Swedish editor: I'm not a Nazi
Yonatan Gur
Published: 24.08.09, 08:58
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1. the whole story is from a Turkish movie
bob ,   potomac usa   (08.24.09)
the whole story comes from that disgusting Turkish movie, Valley of the Wolves Iraq, in which Gary Busey plays aJewish doctor who removes the organs from Iraqi prisoners and sells them in NY
2. "neutral" sweden helped the nazis in WW2, they have no
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.24.09)
respect at all for the truth, let alone the Jews.
3. Not a Nazi? but continue to publish blood liable without evi
rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.24.09)
Not a Nazi, not anti Semitic, but continues to publish blood liable and anti-semitic articles with no evidence. The only questions this raises is how people like you justify your actions to yourself. Would you even think to say the Sweedish goverment is poisening prisoners. No. Of course not, because you have no evidence. But you can do so towards Israel. That's ok.
4. "NO Evidence" - Should Be Headlined
Christy ,   Boston, US   (08.24.09)
.. "the paper had no evidence of such practices." The paper should *at least* have a front-page item stating they have no evidence for such an accusation. I think a headline would be best, but at least a front-page article. Personally, if I had read anything about organ harvesting I would assume it was some sort of (bad) parody. However, there are some who just might believe it, sad to say.
5. Just like the Nazis: lies, calomnies, become TRUTH
robert   (08.24.09)
YOUR PAPER HAS NO EVIDENCE OF SUCH PRACTICES ????? Jan Helin, you must be a fool, stupid, an idiot, an anti-semite, or ALL the above.......Probably ! What if I was letting the Media know that you are a Pedophile indulging in group orgy; without evidence....Yet. Would you like that ?,any difference? You, your paper, your staff , must be the worst of the worst in journalistic Scoop !
6. Of course you're not anti-Semitic...
Steve   (08.24.09)
A writer for The Age newspaper, Michael Backman, published an article in January in which he claimed that all terrorism is Israel's fault and that all young Israelis are rude and arrogant. This occurred after The Age had been publishing one sided, anti-Israel articles by Ed O'Loughlin for years. There was an outcry, and the editors of the newspaper had the audacity to claim that they are not anti-Semitic, despite allowing anti-Semitic and anti-Israel material to be published repeatedly. This incident with the Swedish newspaper is very similar. The editors of both newspapers can claim that they aren't anti-Semitic. My response to them is that I can go and claim that the Earth is flat, but that still doesn't make it the truth. If these editors want to run anti-Semitic articles, then at least have the decency to admit that they don't like Jews, instead of further insulting us by claim not to be anti-Semitic.
7. no evidence? Jan Helin
Lisa   (08.24.09)
Jan Helin- what a jerk- no evidence of such practice? This makes it even worse- then it is pure malice and hearsay. This is deliberate badmouthing- any intelligent person should know that this has NOTHING to do with free speech- The Aftonbladet must be really desperate to publish such articles in an attempt to get readers. Jan Helin, you are a shit! I hope this backfires on you and you will feel one day what it is like to be hounded by press and your 'good' name smeared. Pick on someone your own size- a turd!
8. the question of exaggeration is not the point
susan ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.09)
The article in question definitely gives a somber reminder of the kind of press that preceeded WWII and frequently appeared in Nazi Germany even before the war. This kind of press coming from a liberal western country gives spine shivers to those who passed through that era and to their offspring . The insensivity of a Swedish paper -even to allow on any page such an article or shall we say the deliberate failure to check out the truth of such an incitely article-is at best INTENDED to flare up antisemitic responses. For this alone, the editor should make a public apology. tHERE IS AN IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ALLOWING FREE SPEECH AND IRRESPONSIBLE PRESS WHICH ALLOWS UNVERIFIED INCITEFUL "FACTS" WHCI ARE PRESENTED TO THE READING PUBLIC AS TRUE. THIS IS NOT FREE SPEECH-THIS IN DELIBERATE ENDORSEMENT OF INFLAMMATORY ANTISEMITIC RHETORIC IN ITS WORST FORM. HOPE THE READER GETS THE DIFFERENCE IN MY COMMENTS. THIS IS WHY THE EDITOR MUST PUT A STOP TO PRINTING THESE TYPE OF ARTICLES AND APOLOGIZE IN THE NAME OF TRUTHFUL REPORTING. This is why they stuck this article in the last pages of the paper, because they didn't want it to leak out to international news agencies.
9. Calumnies, lies, etc. freedom of the press
robert   (08.24.09)
PS : robert camus comment. Jan Helin, I feel sorry for your wife an children (if married),your family, your country above all,for not being able to distiguish right from wrong; on the warped disguise of Democracy.
10. Sure your not a Nazi,your a Nazi big .
Eric...... ,   Israel...   (08.24.09)
Witha lot of hate for JEWS.
11. he isn't
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.24.09)
Jan Helin is not a Nazi and is not anti-Semitic. He just thinks that there is a problem with the Jews: he believes that they have no homeland and no nation wants them to live with them. All Helin wants is to find a solution to the Jewish problem.
12. Maybe not a Nazi
Tony   (08.24.09)
but definetly a S C U M B A G
13. and you didnt ask for idf reaction because....?
oferdesade ,   israel   (08.24.09)
a responsible journalist is always aware of the insinuations he may be echoing; and if he's not, that's what the editor's for. in such a case, asking for a reaction regarding allegations is standard journalism 101. the only conclusion i can draw is that neither of these two c***s is a trained journalist, but rather something else.
14. Turn About is Fair Play
Miranda Rose Smith   (08.24.09)
Dear Editors: Mr. Helin has admitted that he greenlighted the article even though he had no evidence that it was true. It "raised important questions." How about Yediot Aharonot raising some important questions, by printing, as I suggested yesterday, an article about doctors in Swedish hospitals injecting Arab patients with the AIDS virus? Would Mr. Helin raise important questions by printing an article about British doctors harvesting the organs of I.R.A. terrorists?
15. Swedish Editor admits: My paper is trash
JPS ,   Efrat   (08.24.09)
Wow... what a mea culpa! The idiot admits that the entire story is a piece of trash and nothing more than libel. By his own admission, this has nothing to do with "freedom of the press" or "freedom of speech", but rather the false impression that being a newspaper gives him the right to print anything. Libel is not a right, it's a crime. This idiot should be charged in a court of law with incitement, and sued up the wazoo for damages for his incompetent attack on our integrity.
16. Mr. Helin: You are NOT a responsible editor!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.24.09)
You are an unprofessional and unethical tabloidist who fails to qualify as a journalist or news person. The same goes for the pack of similar tabloidists you may cite as peers who behave like you. Get a moral compass and insist on verifying future stories, adhering to facts and cut the rumor-mongering to sell advertising. It's simple greed over ethics.
Alan ,   SA   (08.24.09)
19. No evidence?
what's the use of publishing a story when there is no evidence. So we can publicise anything now....."Swedes are impotent. But there is no evidence of this"....."Swedes are antisemitic pigs...but this is never proven...."...endless. How stupid!
20. Unbelievable
Joan ,   Haifa   (08.24.09)
Is this editor actually so supid as to not realize what he's done? That's pretty hard to believe. I'm glad to hear that he is so concerned about human rights. Does that extend to Jews? If it does, he'll certainly have lots of editorial grist. For instance, he could write about the plight of Gilad Shalit. He wouldn't have to rely on hateful libel to do that. And then, to add insult to injury, he printed a *second* uncheckable libel?
21. Dear Mr Bostrom
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.24.09)
So Mr Bostrom you say that "Israel needs to withdraw to its borders and evacuate the settlements". I've got news for you; Israel is within its borders. All of the Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel. You probably have a copy of our deeds to the Land - the Bible. Read it!
22. He said the truth
sameer ,   jerusalem   (08.24.09)
Why all this accusation for the swedish paper, editor and all sweden? what israeli IDF doing for palestinians is much more than steeling bidy parts, you should look in the mirror to sea your faces.
23. How weird they are.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.24.09)
Swedish editor: I'm not a Nazi Aftonbladet's editor-in-chief, Jan Helin, says he green-lighted report accusing IDF soldiers of harvesting Palestinians' organs because it 'raises some questions. He confesses, however, that paper has no evidence of such practices Comment. When one speak privately to those Socialists without mentioning politics, everything seems all right but, when one takes the discussion out to the political reality of it, they change consciousness at once, and become possessed as it where. Not to be a Nazi does not change anything, because the Nazis is also Socialists. Common to all Socialist is their hatred of Israel and Jews politically. Now this selfdeseiver confesses that no prof of ant Israeli wrongdoing is at hand, still they maintain their innocense. I am still ashamed to be a Swede. Arn.
24. old useless gun
sameer ,   jerusalem   (08.24.09)
to accuse somebody who tells the truth that he is Nazi!!!!!!! is no more effective gun, it is an old fashion, useless, just try an other kind of accusition or answer the editor by facts if you are right.
25. The editor admits to having no evidence.
vered ,   israel   (08.24.09)
Since when does freedom of speech supersede "responsible" reporting?
26. They are full of ugliness. Sweden and other Euro
Frank ,   USA   (08.24.09)
lands will never change. They are venomously anti-Semitic down to the core.
27. to #18 don't be so happy they r not nice to muslims
ghostq   (08.24.09)
either, because of the muslims riots also jews suffer as their scape goat.
28. Sorry Sameer, he's lying
JPS ,   Efrat   (08.24.09)
Sameer - you have to learn a bit about how journalism works. You are not allowed to write a news story unless you have factual evidence to support wait you say. The news article had lots of claims, but no evidence at all to show that it was the truth. Without any proof, it certainly looks like he is lying, not telling the truth. If you say you have evidence, then let's see it. Prove to us that this happened and then you will have a story. Unless you have proof, it's just more Palestinian propaganda.
29. No 13 Oferdesade, you embarass yourself!
Ben Alofs ,   BANGOR, Gwynedd   (08.24.09)
"and you didn't ask for idf reaction because...? If you would have read the article in its english translation you could have known that Donald Bostrom did just that, namely asking the Israeli army for a reaction to this allegation. "The spokesman for the Israeli army said that the allegations of organ theft by the Palestinians were fabrications. All the Palestinians who were killed were routinely autopsied, he said." I would strongly suggest that before making hasty judgments people read the whole article.
30. to #23 that's ok the left wingers make
ghostq   (08.24.09)
trobles for every one look what Betzelem is doing in Israel they made riots against riots arrests(witch was unothorised). see... the left is disgusting every where.
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