Gaza: Red meat prices too high for Ramadan
Doron Peskin
Published: 26.08.09, 07:56
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1. What! Are we suppose to feel sorry for them.
Sara ,   Israel   (08.26.09)
2. They wanted Hamas rule
JO   (08.26.09)
Poverty is not Israel's fault either, milllions of people in the world live in poverty (and many without electirictiy, water, stone houses , plumping, good quality of food, a bowl of rice or grain a day, never meat) It is the responsiblity of those in goverement to provide employement, create industry, educated. In Gaza the goverement is off the hook with the UN doing all the basic stuff and international aid paying for alot of things. They got what they wanted, they voted in their idealogy.
3. start hunting pigons they killed any
ghostq   (08.26.09)
chance for peace anyway.
4. Why is the meat too old?
NYC Girl   (08.26.09)
If it comes from a calf, as the article indicates, that means the cow hasn't even reached maturity. And since many people eat beef that comes from adult animals, why would this meat be too old to suit the delicate palates of the gourmets in Gaza? Where is Marie Antoinette when we need her?
5. Oh whay,whay,whay. Keep it up & we'll call all of you a damn
whambulance. ,   Maurie,Isreal   (08.26.09)
6. If Hamas stopped buying weapons for 1 month...
William ,   Israel   (08.26.09)
and used the smuggled money to help their citizens during Ramadan instead of subversion against their opposition, targeting Israeli civilians and IDF INSIDE Israel, then everyone will be able to have meat for Ramadan. Blaming Israel for their own problems only magnifies them because even if Israel gave them all red meat, they'd still have a terrorist govt who steals their humanitarian aid, taxes them heavily, and pushes Sharia down their throats. Ramadan is the time for self-reflection and celebration for receiving the Koran as a tool on enlightenment....Gazans should use this time to that end - stop Islamic racism, oppression, and violence based on supremacy...and live in peace.
7. Can't afford red meat but can afford to invest in tunnels
William ,   Israel   (08.26.09)
What about the millions of dollars invested in smuggling tunnels by Gazans? If they are so hard up for food, an investment of several thousand dollars seems retarded and irresponsible... but then again, so is sending your kids to school to learn how to hate Jews and practice being a suicide bomber.
8. Maybe Sweden should donate some reindeer meat
Debbie ,   Toronto   (08.26.09)
Since they are such big humanatarian supporters of the pals
9. become vegetarian this Ramadan
Avi ,   Israel   (08.27.09)
If ever there was a time to become vegetarian its now. They should try vegey burger "al ha a-sh" its wicked
10. They never miss a chance to complain, now cheaper meat is
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.27.09)
no good and they haven't even tried to cook it.
11. #8 How about some of that stinky feet salmon instead?
12. Drugs during Ramadan
David ,   New England   (08.27.09)
Is it ok to take drugs during the day or do they wait for sunset for them also?
13. Israeli absolution...................................
Terry ,   Chicago, IL   (08.27.09)
of the atrocities they are committing is nauseating. The unanimous conclusion here is "hey, the terrorists asked for it". My only hope is that all you pathetic excuses of human beings are made to suffer the way these people are, if only for a single year. Yeah, it sure is easy to judge these people from the safety of one's spacious, WiFi-accessible home. Blekh.
14. It is very cheap in Gazza
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (08.27.09)
In Istanbul Calf meat is 20 USD Sheep meat is around 12 USD Gazzans should enjoy cheap meat prices.
15. i finally understand ynet and other jewish news source
real observer ,   asia   (08.27.09)
after reading the talkbacks i finally understand why a jewish news source posts arab news its so that jews can feel better at their suffering enjoy the suffering of the palestinians people
16. beef in ramadan gaza
shuli ,   london   (08.27.09)
i tell u one thing ,the people of gaza are not hungry,if u see the women on t.v,they are MORBIDLY OBESE they not hungry,they need to go on a diet. u need to ssut down on the meet.
17. gazza meat
tommy ,   uk   (08.27.09)
but they can efford nice tunnels,and bomb belts. keep voting for terror group. you only eat what you cook. enjoy
18. #9 - Have PETA place a billboard in Khan Younis
William ,   Israel   (08.28.09)
19. #13 - If they truly are so bad off, Terry
William ,   Israel   (08.28.09)
why do Gazans insist on smuggling car parts, viagra, and explosives....instead of red meat??? I know if I was in that situation, survival would be first...but apparently they have no reason to fight for survival...what with hundreds of trucks of humanitarian aid, free healthcare, free schooling. Then again, I can judge them just fine. Seeing how I fight to place my kids in decent schools and summer camps, and they applaud on TV sending their's to schools that teach them to hate Jews, glorify killing civilians, and destroying an economy on the basis of "maybe" destroying Israel. Even in Chicago, the saying goes..."you reap what you sow"
20. Price of meat
Shalom   (08.28.09)
Let me tell you something - Jews in Israel also can't afford to buy red meat. Has anyone seen the price of beef recently? Lamb - even more expensive. Stick to chicken and turkey - it's cheaper - and healthier.
21. #15 you have a strange idea of "suffering"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (08.28.09)
How are the Palestinian people "suffering" by not having cheap red meat? Red meat is a luxury item, and not necessary for survival as many vegetarians can testify. Any "suffering" that the Palestinians endure is at the hands of Hamas. I would suggest that PETA volunteers go to Gaza to teach the Palestinians the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Maybe they would not be so bloodthirsty if they didn't slaughter so much cattle and sheep everywhere at Eid time.
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