PM on crime surge: Tougher punishment needed
Roni Sofer
Published: 23.08.09, 21:41
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1. How about starting with controlling the out of control...
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (08.23.09)
behavior at Dizengoff Center on any given motze shabbat....the "youth" there are scary.
2. Start with the death penalty for terrorists. If you can kill
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.24.09)
a dozen Jews and live a comfortable life with personally ordered food in prison, it sends the message that life is so cheap you won't really be punished for taking it.
3. why not execute a few terrorists instead of releasing them
zionist forever   (08.24.09)
Samir Kuntar, Marwan Bargouti both convicted in a civilian court so were subject to national law not military. The law does allow for the death penalty but so far only Eichman has ever been put to death. If Samir Kuntar had been executed at the time of his trial then he couldn't be released. Some of the terrorists in Israeli jails who were released at the height of oslo by both Peres & Bibi went onto kill again. The mastermind of the Park Hotel bombing had been in jail but was released by Bibi as one of the many oslo goodwill gesture prisoner releases. When somebody has commited cold blooded murder terrorist or not if their guilt is beyond doubt then they should be executed. Why spend fortunes in taxpayer money keeping them alive in jail when instead they could have been executed and got the only punishment they deserve. Instead of kidnapping Vanunu they should have brought him back to Israel questioned him then suicided him before the courts even got involved. As far as the rest of the world would have known Vanunu would have disapeared. They would have suspected he had been executed by israel but as it never went to court nobody would have ever found out. Instead the man got a trial went to jail for 18 years and has become a martyr worldwide because he came clean about Israels nuclear program. Today he has been offered honery citizenship of many european countries and millions of people look up to him like some kind of hero. The man deserved to die for treachery. Instead he still goes around boasting about what he did, he says the palestinians have a right to a state but jews don't because they have the diaspora. He constantly breaks the terms of his release. If the law says we can execute certain prisoners then lets stop being like the europeans and actually kill them its all they deserve. I don't give a dam about people getting drunk and carrying out petty crime we need to be tough with serious offenders. Lets also introduce things like chain gangs. Terrorists we have no plans to execute lets get them to work helping to build the zionist dream. What better punishment can you offer to a Hamas terrorist than forcing him to help develop Israel? I have seen documentries before where they interview terrorists who have commited murder inside Israel and they are so proud of what they have done and they say all Israel is Palestine. Just think getting a man like that to work to make the jewish state a better place to live for israelis not palestinians who are waiting to take over.
4. MOST of the times the bible is TOO...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur, M'sia   (08.24.09)
LENIENT in the punishment of criminals which was tampered by worldly principles maybe not 'WHOLELY' but partially. Though claimed to be written by prophets from ancient times yet, the documents would still be able to be edited and changed whilst the documents or torah is kept in storage without any security to prevent the documents being manipulated and corrupted with elements that would reduce punishments to criminals that would actually be considered a laughing stock to criminals. Therefore, Netanyahu is absolutely on the right track of justice to advocate a strengthening to matters dealing in criminal policies.
5. Bring back hanging
israel   (08.24.09)
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