Settlers offer to take in Ethiopian students from Petah Tikva
Efrat Weiss
Published: 28.08.09, 11:13
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1. Ethiopians - The Best
YITZCHAK YELLIN ,   Netanya   (08.28.09)
I am the President of the (American side) SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR ETHIOPIAN JEWS studying for advanced degrees at Israeli Universities and Colleges. The disgrace that Petach Tikvah has brought on Israel by the racist demonstration against our brothers and our sisters now seems so typical of the news we read of scandals everyday in our country. Many Jews from Ethiopia have achieved high levels of excellence in Israel. I have met rabbis, lawyers, and engineers, and countless others who have achieved higher degrees and are now serving our country with distinguished service. We Jews in Israel do not deserve a country of our own if we continue to behave the way we do as testified to on the front pages of our newspapers. We must all question the kind of education we have received when some of our community bring despicable approbation and condemnation to our whole country by their racist behavior. We are all “colored” Jews – and those of us who are not, are not Jews. None of us is white (albino) and we are all Ethiopians and from every spectrum of the rainbow. We are not pure-bred! That is fine for dogs, horses, and NAZIS – we are all MONGRELS – mixed breeds in fact, which is a major plus for our everyman humanity. The Midrash says that ADAM was taken by GOD from the dust of the 4 corners of the earth so that he would be EVERYMAN and ultimately a human being who would become a mensch. All Israelis better learn that very quickly, or we will be vomited out of this earth just like Vayikra says: 18:27-28.” For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled; that the land should not vomit you out also, when you defile it, as it vomited out the nations that were before you.” Wake up Israel and let us work to get rid of the real pollutions that make us all smell bad from time to time. May the best of Ethiopian Jewry replace those Israelis who feel superior to their fellow Jews or their fellowman in general.
2. Shomron=Quality. That's well known
#1 Thank you   (08.28.09)
but the handful of pissnows intend smashing them down, don't they? As they (laugh out loud here everyone) are a major massive threat to world 'piss'? Beautiful talk back #1. That should be translated and distributed in Hebrew and English. I intend emailing it to all my 'list', (specially to the food fest Petach Tikva crowd. What a sense of priorities there...not)
3. to #1 Did you take your meds today?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.28.09)
Or are you on a l.s.d. trip? The overwhelming majority of Jews that won Nobel prizes came from eurabia or the U.S. That goes for most other prizes in medicine, science and technology. They were not mongrels. Maybe someday Ethiopians or those whose families came from there will do as good. Who knows? Not you!
4. 3# jason
shuli ,   UK   (08.28.09)
no 1 only means well,no need to be rude. enjoy the rest of your day
5. Jews first - Ethiopians second
David ,   Shilo Israel   (08.28.09)
Jews should know, wherever they have been raised, that first & foremost they are Jews, before any other national or cultural consideration. This works both ways. We should also accept fellow Jews into our midst regardless of their background or if they have converted to Judaism. Jews from Ethiopia -Welcome home & may you find happiness in a genuine caring community. It's amazing that the left who purport to have socialist views, need to be exposed to right wing settler Jews to learn how to really adopt a social attitude, albeit one based on fundamental Jewish behaviour.
6. #1
There is no doubt that the people of Samaria are the best Israel has to offer and will happily help their brothers in Petah Tikva. But is it fair to shout racism? Why are these children sent to the overcrowded religious schools in P"T and not to the well-funded secular schools in Givatayim or Ramat Aviv Gimel? Or, perhaps some of the money that goes to encourage "art", "video studies" and "self-fulfillment in these secular schools should go to help the schools in P"T absorb these immigrants?
7. My Gd! Putting these olim in Ramat Aviv jimmel???
oh no   (08.28.09)
What an awful destiny, don't forget that Ethiopian olim like and respect Judaism, whereas ramat jimmel , well, to put it, maybe I won't. No need to.
8. #3 - Mongrels?
Debbie ,   USA   (08.28.09)
You are sick! Did you even bother to read the ToS at the top of this talkback box? That is a racist slur if I ever read one. I'm so disgusted I don't even know what else to say. I hope like hell you're a minority in Israel.
9. Easy. no Ethiopian admission = no state funding
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (08.28.09)
The excuses will evaporate if the money is threatened.
10. Damn settlers! You ruined it!
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (08.28.09)
Now nobody can call you "racist"... So what else is left for leftists and Israel-haters to call you?
11. Nobel Prizes don't make a good jew.
Ephraim ,   KFar Tapuach   (08.28.09)
A good Jew is one who is dedicated to the Torah values, and dedicates his life to servicing Hashem and studying his Torah. No part of it includes goyishe nobel prizes, or any other stickers for wrong achievements. Not a single Jew who recieved a noble prize was an observant Jew, thus every single one of those prizes is a blemish on our people.
12. Ethiopian students.
james mckinlay ,   Israel   (08.28.09)
I have lived in Israel for 25 years.I made aliya from australia, the country has been good to, and, for me, I went through everything the olay chadash goes through,+ the Army. I never thought I would Live to see the day that our country goes down the Toilet. its not bad enough that we have murder on our streets, and a police force that could not put together a jigsaw puzzel, never mind solve a crime. now we have this full blown Racist Crap to deal with. And the only people who come to help them are the settlers in the shtacheem .SHAME ON YOU WHO CALLS HIMSELF A JEW.
13. 'mongrels' re #3
sealift67 ,   U.S.   (08.28.09)
#3 either you misread #1's meaning and intent or your euro-centric mind is blind to history. genetic studies have shown there are no pure humans. skin color is a superficial marker. more destruction has been wrought over 'race' differences to fill the planet with blood. The ethiopians kept the faith for centuries. they are to be welcomed as fully and with open hearts as any seeking aliyah. do not confuse advances in science and technology, fine things, with superiority. that is a dangerous and narrow path.
14. The Land of Israel is the home of all Jews.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (08.29.09)
The Jewish People have always been made up of different kinds of Jews. We have to make every effort to explain to all Jews that the Land of Israel is their home. Some of them may want to become religiously observant, and some may not - but if this Land cannot be the home of all Jews, then our State will not be able to last. A united Jewish people will not fear anti-Semitism as explained at :
15. 1, 11, 12 Kol Hakavod 8 Israel has a majority 14.incorrect
Josh   (08.29.09)
#14 Our accpetance of "all" is infact a dangerous principal to use as a blanket statement. Torah requires that we remove evil from our midst and so by doing we assure we can stay in the land. This is not based on color. Maybe some school admins need jailed. If we have what we see today where getting a straight deal is next to impossible, physical assualts by judo-karate thugs on our streets, non-observance of shabbat, pork in every restuarant, Jainism chakras barking like swastikas from every corner, schools that say Torah is gold but never teach an orginal word of what it tells us to do, and trangression after transgression, there is no way we will not see an invasion and war and be kicked out of the land once more by G-d. Torah has never failed to do this. It is 100%. When our enemies have power over us in the world arena, that is when we know the curses have come to the door. When the evil is promoted higher and higher, we know we must be evil as the curses include G-d promoting evil over us when he percieves us to be doing evil. This school thing, is evil. It is not being a "light to all nations" nor are we. I however think it is better for the Ethiopians because they will only learn lies and crap form Schools that can't even handle something simple as beautiful black-skin. They will only degrade them as students and generate hatred in good Ethiopian people. Thank the settlers for their clarity on this issue of doing the right and good thing. The Rabbis could fix this, Once again a big let down from these non Torah sanctioned men. Restore the Levis and do away with the Korach attitude.
16. not the only case
Joseph ,   New York   (08.29.09)
Unfortunately there seem to be many cases of racism towards Ethiopians in Israel. Its ironic too. The Ethiopian Jew is one of the closest people (certainly closer than any Long Island or Antwerp Jew) to the original Jew and yet it is treated as an outsider. Wisdom is totally lost in the modern world.
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