind of islam. do not sit there and preach from your muslim pulpit that islam has anything in common with judaism and christianity because after the muslims eat during ramadan in gaza and the west bank, they plot and execute death on israeli jews BECAUSE OF THEIR SOLID BELIEFS IN THE KURAN AND ISLAMIC TRADITIONS. i am a muslim iranian and very well educated in america. i know what this fake president is trying to do and it will all explode in your face some day. you do not know islam, sir. islam has a little nasty element to it that you are very naive about. they do not think like you, sir. they will use you to embolden them and then stick a knife in your back. hameed aboughaze, iranian
26. The Roots of Modern Antisemitism
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, Tx, USA   (08.24.09)
At the root of the present left-wing hate of Israel is that Europeans are not happy with the large number of Muslim immigrants and all the trouble they bring, but thinking of themselves as enlightened and tolerant their anger finds an outlet in blaming Israel for the presence of these alien and disruptive elements, because (as the Arab narrative goes) without Israel the Middle East would be a paradise of democracy, tolerance and full employment.
27. "We believe his organs were stolen"
William ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
Ok, and how? Is superman now Palestinian and he can see through human tissue? I have an idea. Let's exhume the body and desecrate it to reveal the truth. If the family disagrees, they are lying. I'd love to see the mouth of all missing teeth and wonder how Israel has a 24-hour organ stealing clinic....must be run by 7-11 mini-marts. What I find telling about the story is the spin the family and the reporters put on it. They claimed that "he was hunted by Israel for protecting Palestinians" which is a euphamism for "terrorist who was armed and hunting IDF soldiers, Israeli civilians". Another statement which led to the belief he was in a terrorist gang...."they could have arrested him but instead killed him". Yes, we hear that often....despite the danger to IDF troops, both Pals and Leftists want their terrorists arrested instead of killed which is what happens in war. Didn't these same people remain silent when Hamas "arrested" their opposition, including the leader of the Al-Qaeda group??
28. #3 - Cartoons didn't make an untruth, blood libel
William ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
The cartoons simply showed Muhammed with a bomb on his head. It was a reference to Muslims justifying their massacres of civilians on the tenets of Islam that were presented by Muhammed. Further, Muhammed himself declared it ok to slaughter many people for the religion and take the rest as slaves, steal their property. In contrast, this story of organ stealing has no basis and no proof. It's like saying all Muslims masturbate to the Koran and drink infidel blood to stay strong. It's a blatant lie and would not be covered under the idea of freedom of speech. Why should slandering Jews with no proof be?
29. #4 - Observer - Where was the second "blow"?
William ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
That the family who actually made the accusation decided to state it again in another article? Isn't that just a re-print of the first article? Still - no proof. It's an accusation. The photo isn't really any proof. We see that with Photoshop or just using another person who is unidentifying, anything can be conveyed, as was the faking of images by Reuters during Lebanon War, and by Pals constantly. Since you are so critical of the press during pro-Israel stories, I would have expected you to atleast be a bit skeptical and ask for proof. But your thirst for Jewish blood is so strong, you'd believe the biggest lie.
30. #7 - Still bitter at losing their son
William ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
Yeah, I guess they should have come to terms with the Occupational Hazards of being a terrorist against the IDF. Mark my all Palestinians do, these numb-nuts will try to hurt Israel even more and be approached by one of many lawyers who will try to take their case to sue the IDF for millions. In the US, we have lawyers that chase Israel, we have lawyers who chase Palestinians...both unscrupulous and experts in spinning lies.
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