Lieberman: Foreign Ministry cadets must be loyal to State
Roni Sofer
Published: 24.08.09, 15:08
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1. The ONLY ones loyal to the state are the religious!
Shalom   (08.24.09)
The Leftists are WORSE than Arabs. The Leftists are the ones destroying Israel from within and you want them to represent the State? What a joke. If G-d forbid the Left will continue to rule for much longer, you can expect to be back in Europe.
2. #1 - don't take my name-
Shalom (the real one   (08.24.09)
- although I do agree with you :-)
3. strange headline
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.24.09)
Why "no Arabs to foreign service" and not "no Haredim to foreign service" or "no Tel Avivians to foreign service? All that Lieberman wants is that someone who wants to have a chance at getting one of the best paid, easiest jobs in Israel they have to serve the country first. Considering that there are many non-Jews who do serve in the army, including Druze, Beduins, Christians and even Arabs and that there are many Jews who do not serve in the army, there is no racism in Lieberman's more than reasonable proposal.
4. #1 Shalom, Who started Car Park Riots in East Jerusalem?
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur, M'sia   (08.24.09)
Haredi caused it. The Result? Damages and injuries of municipal workers that the state must bore. Who is right, Lieberman or the ultra religious? The Haredi has it's roots since independence and has supported Israel since 1948 till now which is utmost respectable and never forgotten. But what do the ultra-religious ones lack? Patriotism for matters concerning the state.
5. OK, then allow the Arabs to serve in the IDF!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (08.24.09)
You cannot have your cake and eat it Minister! This must also apply to the Ultra-Orthodox and to women who have not served! You are opening a can of worms here Minister Lieberman although I do agree that government jobs, particularly those that involve Israel's security and foreign relations cannot be given to those who are not loyal to the State of Israel! Further, you must allow ALL Israelis, without any discrimination, to enlist and you could encourage the Arab sector and those who are “Conscientious Objectors” to serve in the police and fight the plague of violent crime and total disregard of the traffics laws. This ruling must also apply to those Israelis who wiggle themselves out of serving their country and become stars on TV shows and celebrities!
6. Foreign service
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (08.24.09)
Sounds good to me.
7. Again haredim-bashing!
Vladimir ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.09)
The fact is that many haredim do serve in the army. Nachal haredi numbers today 3000 soldiers and many other are spread in the regular units. I read here in YNet that air force and intelligence started to employ haredim on a large basis.
8. loyal
shadow man ,   here   (08.24.09)
we, israeli palestinians, should be engaged in foreign services, because we are the heart and the engine of this country. We do everything here, We are those who may be trusted. After all, we built this country!!!
9. #5 - Israeli Arabs are allow to serve (unfortunately)
Dovid ,   Modiin   (08.24.09)
10. What do we want?
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (08.24.09)
B"H We want religiously motivated and religious looking Jews in the diplomatic service!
11. Rascists!
David ,   Italy   (08.24.09)
If the swedes are anti-semic, then you are rascists. You should be ashame of yourself.
13. There are still Arabs in Israel?
Doron ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
14. Headline Misleading - Arabs ARE Allowed
Hesh ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
Plenty of Israeli Arabs, mostly Druze and Bedouin DO serve in the Army, and do represent Israel abroad now and will in the future. This headline is misleading and baseless - more to make Lieberman look like a racist, HE HAS ARAB KNESSET MEMBERS IN HIS POLITICAL PARTY
15. No. 11 David
NYC Girl   (08.24.09)
No, it isn't racism if he's making the same demand of ultra-Orthodox Jews. It's not about's about military service. If he were singling out Arabs, perhaps you'd have a valid argument. In fact, by using the term "racism" so loosely, it does a disservice to the victims of genuine racism.
16. No voting rights for these people either
LV ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.09)
Support and defend the state if you want representation
17. Equal rights
Jason P ,   Modiin   (08.24.09)
Listen, you hate charedim, fine, you hate Arabs fine... that's your political (slightly horrific) opinin... but you going to pick on disabled people, and those who were unwell or had cancer in their youth... or made aliyah too late... hmm, when did you get here Yvet?
18. What State ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.24.09)
Loyal to the state of corrupt and weak cowards who only serve failed foreign interests and their failed Road Map agenda ? Even Egypt and the Roman Empire ended their trampling of Israel's sovereignty. It will be a great day when the US yoke of enslavement is lifted from off Israel's neck.
19. There are more haredim in the army then leftists!
The left has become ,   a liability!   (08.24.09)
20. What a dumb ass misleading headline
Carol Warady ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.24.09)
And I don't even like Leiberman.
21. So do National Service, what's the big deal?
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.24.09)
Arabs can and do serve in the army. So do some haredim.
22. National Service should be an obligation for all
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.24.09)
Whether Jew or Arab, Religious or secular, citizenship comes with obligations and respect. If you are not in the IDF, you CAN and should engage in national service. Everything from teaching to helping in one's own neighbourhood should be mandated! If you are not prepared to give, don't expect to receive! For once, Leiberman is right and this is a policy that should have been put in effect long ago. Many countries give preferential treatment to veterans. The US is one good example. Stop whining and help your country!. Seems its ok to leech off the State but not to assist
23. arabs and haredim in the army
Gadi ,   Israel   (08.24.09)
Very misleading as only Arabs and Haredim who do not serve in the army are excluded. It should be noted that between 5%-10% of the Bedouin population of draft age volunteered for the Israeli army, and Bedouin were well-known for their unique status as volunteers. The legendary Israeli soldier, Amos Yarkoni, first commander of the Shaked Reconnaissance Battalion in the Givati Brigade, was a Bedouin (born Abd el-Majid Hidr). For Haredim we have Nahal Haredi. I don't see what the problem is?
24. David in Karmiel- READ
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.24.09)
The headline is rather misleading. Why do you inherently attack the Haredim? Isn't that a form of racism in itself? As a secular Jew, I find it offensive that the same people that condemn all Arabs for the actions of a few 5th columnites have no problem attacking Haredim because a small group is unlawful. That said, a National Service option is included, and should be mandated for ALL national jobs and services. There is nothing to stop Arabs and Haredim from working in their own communities. Read and understnad David and stop the racism and selective condemnation.
25. This rule is against
Ron ,   Tel Aviv   (08.24.09)
Jews who have protection in high places, never served in the IDF, and get a job in foreign servive. Very few minorities are consuls or work for the gov't in US. But many, many Jews serve in US who NEVER served in IDF. This rule will do away with this. As to haredim/ How many haredi consuls there are ? NONE.
26. Heinlein had it right
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.09)
People who are not prepared to defend their country are not worthy to be called citizens.
27. The "Lieberman" Youth.
Sound familiar??
28. lieberman
alexi   (08.24.09)
Lieberman says anyone representing israel abroad should do some national service so he could fully appreciate israel's being.Herzog and tamir argue otherwise. Well, the crook and liar olmert who herzog and tamir approved of appointed majelede into the government. And he represented arabs, the PLO and not israel. So Lieberman's point is good and reasonable. We know that tamir endorsed teaching the nakba. And that olmert offered everything to t he arabs while he and his sons do not serve in idf combat. Perhaps if olmert served in combat, he might have been less corrupt and more realistic in policies. In the meantime, the gutless swedes, like their hockey team, and their country can all go to hell.
29. racist?
nadav ,   tlv   (08.24.09)
what is racist about this decision? both haredi jews and arabs MAY be barred if they do not do national service first?! he is NOT barring anyone! do people - even in the Labour party and Meretz, even read or understand Hebrew/English?! He is 100% right, how can some one who has not participated in national service properly represent israel?
30. If we implemented that in the States, Obuslim,Clinton,&
Carter NEVER would ,   have been Pres. USA   (08.24.09)
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