Major increase in number of Arab volunteers for national service
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 27.08.09, 17:56
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1. Finally some good news!
zoe ,   jerusalem   (08.27.09)
2. This is wornderful news!!! Arabs must shoulder, together...
Amihai ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.27.09)
...Jews, the responsibility for Israel's needs if they want to integrate into Israeli society and be an organic part of its fabric. In this regard I wish to salute those Arabs who serve in uniform at the Israel Defence Servies (IDF), at the Israel's Police force, be it in the Border Police, Traffic Police or regular Blue Police. And since presently they are not obligated to serve in uniform at the Israel defence forces I can see the Arabs, men and women alike, volunteer to do National Service. But I do think members of all segments of Israeli society must serve in uniform, be it the IDF or police, by law. I hope this day will come soon, but for now, this is wonderful news.
3. This is great, integrating all society
David ,   Boston, USA   (08.27.09)
Can the law be changed to make it mandatory to serve in IDF or National Service? How to increase National Service Jobs? Get more Haredi and Arabs into both. Kol Hakavod.
meir elazar   (08.27.09)
The first victim of the Intifada and any war are the moderates and "bridges" between adversarial populations. Polarization takes over as each camp prepares for the next assault. In the Arab camp the rhetoric always run wild with unrealistic but graphic threats. Arab blood has been cheapened in prisoner exchanges of 1500 Arabs for 1 Israeli and the fact that Arabs are "disposable" so long as they can cause harm to Israelis. The counter-terror measures that ensue have resulted in physical and political isolation. Gaza is the extreme but the WB is not withstanding. In Israel, mayors of Arab cities have celebrated Israeli Independence Day and pressed for permanent integration into Israel. The radical Islamic elements goal is to return to the 8th century with Salah A-Din under Taliban conditions. Confronted with hopelessness, the Arab youth is seeking another road. They see their Israeli counterparts and want to achieve a similar quality of life. Entrenchment is radical ideology fueled by religious brainwashing and hatreds is not going to achieve it. But volunteering to work in Israeli society with Israeli youths of the same age will put them on record, will built bridges, will network into job opportunities, and ultimately into the ability to achieve a better life style and quality of living. But this road also comes with many risks. They become targets for the radical elements of their society as well as the radical elements of Israeli society. Their are many laws and established practices in place to prevent any form of integration. There is the "Park Hotel" factor where people fear that they will exploit their knowledge to attack their benefactors. Jews have traditionally fought for civil rights in other countries where their own survival was not endangered by this battle. Just as these courageous youths disengage from the camps of hatred and terror, we must remember that we say Shalom when we come and go. We must remember that the worst peace is better than the best war. We must be vigilant and cautious but all of our heritage and culture demands that we become a "Rodef Shalom" just like Aharon and not a worshiper of the Golden Calf of war and hatred.
5. just another way to gather information for enemy entities
6. these are the arabs we want not Tibi & Zahalka
zionist forever   (08.27.09)
If Israel must have an arab population then these are the sort of arabs we want. They are also the arabs we want in politics men like Tibi & Zahalka belong in jail rather than the Knesset and are the people the trecherous fith collum arabs rally around. Its great to have arabs doing national service but the first stage should be to get rid of the leaders and thats the arab MKS.
7. why isn't national service mandatory for arabs?
david ,   new york   (08.27.09)
does someone know the answer?
8. #7
Some Jew   (08.27.09)
Conflicting loyalties?
9. The REAL message of the article
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.28.09)
The average Arab citizen of Israel WANTS to serve and volunteer to aid their communities. It is their alleged leadership that is trying to get them in chains, for their own power and in subservience to the hamass they really answer to. The solution:An organized and committed effort by the Israeli Arab mainstream to elect those that are prepared to REALLY represent them!
10. ANOTHER article that will never appear in haaretz
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.28.09)
11. it's a start
T. Traub ,   Arizona, USA   (08.30.09)
1000 is not very many, out of a population of 2 million, but at least it's a start. Makes them look less angry and entitled, anyway. Congratulations to those courageous people willing to step outside the "oppression" tent and join the rest of society.
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