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Women protest gender-segregated buses
Roy Elman
Published: 30.08.09, 14:41
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1. Teliban bus lines
Avi ,   Israel   (08.30.09)
What ever next? Maybe these "men" no doubt on their way to the next riot, should learn to control their sexual urges and learn to behave like human beings. Once again men telling women how to behave and what to wear, what a joke !
2. Rosa parks move over
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.30.09)
You are replaced by Rivka Pintel Yid.
3. I Agree, with #1
Its men who are weak, who can't control themselves. But women must pay for their weakness. We pay by having to wear a ton of clothes in hot weather, so that some man won't be tempted. We then pay by being raped. We pay by being humiliated. We pay by riding at the back of the bus. Yes, we pay for their weakness. If men are supposed to be the stronger sex, the ones in leadership, the ones in control, WHY CAN'T THEY ACT LIKE IT?
4. Women protest segregation
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel`   (08.30.09)
Oy, gevalt...I see the elbow on that woman standing in the bus. I
5. I am against the Mehadrin lines but..
Aharon   (08.30.09)
These women are not dressed modestly at all by Haredi standards. Their hair is uncovered and their sleeves are short.
6. Doesn't Y Net have anything better to wrire about?
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (08.30.09)
This posting is nothing but blatent religious bashing. Shame on you Y Net! I use the mehadrin bus line from Netivot to Jerusalem & back all the time & have never experienced any problems like these.
7. Darn! they wanted a violent reaction and to their surprise
bmoskowitz ,   chashmonaim, Israel   (08.30.09)
didn't get one!! You see from the article what they really wanted. Notice they had cameras ready to record it. Those darn Hareidim,. never can count on them to do what you want
8. Was this really necessary? How many non-Hardi women use ..
rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.30.09)
How many Non-Hardi women use these line? I'm not in favour of the bus lines I use going segregated, but I do not travel to Hardi areas often. If the Hardi women wish to protest, they must do this themselves. Not seculars doing it "in their name".
9. #8 reply
observer   (08.30.09)
The women never claimed to be protesting on behalf of haredi women. They are doing it solely to stop haredi influence in public life. This was started by the Reform movement, the same one that tried furiously to destroy any vestige of judaism in Germany during the eighteenth century, until the orthodox formed their own legally separate community. Till recently the reform movement refused to become involved in israeli life because they refused to acknowledge the need for a state. Now that they are witnessing their collapse in the USA, they have to find another field to operate in. This is simply history repeating itself.
10. To #8
Loren ,   Jerusalem   (08.30.09)
There are around 100 of these segregated bus lines, not only in the Jerusalem neighborhoods, but throughout the city as well as connecting to other major cities. Should someone want to take a bus from Arad to Jerusalem, the only option is a Mehadrin bus, there is nothing else, and last time I checked Arad is not a solely Haredi city. The seculars (and might I add, some women who rode the bus this morning identify as modern-Orthodox) were not doing it :in the name" of Haredi women, but in the name of each and every women who might have to use these buses, regardless of their belief.
11. jesusalen
jesusalen ,   jesusalen   (08.31.09)
jesusalen is the revelation of isa al masih (qur´m)
12. The issue is
nr ,   los angeles, usa   (08.31.09)
not whether they speak for Haredi women, which they don't, but that these women want to be able to tell other people how to behave. They are the kettle calling the haredi black.
13. As a religious woman...
Aviela Deitch ,   KochavYaakov, Israel   (08.31.09)
I say kol hakavod to these women and I wish I had known about the protest in order to participate. My own travel has been limited, as I refuse to travel these lines. They are creeping across the country, and until you need a bus from Jerusalem to Tzfat, or need to return from a simchah in Ashdod after 20:00, you don't know that the only way for a woman to travel is on the back wheel of the bus. May the efforts to stop this totally unnecessary stupidity, sanctioned by rabbanim that don't ride public busses at all, be entirely successful in wiping out sexist bus lines.
14. Is this Israel or Saudi Aarabia ?
Allegra ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.31.09)
If the Haredim can't stand the sight of a women (horror!) and that they can't stand the thought of having a woman sit in front of them rather than behind them (Double horror! A woman who dares think she's their equal!, let them WALK. They don't work, they don't pay taxes, they live off welfare paychecks... why would we pay for their racist buses?
15. It's about time
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot, Israel   (09.01.09)
It’s about time Israeli women need to be accepted as woman everywhere in the 21st century. The ultra orthodox position for women stems from the 18th century when women were rarely seen or heard in public. I commend there women on their imitative and wish them success. P.S. I am male.
16. To #7
Alfred ,   USA   (09.01.09)
As you say, the haredi men didn't react violently as may have been expected. It appears haredi men are unable to restrain their indignation when they are facing a lone woman, but when faced with a handful of determined women they suddenly discover they can control themselves.
17. segregated buses in jerusalem
B.vanEssen-Kok ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.06.09)
If those ultra orthodox men do not want to sit next to women why are THEY not sitting in the back. Do not get me wrong. I truly believe in equality. Therefore I am a member of the reform were I can have an alyah lethora and where I count for a minjan. Wishing all of yoy strenght and succes. B.v. E.-K.
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