Israelis urged to boycott IKEA
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 24.08.09, 11:08
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1. Pointless And Counterproductive
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (08.24.09)
Let's leave aside the fact that Ikea is a DUTCH-registered company (they left Sweden years ago), they are also a privately-owned company that has NOTHING to do with the newspaper in question or even the government of Sweden. I personally will continue to shop at Ikea, as will almost everyone with whom I speak.
2. Not too bright
Frode ,   Oslo, Norway   (08.24.09)
Volvo is owned by US corp Ford. Absolut Vodka is owned by French Pernod. Doh!
3. Hypocrites!
David ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.24.09)
Who will be the first to claim "anti-Semitism" when Israeli goods are boycotted or Israeli academics are refused international co-operation?
4. No boycott on Saab
Hans Neezenbums ,   TA   (08.24.09)
The organisers of the petition decided not to extend the " Swedish boycott" to the Saab car manufacturer, also manufactured in Sweden. This is due to the facts that Israeli sales of this brand stand at virtually zero anyway, and any publicity suggesting that the company is still alive may lead to an actual increase in their sales....
5. "The Swedish chain's store in Netanyahu"
Correction ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
You mean Netanya, bot Netanyahu.
6. This answers the article "How Childish Are We?"
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.24.09)
7. #4, Saab is today a GM owned company
avi   (08.24.09)
8. The moral commitment of Israelis
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.24.09)
Israeli commitment to a boycott is just a joke...a moment of indignant self righteousness, forgotten after a few months. Just as it happened to Turkey. We take pride in our principles unril it hits us in our pockets
9. IKEA should not fear - Give Israelis a good price and
Betoch ami   (08.24.09)
we're yours. We make great noisy statements about boycotting and then crawl back to buy, just as we did with Turkey. Remember the famous boycott of Turkey? Well it's over. IKEA knows only too well how Israelis crave their do-it-yourself furniture :-) I'm appalled by the blood libel and action should be taken against the paper, but boycotting IKEA or Volvo is stupid because people in Israel quickly forget and life moves on.
10. i dont think it will work
israel ,   the heart of telaviv   (08.24.09)
personaly, i am diguesed by the sweds but still i will not boycott ikea
11. We need to start the boycott of IKEA in the USA
From the USA ,   boycott IKEA   (08.24.09)
12. Don't stoop to the low, childish level of the Swedes
Doron ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
who has for years launched several boycott campaigns against Israeli products, which also hurt Palestinian workers. Of course their boycotts were never whole-hearted, but rather selective. Our produce, wines and cosmetics were targeted, but never our high-tech and medical products that helps to treat sick Swedes.
13. What does Ikea have to do with the tabloid or
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.24.09)
government policy? all the workers in Israeli one and only Ikea are Israeli. Q. So who is this boycott actually going to hurt the most? A. Us
14. What does IKEA have to do with anything?
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.24.09)
They are an international company doing business in Israel. They have nothing to do with this newspaper article criticizing the IDF. When are we going to grow up? No wonder they call us "Children of Israel."
15. boycott israel in EU
ale ,   Italia   (08.24.09)
boycott israel that trasform gaza in lager. boycott israel that use no-woman bus boycott israel that do not respect international laws boycott israel that have unlaw nuke arsenal..... talking about serious thinks.... boycott israel that boycott world Peace. swedish paper simply describe a history of thousends histories between arabs and jews..... israel is killing yet gazans but noone talk about boycotting killers/settlers is simply a history but israel has not evidences for destroy this like a baby (crazy babies) israelis said boycott swedn...boycott ikea... like crazy babies....or haredi (adult babies)
16. "boycott israel that trasform gaza in lager"
daniel ,   London   (08.24.09)
17. Autopsy stitches
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.09)
Just check the difference between stitches done by a team of doctors after retrieving organs and the stitches made by legal doctors that perform an autopsy to determine the cause of dead. There was not organs harvesting,there is not record in our hospital of any illegal transplant and there are no doctors that can perform a transplant without all the clinical and legal documents needed. There is only one exception, the neurosurgery team of the Karolinskaia hospital in Stockholm did transplant a damaged brain to a journalist that now suffer from hallucinations.
18. #6 - well, THIS answers how "childish" we are...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.24.09)
Condemning racist incitement against us is NOT CHILDISH! Even if this call boycott is ineffective for many practical reasons and realities which I don't care to repeat, it has one positive effect that nobody can ignore: PUBLIC OPINION and PUBLIC ATTENTION! This call to boycott is a PUBLIC CONDEMNATION that is ween quite clearly in Stockholm, and even if they claim it doesn't affect them they can't ignore the fact that people around the globe will eventually start asking questions like "what is happening in 'neutral and civilized' Sweden?". Sweden cannot afford to lose the picture of a perfect and utopian liberalism and democracy that it has so carefully and adamantly painted on itself. This call to boycott is visible not only in Israel and that sends a clear message to the intended recipient - no doubt about that! The public arena has been ignored for too long. We allowed the Islamo-Leftists, Anarchists and Nazi agitators to harrass us on the streets, in the media and in court. We allowed these scum distort the facts, fabricate lies, recycle or invent new blood libels and claim racist and inhuman claims against Israel and the Jews. And of course, the coward enemy has blinked already! The public and media and political "attention" which that pathetic 'bladet tabloid got, pushed them into defense and forced them to do a "double-take" and confess publicly that their racist claims have NO PROOF and NO FOUNDATION - in fact, confessing to libel and racist incitement! We should not burn embassies like our enemies do, but we should EXPOSE, COMPLAIN and FIGHT ANY KIND OF RACIST INCITEMENT, LIBELS AND HARASSEMENT AGAINST ISRAEL AND THE JEWS, FOR AS LONG AS THIS IS AN ACCEPTABLE PRACTICE! The "water" falling onto us is NOT "rain" and not even "spit" anymore - it is VENOM and it should be STOPPED forever. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
19. Ingvar Kamprad, the founder and main sharehoulder of IKEA
Daniel Coltof ,   Belgium   (08.24.09)
This is another Israeli idea, which will amuse the whole world and especially IKEA. Ingvar Kamprad, the founder and main sharehoulder of IKEA is with a fortune of 24 Billion dollar one of the richest people on this globe and I heard that he has been expressing antisemitic comments. It doesn't affect him AT ALL if the israelis would not enter IKEA in Netanya for ten years !!
20. #18 Am Yisroel Chai, Right On
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
I second the Doc. Probably the most effective act would be to take the journalist and newspaper to court, probably in England where there are stiff libel laws, and sue the pants off them. Also, diplomatic sanctions are in order. As for economic sanctions, this petition has merit, Pragmatically such boycotts are not so useful for Israel but as public statements they are extremely useful. I think a citizen's petition to the Swedish govt is in order. It is not appropriate to sit by and take this shtuyot, but to respond forcefully but calmly.
21. We are making fools out of ourselves because of Lieberman...
Reb L. Yell ,   Carmiel, Israel   (08.24.09)
What do the Swedes care if we buy at Ikea? All this noise only made a third rate writer in a third rate tabloid famous. Will any of this fight antisemitism? It only makes us look like monkeys. The Swedish Gov't is not responsible for their journalists any more than Israel's. They will never yield, but in a few days Israel will cave in after making a lot of noise and gaining nothing. Another loss in the world of public relations.
22. Great smaller queues in the Ikea Checkout
Avi ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
Great thanks, could the boycott possibly start by Saturday evening as i need to get a few things in Ikea and lets face it , its a nightmare on Saturday evenings.
23. #4 correction and comment.
Hans Neezenbums ,   TA   (08.24.09)
Firstly, Saab is in the process of being sold back into Swedish hands due the mess GM have got themselves into. Secondly, please follow the flow of the other comments here, and do not let irrelevancies like facts or common sense affect your opinions or judgements....
24. I traded in my VOLVO clunker for $500.- yesterday...
Janet Keno ,   Baltimore   (08.24.09)
Volvo is ugly and boring car. Saab too.
25. boycotting IKEA will hurt Israel petition the embassy & king
zionist forever   (08.24.09)
I would love it if people would boycott these sweedish government to let them know that the Israeli people are angry with the fact that they refuse to apologize for these obviously false claims. Even if its just for the sake of diplomacy they should have said we condemn it. The problem with a boycott on companies like IKEA is they have only one store in Israel and as the majority of their business is done in Europe not Israel its not going to hurt the parent company to badly. If though the local store feels the effects of this boycott they may decide to start laying people off and to the anti Israel people who wrote stories like this it would be a gift. A petition demanding an apology yes but to be sent to the sweedish embassy who are the representatives of the sweedish government in Israel. Also why not write to the kiing of Sweeden their head of state. He is supposed to stay out of politics in general but if he starts getting letters personally he will ask the government if they think its wise to keep up this refusal to issue an apology which is only damaging diplomatic relations between Sweeden & Israel. After the petitions have been sent to the right people along with a letter from the Israeli government in non diplomatic language call it quits. Eventually though the subject has to be dropped because the longer its in the media the more credibility it gets. Already they have done a follow up article where a palestinian has said that in 1992 their son was killed and he was returned without his organs. Of course as he has been in the ground for 17 years they can't prove a thing just take the word of a palestinian who hates Israel but the story has been in the media so long now they can write this rediculous follow up that they have even worse journalism than the first because they have seen it hurts Israelis and makes headlines worldwide. If their government won't apologise then we have to just be smart & ignore this article and any follow ups unless they have good evidence to prove there is any truth in the story.
26. This is as it should be.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.24.09)
The Leftists in Sweden Now and Then also says the same of Israeli products. As soon somethin Political controversal happens in Israel, as the last, "Cast lead ", such demands come from them. They are weird. Ashamed to be a Swede. Arn.
27. #25 - Talkbackls are not supposed to be entire books.
28. Only boycott those Swedish/ companies that ad in Aftonbladet
David ,   Boston, USA   (08.24.09)
Protest these companies. Put that racist paper out of existence through lack of advertising. Boycott all formal Swedish officials. Dont blame all Swedes and Swedish companies. Just the ones that provide funding to Aftonbladet and its propaganda articles and editorials that prevent free speech and promote free racism.
29. I shall no longer shop at IKEA, neither in the U.S. nor when
Jean Goldberg ,   Maryland, U.S.A.   (08.24.09)
I visit Israel.
30. who n3eeds their expensive crappy furniture anyway?
bob ,   potomac md usa   (08.24.09)
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