Mount Zion Hotel's military secret
Ron Peled, Amos Fridlin
Published: 05.09.09, 08:22
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1. Times may changes but the game remains the same
publius ,   USofA   (09.06.09)
Let see the Mount Zion Hotel was orginally a hospital... The building serving as a hotel today was the original main building used by the hospital until World War I. During the war, when the building was hit by heavy bombardments, the Ottoman army used it as a weapons storehouse. Mount Zion the hospital likely obstinately tried to remain a hospital, since that was its function, so what do the Turks do!!! store weapons there... Let see what else is in history to islamic subterfuge. How about, the Parthenon, when Athens fell to the Ottomans 1456, they use the ancient temple as a mosque...yet in 1687, the Parthenon was still likely serving as a mosque, yet what did the Turks do, you don't need to guess... they stored gunpowder in the mosque. To this day, mosques when it suits muslims have zero issue with using mosques as weapons dumps and barracks. maybe that is why when there is muslim on muslim violence there is a high degree of probility that a mosque was the center of the attack. It must be something in the water, not!
2. you mean the Turks or Muslims used
ghostq   (09.06.09)
hospitals as weapon arsenal mmm where did I heard that before oh yeah cast lead when Hamas leaders acted from the basment of sifa hospital in Gaza, gee what a shocker.
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