PM at Wannsee Villa: The Jewish people live
Roni Sofer
Published: 27.08.09, 19:59
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1. the person who wrote and / or translated this article...
truth   (08.27.09)
made entirely too many errors. It's embarrassing. However, with that said, am Israel Chai indeed! Don't lose sight of your backbone Bibi...stay strong against the Obamaites.
2. serial liar
observer   (08.27.09)
Netanyahu has conditioned this acceptance of Palestinian state on the Palestinians agreeing to their state being demilitarized and to their acknowledging Israel as “the state of the Jewish people”. But, Netanyahu's father said: “He told me that they would never meet even one of those conditions,”. Netanyahu has already lied about Jerusalem being an open city.
G.L. ,   CLEVELAND - USA   (08.27.09)
4. #1 the Obamaites?
observer   (08.27.09)
The Hamitic theory was based on the racist racial hypothesis created by British explorer John H. Speke. It added to the negative European Christian thought about the Black African race of men during the start of European industrial age. A son publicize his father's embarrassment?; Noah cursed Ham's descendents to be servants of servants in the house of Japhet and Shem. Ham looked upon his father's nakedness while Noah was blackened out by his drunken mental state? that utterly would never have happen; G-d would haver never let his Noah becoming drunk, and needless to say, naked. G-d would never have humiliated Noah, but Jews did.
5. #2 What does it matter? Fatah charter has not changed.
Jake   (08.28.09)
Fatah charter still calls the "elimination of the Zionist entity and the liberation of Palestine" a central goal, and the armed struggle a central method, and top PA officials, including Abbas and Erekat, have vowed that the Palestinians will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state. So, I ask you, what part of Netanyahu's statement is a lie? He said he would recognize a Palestinian state only if they demilitarized and recognized Israel as a Jewish state. Can you prove this is not true? He said the Palestinians would never do either. This is absolutely true.
6. #4 What's the connection with Obama?
Jake   (08.28.09)
Secondly, regarding the story of Ham and Noah, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Go and read Genesis 9, before you try to interpret what this or that theologian theorized in the 19th century.
debra ,   usa   (08.28.09)
8. Obamaites. Ha ha. I think that's what I'll start calling the
the dem. party from ,   now on. Ha ha.   (08.28.09)
9. Mr PM..Stay true to your words
Al   (08.28.09)
Keep Israel strong and never give in to the anti-semites. America un Obama are not your friends, neither was Clinton when he suckered you with the Wye agreement. You have this chance to show that you are a strong leader, otherwise you will be rememebred as a two time loser. YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO ERASE THE SHAME OF AN ISRAEL THROWING FELLOW JEWS OUT OF THEIR HOMES. Remember Begin did that in Yamit for a poor peace, Sharon did that in gaza for nothing, you may want to do that for a nebulous legacy amongst the goyim who will cheer you on. However amongst the Jews you will be despised for being a traitor. This is your chance to redeem that Wye disaster. Be strong be a leader be a man that your dad would have been proud of. I wish you and our land of Israel well.
10. I have historical incorrections? :)
Brad ,   USA   (08.28.09)
Hitler was present on Wannsee conference? :) Leaders of 3rd Reich were present on Wannsee conference? :) I always thought that it was lead by Haydrich and Eichmann. And the rest were "middle management" of various Nazi structures. :)
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