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Jewish group honors Venus Williams
Published: 31.08.09, 08:26
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1. What about Andy Roddick??
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (08.31.09)
Not only has Roddick condemned the Dubai tournament's banning of Peer, he went one step further than Williams, and boycotted this tourament! That was a very galant and wonderful move on his part. Honoring only Williams and leaving him out is a disgrace.
2. Kol Hakavod Venus Williams- G-d bless you!
Korem ,   New York, USA   (08.31.09)
3. Should also give an award....
Joshua ,   Jersey City, NJ   (08.31.09) Andy Roddick. He took it one step further and refused to attend the men's tournament the next week. It was not a meaningless gesture, as he had won the tournament the year before and had several ranking points to defend.
4. Good on her
zion ,   London   (08.31.09)
Good on her. Not sure what she would make of the treatment of Israelis of African/Black origin by many in Israeli society.
5. I agree that Andy Roddick is the real hero here.
dave ,   uk   (08.31.09)
6. No1 is right. JDL should correct this. Thank you.
7. Venus and Andy - both role models
R   (09.01.09)
8. What about Andy Roddick
Elise Sheppard ,   Houston, USA   (09.10.09)
Venus spoke out, but Andy Roddick withdrew from the tournament due to Shahar's not receiving a visa! ADL needs to honor Andy with an award. That took a lot of chutzpah and he lost a lot of money from withdrawing from the tournament.
9. And Roddick?
Jay ,   Hollywood CA   (09.12.09)
He skipped Dubai even though he was the defending champion because they didn't let Peer play.
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