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US Jewish group: Kennedy fought anti-Semitism
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.08.09, 10:53
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1. Sen. Kennedy really is not gone.
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. DPRSSA   (08.27.09)
When it comes to socialized health care, Teddy wil keep legislateing from the grave. The bill will be called Kennedy Care rather than Obama Care.
2. It's called lip service.
3. Bye Ted. G-d have mercy.
John ,   Washington State   (08.28.09)
Ding Dong. Ted is dead. The next scene is between Ted and his Maker, Mary Jo, and the souls of millions of destroyed babies whose murderers Ted Kennedy worked so hard to enable. I for one will pray for his soul.
4. He was a politician - Chappaquiddick Island
Josh   (08.28.09)
I will not shed a tear any more than he did for Mary Jo Kopechne. Thank you Ted for the good you did every thing else you talk to G-d about if He will listen. .
5. Like Kennedy, US Jews on Obama-socialist side
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.28.09)
Remember Mary Jo Kopechne, an only child, and her mother, Gwen. (Her father died several years ago.)
6. the mourning morons
Nico K.   (08.29.09)
the ones who gave us Pharaoh Hussein
7. #1 - 6: Shame on all of you
YAMALB ,   USA   (08.29.09)
The people will never succumb to your warped ideals. Create all the internment camps you like, exhibit all the fake demographics and statistics you like, obfuscate, prevaricate, tergiversate, extort, terrorize, demonize, idolize, and consume all the treyf your like, partake in all the gluttonous consumption of life you like, don't relent give in to your lust until you are satiated but, you will never turn the people from Torah and you will never replace the Holy One, Blessed be Ha Lecha. Toil in your workshops of idolatry and give worship unto yourselves and your ilk, for even those in high towers will one day fall.
8. Why???
Avi   (08.29.09)
Why are leftist Jews mourning for a man who really did not do anything for them? He is a member of the Kennedy clan, which happen to Catholic. It also really puzzles me as to why so many leftist Jews continue to hail Obama in the face of his policies which are distancing the US from Israel. Do they not see what he is proposing with the settlements-the existing ones?
9. # 6 Abslutely correct!
Lioness ,   Israel   (08.29.09)
10. Odd
Jay ,   NYS   (08.29.09)
How none of you remember that he worked ceaselessly to free Soviet Jews, and had a voting record that was 100% supportive of Israel. Check with AIPAC if you don't believe it. Or if you'd rather believe lies from RWN jobs, go for it.
11. At least better than his father
Benny B. ,   Philadelphia, USA   (08.30.09)
Never cared much for Ted or any of the other Kennedys. However, the best that can be said about Ted Kennedy (as well as JFK and RFK) is that they didn't allow themselves to be infected and influenced by the vile antisemetism of their father Joseph and brother, Joseph Jr. God have mercy on Ted Kennedy -- but I hope He had none on Joseph and Joseph Jr.
12. To Jay
Mike ,   England   (08.30.09)
Thank you for pointing all the good things he did on behalf of Soviet Jews and Israel. In England most of us remember him as the man who left Mary Jo to die. I am sorry that he gave us Barak Hussein Obama. Sharon also did a lot of good for Israel but he gave away Gaza and in return we have the Hamas terrorist entity.
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